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Last weekend I was able to attend the Spring Event at Fashion Place Mall, here in Utah. It was a blast to see some Spring fashion from not only shops in the mall but from students who attend the Fashion Institute.
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There is some serious talent at that school. It's exciting to see all of their hard work being shown to the public!
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As fun as the event was, I love any excuse to see my blogging buddies!
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There were a lot of us in attendance which made it so fun! (and this isn't even all of us!)
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Plus, when you're at events with bloggers, there's always someone taking the pictures so I don't have to, right? Thanks for the photos, Nikki, and thanks for a fun night, Fashion Place!

P.S. The two winners of the Choies giveaway are...
Sarah- Sittin Pretty
Elsha- When Mine Became Ours
Congrats girls! Check your emails asap!


Clothes and Dreams said...

Nice pictures! :D
Fashion schools always have nice work :D


WhoisthatgirlMo said...

That looked like a fun event! I love the striped pants with sheer top.

Who is that girl Mo?

(Ri)Charmed said...

How fun!

Kristin Reynolds said...

Looks lik so much fun!


Dinah Gacon said...

Would've loved to have joined you all, looks like you all had such a ball!!!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

Stephanie F said...

So much fun!! Great fashion.

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