Black, White, and Prints All Over

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Old Navy was good enough to let us style some of their clothes for the event a couple weekends ago. For some reason, the morning of the event, my outfit was just not going to cut it. So I wore the pants but threw on this shirt from Forever 21 instead of my planned shirt and vest.
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I actually had a hard time pairing shoes with these pants. I ended up wearing my leopard wedges, it was a bit loud but I kind of liked the pattern combo.
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This bracelet is from Fifth & Mae and I am in L.O.V.E. I've worn it everyday since it arrived. The metal is thick so it's not flimsy, but it was soft enough so I could make it a bit smaller to fit my wrist. Plus, her prices are amazing!
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The weather has finally warmed up (80 yesterday), so short sleeves are completely acceptable! It's so exciting, Winter seemed too long. I also love how this outfit is just black and white, yet it feels so fresh for Summer.
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These photos were taken by Bre'an from Steight of Mind, she is an amazing photographer and I had so much fun hanging out with her at the Old Navy event. Afterwards we all went to Blue Lemon for lunch then took some outfit pictures. She then let me take a couple photos with my blogging bff's- Lauren and Jessi.
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me, lauren, jessi
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bre'an, me, lauren
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We all had so much fun, I can't wait to haing out with these girls again soon. Bre'an is a wonderful photographer. If you're looking for one in the Provo/ SLC area- she's a great choice!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

love these pants. seriously.


Elisabeth @ Bella said...

love the pants and blouse - i couldn't pull of the shoes with it but you rock it :)

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

Gentri, you look amazing! LOVE the outfit!

Dinah Gacon said...

I think the entire outfit is perfect, you rocked it girlfriend!!!!

xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

Amanda Schroeder said...

Girl you are beautiful!

Shannon Willardson said...

Loving that black and white top on you!


Jessi said...

I loved this outfit! you look beautiful as always. and this was a fun day :) the photos turned out so good!! That one of the three of us is pretty cute;)

Kelsey Bang said...

i LOVE that top! is so cute and fresh! your darling Gentri!

Shio Waline said...

You're so pretty Gentri! I totally heart when you mix patterns!! I need to venture out more with that!! And your friend Jessi looks so tall compared to you! That's prob how you and I would look next to each other! Good thing for you I usually only wear heels on sundays :) Old Navy must love you, how many times have you worked with them?


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