Timpanogos Cave Tour

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Lauren and I were so excited once the cave tour started. We were sheltered from the rain that had just moved in and the adventure was just starting.
The cave is beautiful, I wish these photos did it justice. They have lights along the way that illuminate the rock. The tour guide talks about the history of the caves as well as a bit of the science behind it. There are in fact, three caves and a few cave "lakes" (like in the photo above).
There are so many different kinds of formations inside the caves, there are some that look like popcorn, some are mint green, some look like bacon, and we can't leave out the "heart" of the cave.
The cave tour lasted about an hour, but I could have gone much longer. They do an "advanced" cave tour that lasts about 3 hours, I completely plan on doing that. When you go, be sure to bring a jacket as it's cold in the cave. There were only a couple tight spaces where one who's claustrophobic might get stressed, overall it's very roomy.
(we loved the giant wood doors that led in and out of the cave. like a mountain fortress.)
We were incredibly lucky and the rain let up before we exited the cave, but it gave the wildflowers the fresh drink they needed and they seemed even more vibrant than they did on the hike up.
If you're in Utah please do this hike and tour. It's an incredible experience. The hike- in total, including the cave; is about 3 miles and doable for almost anyone. If you go, let me know, I want to hear about your experience!


Van Nguyen said...

I took the cave tour 5 times within the past 3 years. I also recommend taking good flashlights, beside the light jacket you had mentioned. So you can see for yourself some of the formations during the walking when there is not much lightening.

The crystal formations have so many food names. I didn't remember the popcorn one. There is the drinking straw, caramel over ice cream, and of course the cave bacon.

Elise Frederickson said...

I love Timp cave! And I've been meaning to do the 3 hour tour for like the last 5 years. Soooo, maybe next time I'm down we can be spelunking buddies? :)

Alice, Pretty Confused said...

This looks amazing, fantastic photos! I did a couple of cave tours when I was young but not recently. I'm off to check out where I can do it locally xo

Chestnut Mocha said...

This look fun and you two are really cute in your hiking looks :-) I've never done a cave tour I guess, I should put it on my list!

sweet harvest moon said...

How beautiful!

The Bradleys said...

I want to visit it one day!!!!

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