Golden Afternoon

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I was so excited when I received these glasses from Choies. They're adorable, unique, and well I love them. I love flowers, especially when I can wear them. These are perfect for Spring and Summer and I love the added detail on the side- so whimsical. Can I say "love" a few more times? Love love love.
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A couple of the flowers did fall off in transit, but I was able to easily glue them back on, they're also not meant for driving- just as an fyi. The flowers impaired my peripheral vision a bit and lets just say it was a close call... So they will strictly be used for looking cute this Summer!
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I've been wanting a pair of oversized round shades for a while now, plus these are perfect for Summer, so I'll be wearing them a lot... just get used to them, ok?

Choies is also giving away two $50 coupons to their website- plus both winners will receive a special prize!

P.S. the winner of the $25.00 g.c. to Forever 21 c/o House of Tong iiisss...
Libby from her blog
Congrats, Libby! Check your email asap.

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Eeny said...

how cute are these glasses?! omg.

Erin Gerofsky said...

These sunglasses are stunning! Definitely something cute to wear with a sundress, or even class up some denim cut offs and a billowy top.


Thriftary said...

Oh my gosh - You are just the stinkin' CUTEST!!! I love these on you!!! Such a perfect statement. NEVER. TAKE. THEM. OFF.

Tereza said...

You totally rock those sun glass's!

Megan Colwell said...

I LOVE THEM! You, my dear, just inspired my next DIY :)

The Nautical Owl

Caroline said...

Too cute!! I would want to wear these and skip in a field of flowers all day long!

Lix Hewett said...

I rarely wear sunglasses, but I'd make an exception for a pair this cute. You look fantastic in them!

- Lix

myvanillawardrobe said...

Super fun sun glasses! :)

Shannon Willardson said...

Love those shades!

Dinah Gacon said...

You look amazing in those shades, takes me back to the 60's and makes me smile! Love that era!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Shannon Hearts said...

Those glasses are awesome!! Love them on you.

Jane Adensam said...

You look fabulous in those glasses!

Elsha said...

Not sure if I did that linking thing right but you know I follow you everywhere. That is so creepy

Bridgette Nicole said...

Would love to win!! You look awesome in those sunglasses! :)

KatieLouise said...

These sunglasses are amazing and so unique! I absolutely love them to death! So beautiful! You have a lovely blog...I've been peeking around :] and can't wait to see more!

Carley Lee said...

These glasses are SO much fun! The perfect look for a golden afternoon - you look as beautiful as a wildflower, I'd say! :)

Jessica Cherry said...

Ahhhh! I WANT those!!! :)

cinzee said...

Awww....those floral sunnies are soooo lovely!!! You look sooo summery and cute in them:D Love that smile of yours in the second photo too;)


BethanyGrig said...

I am so envious of your hair! The color is perfect!


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