Magic Kingdom- Evening Post

Magic Kingdom is my favorite Disney park. It's so classic and well... Magical! I'm happy to say when I worked here, this is where I spent most of my time... On that castle stage especially.
I love the detail Disney puts into everything! It's what makes it so amazing.
We headed straight to Pirates of the Caribean then over to Big Thunder Mountain (Splash Mountain was closed. So sad about that, it's my favorite ride!). After dinner we went on The Haunted Mansion (which my nephew didn't make it on, he was out before it even started) and Small World (which my nephew LOVED. It was his favorite ride which he called "The Funny Ride").
Before we left, we watched the fireworks. The kids loved seeing Tinkerbell fly across the park and were in awe at all the fireworks.
Disney at night might be my favorite. The weather has cooled, the parks have emptied a little, and we feel a little refreshed (before we crash).
Day two was spent at Disney's Hollywood Studios...

Check out our days at Downtown Disney and Animal Kingdom


Young and Fabulous said...

totally going through your disney recaps now haha

cannot believe still that you worked for disney that is SO FUN!! what did you do!?!? dream along with Mickey!?

ahh i have 253 days till we go back i cannot wait


Clarice said...

I am LOVING all your Disney pictures. I have the biggest Disney obsession ever. Magic kingdom is my FAVORITE! Hubby actually proposed to me right under that castle during the firework show<3

Your family is beautiful I'm glad you are having a good time!

Shannon Willardson said...

So jealous of this fun family trip right now! I need a Disney fix!


Justina F. Lee said...

Aw I miss Disney so much!

ohseems said...

all your disney posts make me so happy

Brandi said...

wohoo! I was your 2000th follower! I should get a prize...or honorable mention, thank you thank you! hahhaha

I'm excited to follow along!


Sarah said...

Ahhh I love Magic Kingdom as well. And you are right, at night it is even MORE magical!

kelsey bang said...

oh dreamy! disneyworld! so fun! and 2000 followers! whoop whoop! way to go!

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