LOTM- Treasures in Nature

Us LOTM are talking about some treasures we've collected from nature. I love finding little treasures when I'm out and about, I definitely learned it from my parents.
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-I found the pinecone while I was out taking pictures for a style shoot. It's been sitting on my dresser with that feather (from a friend in Colorado) ever since.
-The crystals are from a rocky ridge by my cabin. My dad has brought home a bunch of them hoping he'd found gold in the rock. False alarm.
-The middle rock is from a beach in Oregon. It's some kind of fossil, it looks like a tiny cowboy footprint.
-The clover was found near a waterfall in Oregon. It's about 5 inches across!
-The bottom two rocks go together. My dad found them on top of a mountain in Utah. He said the ridge was covered in rocks like this. They believe they came to be when a volcano erupted- spraying lava for miles. The lava cooled as it flew through the air and landed IN the rocks. It was still warm enough to melt the stone and formed little corks in the rock.

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E M M A ▼ D E E R said...

Wow, these are some seriously cool treasures! That crystal rock is amazing but my favorite is the two-piece rock. How strange! It is so neat that you're parents introduced you to collecting treasuries like this and that there are stories behind each one.

Eeny said...

i am a treasure collector as well and being reminded of the story behind them everytime i see them on my shelves.

Shannon Willardson said...

That shamrock is AWESOME!


Lena said...

Love the memories that these treasures hold. :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Love collecting little pieces of nature; rocks, seashells... They always bring back memories

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