Apricot Lane

You may remember THIS feature I did with Apricot Lane, well here (finally) is the second part of that post.
These pants are awesome, I was a bit worried about pairing them with other things in my closet, but I haven't had any trouble and have come up with a lot of different outfits!
If you live in Utah, you may be thinking "there isn't that much snow left on the ground anymore." and you'd be right. These photos were taken a few weeks ago with Nikki (post HERE).
Be sure to check for an Apricot Lane near you!
Aaaaand just because I love you...
P.S. the winner of the February Sponsor Giveaway isss...
Sarah from her blog The Hinton Hook-Up!!

Congrats Sarah! Check your email!


Meg {henninglove} said...

love the outfit gentri! those pants are fabulous and seem like a closet staple so im sure you will find many tops to wear them with!

Emma Deer said...

Those shoes are fantastic.
♥ Emma Deer

Tereza said...

holy you guys got tons of snow down there in the States. It was actually sunny today here which was nice, felt like spring was in the air! You look lovely, this is a super cute outfit, Happy weekend!

jennifer lane designs said...

such a cute outfit! love those shoes :)

Tea&Sequins said...

I love the whole outfit! It's basic black without being boring- and the shoes are so great! I just found your blog today and I love it! I'll definitely be following!


Charlotte F said...

I love your shoes! :)

yours truly dear said...

aww i love that last picture, so cute :) apricot lane is a dangerous store for me--i have to make myself stay away! also, i love your shoes!

Fleur De Moi said...

Those shoes are aaaaaaamazing!

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