Where I've Been Hiding

I have been hiding away in the mountains at my cabin, ignoring the world and enjoying the solitude. I forgot the memory card for my camera (it ended up going through the wash... whoops) so all I had while I was away was my phone. Bre'an did come up to stay as well, so her pictures will be up soon. Until then, enjoy these fine phone photos.

When we first arrived at the cabin, the canyon below us was in a cloud. I turned away to say something to a friend, by the time I turned back (couldn't have been more than fifteen seconds) the cloud was gone...
during cloud
after cloud
bre'an taking photos
The ground was so soft and mossy from all the rain.
The wildflowers are in full bloom on the top of the mountains this time of year.
We enjoyed the campfire, even if it wasn't all that warm...
But the coals sure were hot!
These adorable yellow flowers grow in perfect bouquets.
We climbed to the very top.
Then took naps in the sun.
I'm so excited to share more about this adventure with you. I actually went up two separate times, the first was with my parents and their friends for the 4th (I know, I'm a party animal) and the second was with a group of my friends.

Enjoy this short video until the full post is up...
Such boys, throwing rocks into the water, except they weren't very good at it...


Amy said...

i would love to be vacationing there right now!

Laurie said...


E M M A ▼ D E E R said...

Wow, that cloud photo is unbelievable!

Rachel said...

Those views are amazzzzzing!!!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

Karm said...

Oh gosh, that is my ideal summer getaway!
Lovely photos!! I love the mountains and outdoors.

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

wow looks like an absolutely stunning place to visit. the flowers and moss are so cool!
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