Easter Style

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Happy Easter, everyone. I have been so excited to wear this jacket on Easter, it is perfect for the Spring holiday. 
(no idea why i'm standing in a hole...)
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It reminds me of the outfits the girls wear in Meet Me In St. Louis. As long as I've watched that movie I've drooled over their outfits. I love having something that makes me feel a little similar.
I don't think we're doing anything too celebratory today, attending church and family dinner is about it (and that happens every Sunday). But I love Easter Sunday and why we celebrate it. Definitely a favorite holiday of mine.

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday today?

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Nicole Franson said...

So cute! I love lace and bows and it works so well on you and on that jacket!

Also, your hair looks so good like that :)


Lena B, Actually said...

That jacket is gorgeous! Happy Easter!

Rachel Sayumi. said...

i'm obsessed!!! You look darling!!!!!! and your bangs are too cute! happy easter gentri!

Amanda said...

You are too cute! I really love that jacket. You are definitely workin' it! Happy Easter!

Meanz Chan said...

So in love with your white lace jacket! It's so lovely.

yours truly dear said...

Aww I love it! You look fabulous :)

Marsa said...

you are so cute gentri!
happy easter to you :)

Allison said...

Totally reminds me of Meet Me in St. Louis! I love it! And I always want to watch that movie around Easter time!

Adrienne Clark said...

Ummm...I am dyyiinngggg over your outfit. One word: obsessed! You look amazing and I need that outfit please and thank you :-)
Happy Easter

WhoisthatgirlMo said...

Happy Easter! Nothing special for me today. Cute outfit!


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love your hair in these pictures!
what a cute jacket!


Shannon Hearts said...

Beautiful Easter outfit. I hope you had a lovely day.

Gaby said...

that jacket is so perfect on you!

Nic said...

love the coat. simply gorgeous!


Tanya Soyer said...

Hi! You've got a great blog here and I'm your follower. I'd love it so much if you could follow me back :) it'd be great to keep in touch!


Borondy said...

Wow, beautiful jacket! You're right, it's perfect fo spring...


Carley Lee said...

Gorgeous look, Gentri! And you have the sweetest smile :) :)

Beckie said...

Yep, still happy you splurged on that coat, and finally bought it in full : ] I never even noticed the pearl collar until these pictures, which makes it even better!

And I totally love Meet me in St. Louis! I like watching that one at any time of the year, because there's always a part of the movie that fits in (Christmas, Easter, summer, Halloween...) haha. But yesterday I watched Easter Parade. Gotta love Judy Garland : ]

Dinah Gacon said...

Gentri, you pulled off that jacket perfectly! You pretty lady you xo

Hope you had an amazing Easter weekend, ours went way too fast but it was swell!

xo Hugs
Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

sweet harvest moon said...


Amanda said...

Seriously could you be anymore adorable?!

Annie said...

That coat is gorgeous, and so perfect for Easter! You look fabulous :)

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