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Last Thursday was the RAW show that I was a part of. I was so happy that I was able to sell all 20 tickets and show my work. A big THANK YOU to all who purchased tickets (especially to those who purchased and knew they couldn't attend, but did it just to help and support a friend).

Jessi (one of my blogging bff's) and her husband were able to attend and I loved seeing them. Besides my parents they were the first familiar face(s) to walk through the door and it made me so excited. Jessi has modeled for me in the past so it was fun to grab her picture with... her picture. haha!
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Towards the beginning of the night, I had to get up on stage and talk about myself/ introduce myself. It wasn't my favorite moment, but it was over quickly, haha! You think I'd be used to stuff like that. Oh, and I just love standing next to tall people... Really though, he was a great host and made it super easy.
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Here is what my display looked like:
 photo IMG_3271b_zps2afe4749.jpg
Sorry my pictures aren't the best, I was so distracted by so many people, plus every one thought I was a photographer (not a makeup artist) so I was trying to be quick about it and hide the camera.
Everything in my display either came from around my house or antique/ thrift stores. The little stand that my business cards are on is a toy table, I guess. When I took it up to the check out counter the clerk asked if I wanted the chair that goes with it. I asked what he meant and he said it was a toy. I laughed and said I thought it was a candle holder or something, and that I just wanted it for my business cards. I am kind of in love with it.
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I loved seeing people enjoy my work. Every time someone complimented me on it, it made me blush. 
 photo IMG_3300b_zpsfaa0d4ab.jpg
The area I had to display was a bit different than I had planned, so it didn't look perfect, but I'm happy with it. My dad is amazing and made that light fixture for me the day before! I have a great family.
 photo IMG_3313b_zps430825c8.jpg
Sorry this one is really fuzzy...
 photo IMG_3315b_zps3db41431.jpg
 photo IMG_3307b_zps4b51c439.jpg
Now I'll show you the work of some other artists...

There were lots of painters and sketch artists, one of them even came up to me and said that my work inspired her next project!! I told her I HAVE to see it when she's done. What a compliment!
(not sure of the website for this artist, below)
 photo IMG_3272b_zps16053062.jpg
This display is from Vicki's Art. She was right next to my area and was so nice. I loved getting to know her.
 photo IMG_3277b_zps3826bde1.jpg
There were a bunch of photographers and a lot of them asked if we could work together soon. So excited for that! (this one is BEM Photography)
 photo IMG_3278b_zpsd1623633.jpg
There was a Hat Maker- Ace Is Wild Originals (awesome, right?!)...
 photo IMG_3281b_zps23afbf6e.jpg
A Graffiti Artist- Lets Lean(?)...
 photo IMG_3282b_zps790420ad.jpg
More Photographers (yes, this is a photograph, I know, incredible), this one is Renee Keith Photography...
 photo IMG_3286b_zps60593fc6.jpg
Lots of music artists, this one is Allison James, I loved her music...
 photo IMG_3289b_zps35d0ea32.jpg
A fashion show from LissMee Designs...
 photo IMG_3322b_zps4a35fce6.jpg
I need to go check out her shop. There were some super cute things in her show!
 photo IMG_3325b_zps0676d303.jpg
And a couple of SFX Artists! These guys are in.cred.i.ble. Both of the SFX booths were right across from me, so I just stared all night and watched the transformations. Ridiculous. Made me a bit self conscious about my work, but I got over it... I'm a different type of MUA.

This one is by Toxic Image Studios
 photo IMG_3296b_zpsef8b1efc.jpg  photo IMG_3294b_zpsda6de3b6.jpg
Sorry it's blurry, but look at the feet!!
 photo IMG_3293b_zpscfd34e29.jpg
And the other SFX Artist- BHamArts...
 photo IMG_3288b_zpsd928c3f9.jpg
This model was kind enough to talk to my friends and I for a minute/ pose for pictures.
 photo IMG_3320b_zpsa374b93d.jpg
Creepy, right?!
 photo IMG_3321b_zpsc637763b.jpg
I had such a blast and am so grateful for the opportunity, and there were so many other artists that I didn't take photos of or meet. Check out RAW's website to see if they have a show in your area. If so, I highly recommend going! It's a great way for artists to get their names out there and make new connections. I feel lucky to be a part of it.


Laura - Relatively Offbeat said...

Oh my goodness, that IS creepy!!! But also insanely talented! What a cool event!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

im so glad you got to be a part.
im sad i couldnt go.
graduation problems.

need to see you soon lady!




Monique McCray-Alexander said...

This looked like a great event. Your pictures are lovely! I like the toy/candle holder too. Btw, awesome cards!

Who is that girl Mo?

Federica Sickgreen said...

Wow what a great day! I'm happy for you!

Dinah Gacon said...

You are so unbelievably talented Gentri...I am in awe of your work and this event WOW what a visual experience!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Hailey Devine said...

That is crazy cool! What a fun experience.

Amy Lynn said...

that seriously looks so cool! how great that you got to be a part of it... i feel you will be famous someday :) haha

Beckie said...

Wow, Gentri! This is so amazing! I can tell you're really going places--not just because you're great at what you do, but also because you're really putting yourself out there. How great for you! I can't wait to see where you end up : ]

P.S. -- Everyone else has some awesome work too! It'd be really neat to see you hook up with some of the photographers!!
P.P.S. -- Your outfit from the tulip festival is perfect. I love the coat!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh, RAW is really neat! there was an event here in my hometown. that makeup is amazing and so cool!

lindsey louise


Sue said...

This looks amazing! I so wish I could have gone.

Amanda said...

Yay! I am so happy you were able to go! And it looks like your set up was beyond amazing! Congrats lady!

Tereza said...

ahh I commented last night through my Iphone and it seems it wont go through!
Anyways I wanted to say congrats! your booth looks amazing and you are so very talented!!!!

Shio Waline said...

Your booth looked AMAZING Gentri!! I really liked all the different kinds of frames you used!! Made me think of getting started on my family's wall of gallery photos that I have yet to start! :) Wish I could have been there, glad you were able to sell all your tickets!!


jennifer lane designs said...

your booth was AMAZING! omg! so happy for you xoxo

Rachel Sayumi ♥ said...

your display is sooo cute! so sad i couldn't attend ): ): and i love that your business card stand is a little dollhouse table, soooo darling!

Lindsey Marlor said...

loved your table setup! esp the bus card holder! ahhhmazing!!

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