Little Gems

$20.00 Gift Card to Madewell c/o House of Tong
$10.00 Gift Card to Mint Gem from Sincerely, Lo

Once again, I never heard from the winner of the Sprightly So Giveaway. (check your emails people!) So the new winner iisss...
Marsa from her blog
Congrats, Marsa! Check your email asap!

And don't forget to enter THIS awesome giveaway!


Emmy Barnes said...

The page for Sincerely, Lo's Instagram doesn't work.

Emmy Barnes said...

oops never mind. The website is currently down.

Victoria said...

Ahh, exciting. I love Madewell :)


Marsa said...

ahhh gentri! i freaking love you. seriously.

also, missed you this weekend!!

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