Style Assistant

A couple weeks ago I was incredibly lucky to be a style assistant. Color By Amber was shooting for their Fall catalog and the fabulous stylist- Jen Clyde, needed an assistant. I was so honored when she asked me!
I had a blast helping Jen pick out outfits and dressing the models.
The crew and models were each so nice and I loved getting to know them.
charity // kat // amber
As an assistant, I spent most of my time in the RV organizing clothes and running errands.
We spent the first day in the mountains (you know I was loving it) and the third day (I was unable to work the second day) downtown.
the bunny friend we made in the mountains
It was so much fun and I am so happy Jen allowed me the opportunity. I'd seen my fair share of movies and knew the assistant was the bottom of the totem pole. I tried to make a good impression and work hard, I hope to have the opportunity again soon!

three middle photos c/o Posh By Kat


Jessica Ashcroft said...

How fun Gentri! I'm sure you were amazing and they loved you!

xo, Jessica

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

so neat! can't wait to see the pictures of the actual shoot!

Janette said...

That's so fun Gentri! I hope you get lots and lots more opportunities like this! I'm sure you will!



Janette Lane Blog

Shannon Willardson said...

That is such a fun opportunity! Congrats!

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