Warmer Weather

While it's snowing outside... again... and my feet are frozen... and i'll probably go run in it and freeze my butt off... my mind is somewhere much warmer...

It's HERE, hiking in the flowers

Or HERE, soaking in every bit of sunshine

Or even HERE, where it wasn't hot, but the sun was shining and warm on my skin.

What are you thinking about? Check back tomorrow to see where my sponsors mind's are wandering.


Pauline said...

I love the pictures, with all the flowers :) It's such a happy photo!

kelsey bang said...

warm weather sounds so nice right now!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

This makes me want to go hiking tomorrow ahhh!



Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

I can not wait for warmer weather! Spring definitely needs to hurry up!

Claire said...

cant wait for spring!! if only because hubby can barely keep up with the wood cutting haha

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