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Albion Fit is an awesome company for women's fitness and swimwear. They just opened a new store at the City Creek Mall in Salt Lake City, but they also have an online shop for those of you who don't live in Utah.
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Their fabrics are incredibly lightweight and perfect for working out. The leggings are incredibly comfortable yet thick enough that they're publicly acceptable. I'm loving this sweatshirt, the thumb holes keep the sleeves from hanging down or riding up, the fabric is SO soft, and it's really cute!
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I also bought a tank top from Albion and I love it. It's really supportive, wicks away sweat, and looks super cute! I am definitely turning to Albion for all of my workout clothing updates... and I need a lot of them...

I've fallen off the healthy bandwagon lately, I've just been so busy and stressed working on my RAW event and so many other things. But I need to get my butt back in gear! I think the biggest thing is that I am in serious need of new running shoes, but it's so hard to find running shoes in my size. The only ones I've ever found in my size are made for kids and those aren't usually made for adult bodies, have Velcro rather than laces, etc. So if you know of a company or if you're part of a company reading this- please point me in the direction of some great running shoes in a women's size 4-4 1/2... I'd love you forever.


Shannon Willardson said...

I love Albion! Their fitness apparel rocks my world!


Stesha Jordan said...

I love that sweatshirt! The color is perfect. ANd girl your feet are tiny.... I wish I had suggestions for you :(


Stesha Jordan said...

I love that sweatshirt!!! The color is perfect. And lady your feet are tiny, i bet its so hard to find good running shoes :(


Shannon Hearts said...

Cute hoodie! The color is really pretty. I'm in need of some new work-out clothes too.

Claire said...

i'm off on a walking holiday on Friday and I am soooo unfit! I'm a teeny bit scared my body is going to hurt!

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