Timpanogos Cave Hike

While Lauren was visiting a couple weeks ago, we hiked to Timpanogos Cave. It's a very popular spot in Utah with a lot of history and legend.
The hike to the cave is about 1.5 miles up hill. We had built it up in our minds to be extremely challenging since everyone we talked to told us it was. Luckily, it was no big deal. It probably would have seemed harder if we hadn't built it up so much.
The trail was lined with historical and geological facts which made it interesting and educational.
The views- stunning.
There were a couple tunnels that line the trail which made it a fun "pre-cave" hike... not really, but they were still cool!
I loved this rock formation. These rocks look like the crystals in THIS childrens book... I remember the silliest things.
The wildflowers were just starting to bloom, they lined the trail and made the scenery even more beautiful. We also saw a bunch of squirrels and chipmunks, and apparently Lauren can talk to animals. There was a squirrel that ran along the trail who we wanted to get pictures of, so she said to it "Wait, let me take your picture!", the animal then paused, posed for our pictures, as we finished she said "Ok, you can go now. Bye!" and it ran away. We laughed so hard. We each took more than one photo, yet oddly enough neither of us can find those pictures! So just believe us, it happened!
We made it to the top of the trail just as it started to rain, thank goodness! They had shelter at the top which protected us before we entered the cave and the rain stopped before we exited! Lucky, right?!
Such a fun hike that almost anyone can do. We had children in our cave tour group and they did great. I'll post about the inside of the cave soon!


Charlotte F said...

This place is beautiful! (and so are your photos!) :)

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Looks so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your day.

Mikaela D said...

I love these pictures! It makes me wish I lived in UT so I could check this out. :)

Van Nguyen said...

It was the first few hikes I did when I first came to Utah. It is really beautiful which is why I take everyone on this trail when they come to visit. Which put the number if times that I hiked this trail at 6 times. And 5 cave tours.

I love your pictures! That is a fun story about the posing squirrel.

sweet harvest moon said...

So beautiful!

Karm said...

This is a gorgeous place!
Gentri, I think you need to take me there to hike!!

Eeny said...

i am always amazed by the beauty of nature. you've done an awesome job capture it. beautiful pictures as always.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

goodness i wish i could of done this hike.


Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

that looks awesome! I've never been!

Amanda said...

So jealous you have places like this! Gorgeous shots!

Amelia Steele said...

Such gorgeous photos, I love the tones you've got with these ones. Looks like an epic location and a hike I'd love to do. I don't quite have these amazing mountains and forests near where I live, though I wish I did!


Elisabeth @ Bella said...

gorgeous pictures - we did that when i visited utah awhile ago but for some reason i never went when living there? silly me.

Oleah Wuzhere said...

whoa, this looks like an awesome hike. beautiful pictures <3

xoxo, Oleah
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Abby Johnson said...

Such great photos! This place looks beautiful!

Shannon Willardson said...

I miss Utah's beauty so much!


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