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Speaking of Tiffany's, the other day, myself and a few other Utah bloggers were able to attend a special preview of a new Spring collection. I carpooled to the event with Jessi, again, and we had a blast. Afterwards we had enough time to shop around Nordstrom and Anthropologie... Not that either of us could afford anything, it was just fun.

 This is by far, my favorite collection I've seen from Tiffany's. It's designed by Paloma Picasso (Pablo's daughter, so cool) and titled- Olive Leaf. It is so delicate and natural, I loved it all... BUT, this ring was my favorite. Photobucket 
 Of course it fit perfectly as well. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
What is your favorite piece in this new collection? Tiffany's is always good to us, and this day was no different. They served sparkling cider and these... Photobucket 
Petit Fours!! I was SO excited to try one, I have ALWAYS wanted to! Life goal= complete. 

If you want something from Tiffany's for yourself, be sure to enter THIS AMAZING GIVEAWAY!


Leah said...

gorgeous! I love amber and the leaf detail is so pretty.

Marsa said...

ahh looks so fun! and everyone is so tall!!! geez.

Kathryn Terry said...

Omg those leafy earrings!!!

sweet harvest moon said...


Allison said...

You ladies all look lovely...what a fun event!!

Lynet Sandoval Witty said...

You're right! that ring is super amazing! I love it! And more now, that Picasso's daughter designed it!

Kiersten said...

That ring is gorgeous - and I loved the one next to it as well!
<3 Kiersten

Caroline said...

What an incredible opportunity! Technically, you're eating petit fours (morning tea?) in Tiffany's which would mean you're having Breakfast at Tiffany's? Just sayin' ;) Those pieces are SO Gorgeous - really loving that vine ring :)

SH said...

Those earrings are beautiful! Look like so much fun.

Happy Monday!

The Hartungs Blog

judith said...

Que bonitos los anillos!!

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