How to Highlight

You learned how to contour HERE, but it doesn't end there. You've got to complete the look with blush and highlight. Here's how...
There you have it! You'll be looking as defined as ever!
I use a bright pink blush for my cheeks and here's my biggest secret...

Don't have a highlighter? No problem. Use a shimmery white or cream eye shadow as your highlighter!
Easy, right?! Everyone can do it and you'll look as though a professional has done your makeup, every day!


myvanillawardrobe said...

Thats really helpful!

Maggy said...

Seriously, I just learned a lot. Mostly that I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to makeup...thanks for sharing this Gentri :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

haha i gotta admit when i saw how to highlight like a pro i thought it was going to be about highlighting your hair. oops and i got really excited because i need to learn how to highlight my hair especially being unemployed. i can't give up on my blonde highlights! but this tutorial is equally as great. you are right it is easy peasy to do every day!

M and L said...

This is something I'm so bad at. Thanks!!

Victoria said...

Okay, this is the easier highlighting tutorial I've ever seen. THANK YOU. All the others are just too intimidating.

Love your blog girl!


Michael said...

I'm pinning all of these tips!

Amy said...

this is great, thanks for the tips!
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