Blogging is crazy, I never would have thought that I'd gain such close friends through the internet. But I have, and one of those friends is Lauren. She and I are so similar, she is definitely my blogging BFF. One of those similarities would be that we both are in love with traveling.

We had been trying to come up with a way to travel more, even if it's just around our own town(s). Together we came up with "Whereabouts". Our travel blog intended to help us get out more, see more of the world, and meet other people who love it just as much as we do.

So, if you like seeing photos like this...
Or daydreaming about places like this... 
then Whereabouts is for you. We'd love to have you stop by and join our world-seeing adventure!

P.S. just wanted to thank Natalie for giving Whereabouts her beautiful look! We're lucky to know talented people.


Lauren said...

Love you girls! I am a total fan of this new venture!! If you need sponsors for the new blog, hit me up! xoxo

Kelli Snedegar said...

I'm very excited to follow along on your new blog!
I've been following Lauren's for a while, and I'm happy it's pointed me to Whereabouts as well as your personal blog!

Megan Colwell said...

I'll have to check her out. ADORE these pictures! Thanks for sharing.

The Nautical Owl

Allexis said...

Love, love, love! Although, now I'm craving a beachy getaway!!


Elizabeth said...

Awesome idea for a travel blog! Looking forward to seeing where your adventures take you and to hopefully getting some inspiration to plan some adventures of my own!

Bev said...

stunning pics!!! i would love to be in that boat staring at the gorg lookin' water!!

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