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Recently I have been working on projects that needed a videographer. My friend Mandie and I were putting some videos together for her youtube channel and we wanted them to look professional. So Mandie found videographer extraordinaire- Derrick Lytle. He is so talented and we are so lucky he was willing to help us out. I know how much work video is, so I'm grateful he was on board. Derrick's forte is outdoor adventure film-making, so fashion was a new scene for him and he did a wonderful job. He also does portrait, outdoor sport, and time lapse photography as well as wedding videography.
Derrick has been doing video work since the age of 18 and photography since he was 16. This has always been something he's wanted to do. "My first video was of my friends playing paintball. That was actually the reason why I wanted a camera in the first place. I was very active in paintball tournaments and wanted to document the stories. So after buying the camera and a plastic tripod from walmart I went to the paintball field with my buddies and shot a video. I edited it on Windows Movie Maker and thought I was pretty cool. Back then I was really active on pbnation.com and I wanted to make a video that got a lot of comments. That was important to me as a teenager." 

Derrick is currently working on his Kick-Starter Project"I am working on The Provo Scene which is probably weird to a lot of people who know me because I have no musical talent. But all the musicians and supporters here have a great story that has never been told and I want to make it known." He needs all the support he can get to make this film a reality. Utah has such a unique and talented music scene, this story needs to be told.
Be sure to watch this promo ^^^ and if you believe as much as I do that this movie needs to be made- then visit his Kick-Starter page to pledge as little as $1 and make this movie a reality.



nice pictures :)

P. said...

This is a lot of talent in one post! Bravo! :)

Ana Paula
{Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

Mandie Evans said...

Gentri- I think you are one amazing girl!!!! I think derrik is freakin awesome! AND I agree to all things said above xoxo!
<3 ThatBlondeGirl Mandie #youtuber!

Mandie Evans said...

LOVE everything about you GENTRI LEE!! YES DERRIk's talent is AMAZING.. you are one amazing girl yourself!! love you to pieces!! xoxo
<3 ThatBlondeGirl Mandie # youtuber

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