Tin Foil Dinners- LOTM

For LOTM today we're sharing a favorite BBQ or Camping recipe. This is one of my favorites meals, so tasty and easy to make. These are the perfect meal to pack up before you leave for a camping trip, stick them in the cooler, then cook them once you get the fire going.

1 ground beef patty or chicken breast
sliced onions
sliced potato
salt & pepper

Place a sheet of tin foil on the counter then layer the food in the middle. Wrap the food up inside the tin foil then bake at 450 for 1 hr (450 is about the temp of the coals in your fire, place it in the coals not the flames but that is also the temp to set your oven or bbq to).

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college said...

Yummm I love tin foil dinners. They are one of my favorite parts of camping.

Stesha said...

my mom cooks veggies in tin foil all the time! I am coming back to Utah so we can go camping together!!!


Claire said...

oooo i'm always looking out for yummie camping food!

Shannon Willardson said...

This looks like such a yummy camping recipe!


Alana said...

Those things are the best. Especially when theres cheese involved. We call them Hobos

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