May Flowers

Spring is finally here. We had plenty of "April showers" and boy did they make those May flowers extra beautiful! I feel like there are more flowers than normal this year. Trees are covered from limb to limb in blossoms and as I walk down the street the smell is so sweet. photo IMG_0690b_zpse208ae59.jpg  photo IMG_0637b_zpsdfddca9f.jpg
There's no better time than Spring to wear those flowers in your hair. I love this floral headband from Lulus, it is so dainty and delicate. It's the perfect addition to my Spring and Summer wardrobe.
 photo IMG_0543b_zpsccbc963c.jpg
 photo IMG_0620b_zpsf3cfb0c3.jpg  photo IMG_0657b_zpsf28c6a6e.jpg  photo IMG_0671b_zps0120b666.jpg
This sweater is the perfect Spring layer- it is light yet warm. In Utah you can never know what the Spring weather is going to be like, so it's important to always have an extra layer around. I'm also the girl that wears boots all year long, what's better than a desert bootie in Utah summer? Nothing, I tell you. I'm so in love with THESE booties.
 photo IMG_0693b_zpsad2c8c62.jpg  photo IMG_0726b_zps3bd744df.jpg
I had a great time taking this pictures with Kirsten. We really just wandered around and enjoyed the scenery, it didn't feel like a photo shoot at all. She's a great photographer. Remember to book a session asap if you're in Utah since she moves soon. If you live in San Francisco she's coming your way! So get excited. Check out the B&W version of this shoot HERE.
 photo IMG_0733b_zps942c83a5.jpg  photo IMG_0756b_zps97434c4c.jpg  photo IMG_0773b_zps94b8ca42.jpg  photo IMG_0797b_zps3862ff9d.jpg  photo IMG_0741b_zps28be145d.jpg  photo IMG_0612b_zps917ea25b.jpg
sweater, dress, headband- Lulus // shoes- Nordstrom

Lulus is one of my very favorite companies. Be sure to check out their Spring and Summer products- So light and fresh!


Sue said...

I love the hair. Is that your natural wave?

Sue said...

I love your hair! Is that your natural wave?

e m m a ▼ d e e r said...

Okay, these are verrrrry pretty, not gonna lie, but the B&W ones are my faves :] Hehe

Stesha Jordan said...

you look amazingly beautiful!!! love that purple sweater!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

you are stunning gentri.
as always.


Shio Waline said...

Love your booties!! I am too scared to get some, I am afraid I'm gonna look silly in them! And I TOTALLY heart this shoot too!! You always look so pretty!


Tori Baldridge said...

Hi gorgeous!! Love these you are such a natural in front of the camera. And those boots...don't get me started. LOVE!

Monique McCray-Alexander said...

Cute booties! I like the flower headpiece too. :-)

Who is that girl Mo?

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

Purple is such a great color on you.
You should wear it more often.
And I love Kirsten.
And shoots with her.
The end :)

Tereza said...

LOVE these photos, you look so stunning!

Elsha said...

You are a freaking fairy princess my friend!!! I love your flower crown:)

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

these pictures of you are GORGEOUS. lavender does you good. ;)

sweet harvest moon said...

You are glowing, lady! Beautiful!

Jessi said...

I saw a little preview of these on FB and I've been waiting for the post :) You are so dang pretty!! I love the floral crown and this whole shoot!

Van Nguyen said...

You look great.

Federica Sickgreen said...

Wow! <3 Can't stop watching you! <3 lovely pictures!

Lindsey Marlor said...

digging the flower crown, that's on my summer to-do list!

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