Old Fashioned Girls Day

A couple weeks ago one of my VERY best friends in the world- Leslie; was on a {two day} layover on her way to Hawaii. We took that opportunity to spend a whole day together! It had been two years since we'd seen each other, so it was a MUCH needed Gentri and Leslie day out. Plus, it was a few days before BOTH of our Birthdays. Best way to celebrate (especially since I ended up with the flu on my actual birthday).
*notice the photo bomber behind me...*
First stop was City Creek mall, It's my favorite. As usual, we stopped by the Disney store. We're both Disney fanatics, we actually met while we were both working at Disney World. This Disney store was amazing. There's a castle and a gazebo!
It was so fun showing Leslie the mall, it's incredibly nice and she had never been before.
After the mall we headed over to The Grand America. It's one of the fanciest hotels in Utah and filled with hidden treasures.
First stop was La Bonne Vie. It's a gorgeous French dessert shop filled with amazing sweets.
After La Bonne Vie we headed to Jou Jou, an adorable French toy store filled with amazing things.
There's an interactive monstor wall, a giant robot who will play staring contest, and...
the most amazing candy organ!
By walking on the white floor you create fun jazz music!
We seriously played with this for 20 minutes... here's a nice sideways video...
After our playtime in Jou Jou, we headed out to the gardens. It is an oasis in the middle of the city. It felt like we jumped into the middle of an English garden.
By this point we were pretty hungry. So we headed over to one of my favorite spots... which was closed. So we ended up next door which was the best thing that could have happened.
We ended up at Lamb's Grill, it is the oldest restaurant in Utah and felt like we'd stepped back into the 20's.
The food was amazing as was the atmosphere.
It was the perfect day. We had so much fun and it felt like old times. It also reminded us that we were both born in the wrong decade... or world (we're Disney obsessed, not exaggerating).

P.S. Leslie will be having some AMAZING giveaways with some things she picked up in Hawaii! Head over to her blog and keep your eyes out for the giveaways!


Ashley said...

Gosh, you have some of the coolest places to visit out there! How awesome that you were able to re-connect with a friend while she was on a layover. Looks like you two had lots of fun.

I think I could play on that candy organ for hours. ;)

Van Nguyen said...

Thanks for showing me SLC. These are such great places to visit.

Lauren Crews said...

I love this! We just moved to TN and I have yet to venture out and see all the neat things my new city has to offer! This definitely gave me the motivation! And I am SO with you on being in the wrong decade and world! (I was also a character at Disney!)

Jessica Lindstrom said...

Everything you do looks like so much fun! Let's hang out soon!

Camille said...

What fun! It's always good to reconnect with a friend.

Mikaela D said...

Looks like so much fun!

Shannon Willardson said...

This looks like so much fun! I have done almost none of these things in Utah! I now have some more things to add to my Utah list next time I'm in town!


Haley said...

Love get togethers with good friends you haven't seen in ages! You two looked lovely (crushing on your dress Gentri!) what a fun day. :) And I need to check out La Bonne Vie!

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