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Title for this post= not happening. So not creative right now...
I actually wore this outfit while I was in Southern Utah in March but never posted it. We snapped these photos while we waited for breakfast, it was morning still but incredibly sunny, so the photos turned out really bright. I actually love how warm they look though. It was perfect weather there, and now it's finally perfect weather here (although it's supposed to cool down this weekend, go figure).
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This sweater is from Lulu's and it's seriously my favorite. I've worn it so many times my obsession is obvious. You can see one of the other ways I wore it- HERE, then go snag one before they're gone! (bonus: they're on sale)


Larissa said...

I've been so scare of printed paints! I never think I can pull stuff like that off but you've inspired me!

Monique McCray-Alexander said...

Cute outfit! Really like the pants. :-)

Who is that girl Mo?

Elisabeth @ Bella said...

the pictures make it look straight up tropical!

Shio Waline said...

Gentri!! How do you always look so cute!! I would say I want your wardrobe, but I am sure it would all be super short on me! :) But as always you look amazing & PRETTY!! :)


Lyosha said...

charming look dear! what a lovely dotted bottom!

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Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

you look sooooo darling! LOVE your style!

gypsie sister said...

Love! those pants are gorgeous.


Alice, Pretty Confused said...

These photos look so summery! I love them! You look fantastic too, love the patterned jeans xo

Jessi said...

You look SO cute! I love that first pic :) You + printed pants + hats = perfection. I love how these photos look so warm and happy. Oh and the title is awesome haha

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