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Last week my Blogging BFF- Lauren came to stay with me. We had so much fun together and were able to see and do quite a bit. Her first night in Utah we had dinner at Porters Place. It is a family favorite, the wood in the restaurant was actually taken from my dad's childhood barn. photo IMG_3326b_zpsd72579cc.jpgI worked all day Tuesday and Lauren had a date that night, so Wednesday was all ours. We first headed to La Bonne Vie at the Grand America Hotel. It's an adorable french pastry shop, Lauren bought macaroons and I bough gelato. photo IMG_3415b_zps2909bb98.jpgNext we spent a good amount of time shopping at City Creek Mall where we both found some fun things for Summer. After shopping we headed over to Temple Square to eat dinner with Lauren's mom and aunt, then met up with my friend Tyler. photo IMG_3436b_zpsa09433ea.jpgWe walked around Temple Square and enjoyed all of the Spring flowers. photo IMG_3438b_zps9d676828.jpgTyler invited us to a funnel cake party that night, but before we headed over I insisted that we head out to The Great Salt Lake. I had been dying to see it and neither Lauren or Tyler had been before. They complained the whole time, but I thouroughly enjoyed myself.
 photo IMG_3447b_zpsc5e930ad.jpg
Thursday night we saw Iron Man 3 and Friday I worked and Lauren had multiple dates (she's in high demand- obviously). Saturday was spent with blog friends at an event with Old Navy. We enjoyed talking fashion and blog with some other Utah bloggers, then we headed to lunch at Blue Lemon.
All of these events will have posts of their own on Whereabouts, but the Old Navy event will be posted here next week. Actually, The Great Salt Lake post was up on Whereabouts- yesterday. Check it out! We had so much fun and I can't wait for her to visit again and for me to be able to visit her neck of the woods!


Natalie Best said...

Fun photos!

You ladies look like you're on the red carpet ;)

Stesha Jordan said...

you always have the cutest dates with your friends! Makes me wanna come visit sooo bad!!


brooke field said...

i just love temple square + city creek mall!

Michelle Nascimento said...

I love the picture of the flowers in front of that large building! It's pretty cool that your dad's barn wood was recycled for the restaurant too!

xo Michelle

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Caroline said...

How fun! And these pictures are stunning!

Brittany Lew Whoo said...

city creek is my favorite. i wish i lived in utah!!

Nada Diaa said...

it looks like you had lots of fun ! i love it when bloggers meet ... i think it is more productive than when "normal" friends meet :P



Gena Palmieri said...

I was just in Salt Lake last week! I'm obsessed with City Creek Mall! They have all the best stores.
Blush & Blossoms

Shannon Willardson said...

Yay for blogging friends!


lucia m said...

loving the pics <3



myvanillawardrobe said...

I love the the picture by the beach :) it's so cute!

Shio Waline said...

Wow Gentri, you sure know how to have a great time! I will def have to plan something with you whenever I come up :) You seem to have all sorts of fun things to do! Loved the shots by the Great Salt Lake & your temple pics!


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