LOTM- Nature Day

Arbor Day is tomorrow and Earth Day was a few days ago (although I've seen some places that it's the 27th, I think it varies on where you are), so us LOTM are talking about how we are going to celebrate!

I have been in awe of all the blossoms this year, you would think I'd never seen Spring. So I plan on taking a nice long nature walk tomorrow to celebrate the holiday. 
like what I did there? hehe

To celebrate Earth Day I will be helping get the ground ready for my plants! You may remember them from THIS post, look how much they've grown! It's so exciting. Every time I look at them (which is often) they've grown even more. I'm a proud plant mama.

Check out how the other ladies are celebrating!
and our guest blogger-


Megan Colwell said...

Hope you had a LOVELY earth day!

The Nautical Owl

Brandi said...

Sprouting plants are so encouraging! Have a wonderful Arbor Day and thanks for inviting me to be a part of this series! :)

Tereza said...

I guess canada and the states celebrate it on different days!?
Happy Earth Day to you there :)

Caroline said...

Loveeee our Earth - glad she's been getting some love in the past week! :)

sweet harvest moon said...


Larissa said...

Oh I love that idea of re-using egg shells

Shio Waline said...

I love spring! And I didn't even know it was earth day a few days ago! We have been working on our garden these past few days, excited for when we reap the benefits! Hope you had a lovely weekend!


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