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I'm finally getting around to posting my outfit I styled from Old Navy. You can view the event HERE.
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I am loving each of these pieces so much! (the shoes were mine from nordstrom) I haven't taken that necklace off and I've worn each of the other pieces an embarrassing amount of times.
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You may have noticed that I'm a hat person, I love hats and I'm not afraid to wear them!
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Like I said before, Old Navy has seriously stepped up their game! There are so many cute products these days! I'll definitely be shopping there more often!


Tereza said...

so cute, are those hearts on those jeans!?

Dinah Gacon said...

Pretty lady!!!! I adore your shoes!!!!!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Caroline said...

I've been so impressed with Old Navy lately! So many fun shapes and colors... kudos to them!

Amanda said...

I have been finding so many cute options at ON lately. And I love their v-neck t's. I've seriously been wearing them almost every day!

Chrissy said...

Love your outfit and your hats! Super cute! xxx

Helene said...

LOVE how you styled it! what a great outfit!
Helene in Between

The Braided Bandit said...

We are polka dot pants twins on our blogs today :) Though I think yours may be hearts, even cuter!
xo Hannah


Sierra Oblad said...

Love the hat and pants! So cute!

Jessi said...

Cute, cute :) Looks like the pics turned out pretty good. I seriously LOVE those pants! I might really have to get some.
P.S. I saw the breathing space thing on FB. I'm SO Excited!! Definitely going. Registration starts June 1st right?

Shannon Willardson said...

Love the polka dot pants!


jennifer lane designs said...

so cute! love those pants soooo much. looks like i need to make a trip to old navy!

Sandy a la Mode said...

your hat is WAYY adorable!! and i LOVE old navy!!

Sandy a la Mode

cinzee said...

Love your outfit and fedora hat!!! btw you look sooo cute:D Im petite myself so its nice to stumble upon your blog and pick up some fashion/styling tips, hehe

I'll be back again;)


Allison said...

Very cute! And you always look great in hats!

BethanyGrig said...

I'm so excited to bust out my fedora this spring! The blue pants and yellow blouse look great on you!


Jessica Lindstrom said...

I WANT those pants! So cute!

Kristin Reynolds said...

You're too cute as always, love that entire outfit!


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