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I was able to have dinner with the lovely Jet from Fashion Utah. This girl is amazing, I want to be like her when I grow up. If you live in Utah and are looking for a way to be informed about Utah fashion events, style tips, local boutiques, and more- check out Fashion Utah!

On another note-
I was able to get my hands on a new lens for my camera (been working with the kit lens since I got my camera in July) and wow... Just WOW! The difference is amazing. Don't have a lens for your camera? Get one.
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Have a great weekend, everyone!


brooke field said...

i want a new lens so bad!! but can't make the investment because i'm indecisive :) Love the blurry background!

Emma Ashby said...

I love your outfit! And what lens did you get for your camera??

E M M A ▼ D E E R said...

You are absolutely right about these photos! They are much brighter and the bokeh is so pretty. What kind of lens did you get?! I *finally* bought the 50mm f/1.8 that I had been wanting for years with my tax refund, should be here on Wednesday! (Also, would you mind telling me your settings for the portrait of you and Jet? Like, what the distance/f-stop and shutter speed was?) I seem to struggle getting the right settings with portraits! You look beautiful, btw!
♥Emma Deer

Vivika Vain said...

What lens did you get? I want so badly a 50mm for my nikon! Awesome picture!

Kaycie Eddie said...

50mm? My very favorite lens. :) I'm hoping to get a new one soon!

Jessi said...

Gah! You're making me jealous about the new lens! I totally want one! And I love what you wore to dinner with jet, gorgeous! You both look so stylish :)

bridget anne said...

i was going to say -- love these photos, gentri! what lens did you end up getting? looks like a 50mm or a 35mm? exciting!

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