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Utah isn't home to Disney, Universal Studios, or any of those other regular theme parks; we have our own. Lagoon is Utah's premier amusement park, it's filled with roller coasters, fair food, and lots of fun.

Last week I was able to visit Lagoon park with Daryl. She just moved to Utah from Germany so I wanted to give her a proper welcome.
I love the rides, but I love the "attractions" more. In the middle of Lagoon is the historic "Pioneer Village". You get to walk through original pioneer homes, a church, and more. They're filled with antique furniture and baubles that show you how it could have been.One of our favorites was the school house, it was adorable and so interesting to picture how it used to be.
 The park is home to a lot of peacocks, oddly enough. It was so fun seeing them all over.
One of the first rides we headed for was "Rattlesnake Rapids". We had the camera, phones, and sunglasses protected in a plastic bag, but our purses and... well, ourselves were bound to get wet.
 We tried our best to avoid the water, but there is NO avoiding the final waterfall...
After some lunch (we packed in some sandwiches) we headed to the rest of pioneer village.
It was adorable. Filled with little shops and museums.
One of our favorites was the Carriage Hall. So many cool carriages! I didn't even see that peacock on top of the carriage until I was editing the photo! I decided he/she was the subject rather than the sign like I planned.
There was also this lady peacock nesting in one of the carriages! Soon there will be lots of little baby peacocks.
 After the museums it was time to hit up the big rides.
After riding most of the rides on one end of the park, we decided to take the gondolas to the other side as a break. Unfortunately I dropped my camera lens cap while we rode. On our way out of the park we tried looking for it with no luck.
Once on the other side we decided we really weren't up to riding any more big rides (we're getting old), so we rode the ferris wheel and Dracula's Castle, then headed out.
We decided that next time we're going to pack a bigger lunch and lots of water in a cooler, rent a locker, then take an hour lunch break in the picnic areas and rest. That way we'd be able to make it through the rest of the day.
Lagoon is such a fun place to spend a Summer day (or a fall day if you go during Frightmares). There's so much we didn't do, a bunch of rides, the X-Venture rides, and Lagoon-a-beach! If you live in Utah make sure you put it on your Summer bucket list!


LaynahRose said...

That sounds like the perrrfect girls day. The pictures are so gorgeous, they kind of made me feel like I was there with you guys! So sorry you lost your camera lens.

Leah Clark said...

Ah! I have been meaning to get back to an amusement park, but I just never seam to get there. Looks like so much fun!
I always lose my lens cap.. it is completely impossible for me to keep track of them-- I can't imagine losing a lens!
Leah Faye
e plus l

Claire said...

I really want one of those clips to attach the cap to the lens I find it such a pain taking it on and out of my pocket!

Justina L said...

Fun!!! Gorgeous photos :-)

Housel said...

That looks so fun:D

You are just always going to awesome places that I want to go to!

Karm said...

Ahhh that place looks like a lot of fun and my sons would really enjoy it!!
What a fun summer you are having.

Allison said...

This looks like so much fun. What a cute amusement park. It definitely has character!

Jessica Lindstrom said...

Your pictures make it look so fun! I'm hoping to go this Summer!! :)

Katers said...

So many memories involving you and lagoon and Dracula castle :)

Mackenzie said...

What gorgeous photos!! Looks like lots of fun... and I love all the little peacock surprises :)


Stesha said...

This looks like so much fun! Girl your photog skills are killin it!!


K&R said...

so much fun!
i went to lagoon once, so fun!


Amelia Steele said...

Looks like a really fun, old fashioned day out!


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