Short On Words

I love a good chambray shirt, so when I saw this dip dyed one at Old Navy, I had to have it. It's such a fun element to the chambray, I've worn it way too much.
The jewelry is from Color By Amber, it's made with pressed flowers, which you know I love!
photos c/o steight of mind
I am feeling really short on words at the moment, I apologize for that. But I'm sure you enjoyed the short post, especially since it's a holiday (at least in the US) and I'm sure you've got fun things to do!


Kirsten Noelle W said...

love this outfit gentri.
hope i can see you before i leave lady!


Carley Lee said...

I love this outfit, Gentri! Everything works together so perfectly - and that skirt is darling!
Beautiful, as always :)

Beverly Houpt said...

I need a chambray shirt! I had one, but it was a bit big on me... so I altered it, but it ended up looking worse! So I ended up throwing it out. Sad times!
Love this outfit :)

Kelsey Bang said...

super cute outfit! i LOVE that tiered heart skirt! so darling! love ya! ps that horse head picture still makes me laugh :)

Naomi Peffer said...

Love that heart pattern! Way to mix patterns with the dress & jewelry too!

Patterned Love

Alice Barton said...

such a cute outfit love it!! xx
Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

Nora Spaulding said...

I love your skirt and the soft waves in your hair are so pretty!

Denise said...

So cute! Your hair looks fabulous!

diary of this girl - megan said...

hope you're enjoying your day off! this outfit is adorable! i love your dress/skirt!!!!!!

diary of this girl - megan said...

hope you're enjoying your day off! this outfit is adorable! i love your dress/skirt!!!!!!

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

you need to start posting where you get stuff, cuz i'm obsessed with your style and want to copy you ;)

Shannon Willardson said...

Loving this skirt!


everyday girls, everyday beauty. said...

Love your hair!

Amy Lynn said...

love that shirt!! i just bought it in san diego at the old navy outlet :)
your skirt is also darling!

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

You have such gorgeous eyes. These pictures are lovely! And of course your outfit as well. I love the flirtyness of the skirt (pretend that's an actual word haha)

Kathleen Yawny said...

Love this outfit! I'm a new follower and am so glad I discovered your blog - would love for you to check out mine :)

- Kathleen

Shio Waline said...

You look GOREGOUS Gentri!! I love your hair, shirt, shoes, love it all!! And what a cute idea for a necklace :)


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