Stone Mountain

My first day in Georgia was spent running errands and playing with my nieces and nephew, but the second day (before I became babysitter for the night) was spent hiking Stone Mountain.
Ok, so it wasn't the hardest or longest hike I've ever done, but I loved it! When I think of "Atlanta" I think BIG city. But I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty that sat right in the middle.
It was just my sister, my oldest niece, and myself. Such a great way to start the day. This was her "whale" rock.
When they call it "stone" mountain, they're not kidding. It was solid rock.
My sister is 6 months pregnant with her 4th child, yet she climbed this like a champ.
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If you live in the USA have a great Presidents Day! If not, have a great Monday.


Julie A. said...

Your sister doesn't even look pregnant!

angelaremondi said...

Wow these pictures are so gorgeous! Looks like you had an amazing time :)

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Elsha said...

I would have never known this was in Atlanta either! You look like you didn't just climb a mountain, like all those models for North Face :) Can't wait to see more, especially the Disney posts!

Chrissy said...

Such wonderful photos - look at that view - amazing! You make me wanna bust out my hiking boots and get out right away! Thanks! xxx

brooke field said...

how fun + beautiful!

Amanda said...

Atlanta is one of my favorite cities! Such a good mix. Looks like a great trip!

Marsa said...

ahh i love hiking! these pictures are gorgeous!! thats one of the things i miss about hawaii. we got to go hiking whenever we wanted, wherever we wanted. and it was allll free :)

have an awesome holiday! im here at school because im lame like that.

The DayLee Journal

Purposely at Home said...

agh! we've been there and it's only a few hours from our house. so cool and crazy that you were that close to us!!! :)


Emmett Katherine said...

Beautiful shots of nature. My fave is the 'whale' rock. Your sister IS a champ, even though you scythe trail wasnt super challenging I don't know that my org any self could make it!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

Favvvvv picture: When you are pretending to be hanging off the mountain...classic! Looks like you guys had so much fun!!



Stephanie F said...

Gorgeous photos and view!! :)

Lulu said...

amazing scenery! xxx

Annie said...

Stone Mountain looks absolutely stunning - love these photos!

The Other Side of Gray

Brooke said...

LOVE Stone Mountain. We had to run up this beast for cross country in high school... I think I would prefer what you did over that ha. Hope you enjoyed your time in the south, it's SUCH a beautiful place!!

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