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Us LOTM are sharing our Spring gardens with you today. I've been so excited to plant one. Now that I'll actually be in one place (with a yard) I feel I can give more attention to a garden. Hopefully I'll find that green thumb I've been hoping I had.
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For my garden I decided to start with snap peas, tomatos, and carrots. Basics that make any hot Summer day better.
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I'll be starting my garden indoors, in eggshell planters no less. They look so pretty sitting in my windowsill!
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Making this planter was really simple, I found all of the directions HERE. Plus, once the plants are ready for the ground, you just slightly break the bottom of the eggshells and stick the entire thing in the ground. The egg shells will eventually biodegrade and the roots will grow out of the shell, and apparently, the shells supplement the calcium in the soil! Awesome.
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Us LOTM highly suggest you all get started on your Spring gardens! Nothing's better than homegrown produce.
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Gypsy in Jasper said...

What a cool idea. I've never seen this done before!!

alesha said...

Awesome idea! The carton does look so pretty!

luzmaría Alam said...

I love this idea, very eco


Felicia said...

What a clever way to plant seedlings!

Aga Guerrero Olesinska said...

Cool idea

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Tinel S. said...

This is such a great and earth loving idea... I can't stand seeing people seeding in plastic containers and then throwing them away... this is a wonderful alternative.. or anything similar to this. Lovely!

Eeny said...

i've been wanting to plant a little egg garden for so long now. i really should do it. i thought about doing herbs though.

Jessica Sharpe said...

such a cute idea!!! We have had no nice weather at all this year so i fear it might be a little late for gardening by the time its warm :(


Gabriella said...

I'm absolutely loving the idea of a little eggshell garden! How precious! I just might need to get one started in my little downtown apartment.

SittinPrettyWithSarahG said...

This post is fantastic. I love all the pictures and wish you happy growing!

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