Midsummer Souls

This photo shoot was an absolute blast. It had been something in my mind for a long time, so it was a dream come true, really, to bring to to reality. Each of these models did such a good job (including bloggers- lauren, jessi, and aly) and I can't thank my hairstylist- sarah/ sittin pretty and my photographer- bre'an/ st8 of mind enough! They were able to see what I was seeing in my head and make it happen. There are a loooot of photos, so I'll keep the text brief! Enjoy!
lauren from tippee canoe
a couple of our male models are in a band together- Postcard Reunion. I'll be using their song for the video (coming soon) of the photoshoot.
can you see the deer in the background?!
aly from aly juliet
that middle model isn't actually in the band, but I told them he now has to be. Right?!
Such beauty brought to life. My favorite things combined- nature, camping, makeup, style, ruggedness. Mmmmhmmmm!
Thank you to those who helped!
Photography- Bre'an/ St8 of Mind
Hair- Sarah/ Sittin Pretty
Makeup, Styling, Creative Direction- me

Bre'an wrote a poem to go with the photos...

"Born into freedom, the outdoors captures the true nature of our souls.
We live, breathe, and dedicate ourselves to feeling alive, and electrified by the wild passions that so carefully, intertwine our very beings.
Now you may think we are nothing but romantics, in love with the grandeur of life and the act of living it. But for us, it becomes a steady cycling cause and effect, where we search outside and inside of ourselves to feel alive to be able to feel free, or vice versa. Otherwise we just feel trapped. I don't really know how else to explain it, other than it feels like we're suffocating if we're not constantly allowing ourselves to breathe freedom.
We love deeply, with every touch, and every word.
We search out those places, those people, who can intrigue us enough to be apart of our journey, to impact us enough, to be that breath of wild freedom in our lives for however long we can allow ourselves to stay.
When we became lost in the outdoors that year, and we started our journey on the roadmap to being found. Our individual independence allowed us to make one another the best versions of ourselves. 
Not everyone will understand what kind of souls we possessed.
We were the lucky ones, 
we were those that were born in the heat of the midsummer,
we came across our meaning in the trees,
we discovered our souls in the mountains,
we found ourselves, and each other."


Laurie said...

All of the photos are absolutely gorgeous! They look like something right out of a magazine. Very cool!

Leah Clark said...

Ah! this looks like exactly where I'd like to be! All the plaid, boots, and campfire. Mmmm.
Sadly it is getting way to hot here to enjoy any of these things.
Beautiful photos!
Leah Faye
e plus l

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

ohhh my gosh. i'm dying! Everything is perfect, Gentri! I ADORE the camping theme. it's awesome!! If you ever need Asian models, you can totally ask me ;) although i'm not as stunning as your regular models- haha!

anyways, amazing job! you should be very proud! :D

Stesha said...

Gentri! Seriously these are the best campaign photos I have ever seen. The make up, the hair, the photography... I am so in love with all of this!! Great job!!! You are making moves my friend!!


Van Nguyen said...

Every LITtle thing looks beyond gorgeous. It looks so fun. Great job to the models, photographer, and stylists. I love looking at these photos. The lighting and color makes it looks breathless.

Ashley Taylor said...

Yay! This is such a fun shoot and I love the styling. The hair stylist did a fantastic job as well :)

xo Ashley

Lisa said...

Suck lovely photos. The Make up is amazing!

Alyx said...

These turned out fabulous, gentri!!

The Braided Bandit said...

Wow I saw the preview on Jessi's blog and just had to click over. The makeup looks fantastic Gentri! I absolutely love the combination of "pretty & Rugged" and you guys did such a good job of making it look fun and realistic, SO COOL!

Nathyness said...

Ok, seriously, this is photo shoot perfection!! Like a more midwestern, more real, less elitist version of something you'd see from Ralph Lauren. I love every single picture. Captures a moment in time so beautifully. And the hair and makeup on these girls is incredible!

-Nathy @ Earnestyle

jennifer lane designs said...

these turned out great! love them all.

Jenna TheWife said...

I'm dyyyyying G! Seriously I want to jump into those pics & hang out!! The clothes..the setting..the makeup!! I can't get over how perfect this is! GOOD JOB LADY!!

Amy Harris said...

what a cool shoot! everyone has amazeballs eyes, for reals. your vision was captured beautifully... i love it :)

Jessi said...

Oh man, they turned out SO perfect Gentri!! You are seriously a genius! This was SO much fun to do! Thanks for letting me be part of it :)

Mackenzie said...

oh my god, every single one of these photos is amazing!! you've got a genius vision :)


Katherine Frazier said...

Beautiful! Such a great inspiration! Love everything about the shoot. These kids and these pictures belong in a magazine !

Katherine Frazier said...

Beautiful inspiration of pictures! These kids and pictures look like they belong in a magazine! Very talented Gentri! Keep'em coming!


Shannon said...

Wow!I love it!!!I Great job!

Kym said...

Holy freaking wow - this is amazing! It looks like something straight out of a Free People photo shoot. I'm blown away.

Carley Lee said...

Very very well done! The result of your vision is stunning, Gentri.

Abby Johnson said...

These photos are fantastic! I absolutely love this! The last one with them all around the campfire is my favorite. LOVE.

Shannon Willardson said...

These pictures are all so gorgeous! This looks like such a fun shoot!


Beverly Houpt said...

Cool cool! I'd love to put together something like this. Great job! And great job to everyone who helped :)

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Gentri you are SO talented!!! I am DYING! Did you do the makeup and the pictures? PERFECTION!

Karm said...

I am in love with these photos. You did an amazing job!! Everyone is lovely. The forest was captured wonderfully,

Emily Baker said...

LOVE this photo shoot girl!!!!

Emily Baker said...

LOVE this photo shoot girl!!!!

Shio Waline said...

Oh Gentri, these are AMAZING!! You are so talented!! I am excited for the day I may get to work with you in a shoot!! Whoever you work with you always seem to make them look more gorgeous and awesome!!!


Kelsi said...

Um, this shoot = totally awesome. :)

Housel said...

I am in love with this photo shoot. This is like my dream photo shoot! UGH GORGEOUS!

Leah said...

The makeup and styling is so beautiful done! Loved these photos.

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