Southern Utah Snipets

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I've been in Southern Utah for the last week and it has been so fun. Warm weather, lots of friend catch ups, some missed food, and warm weather. Oh, did I mention the weather was Sooooooo warm?


Navin Menon said...

Spent most of my life in New York have been up and down the east coast and still have not found time to make to the West Coast, How is Utah?


Rachel Sayumi. said...

you're so lucky!!! I wanna go to St. Geezy!!! haha i love "that time i almost joined twitter" lol so great

Becca May said...

Hey lovely lady! I am new to your blog...I saw your link on the Little Miss Fearless blog and I've been exploring your page all afternoon! You are the first short, petite blogger that I have found in this world of 6'8" 120 lb super-model bloggers (who I ALSO love) but you are the first girl I have come across who is my same height and I am SO SO encouraged that little gals like us can pull off the trends!! (The maxi skirts/dresses, skinny pants, etc...you know what I'm saying!) So thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!! I adore you!

Dinah Gacon said...

You are just gorgeous!!! Love the lastest photos and seeing you sippin on that smoothie makes me crave one!!! Happy weekend!!!

xo Dinah @ sunshine super glam

SittinPrettyWithSarahG said...

yay! I love this collage. It was so great to see you

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