I wish I could be at Hogwarts because that's where my second home is! -Rachel
 I wish I could be cuddled up in a cabin with my husband, taking a break from the world. -Andrea
 I wish I could be in Rome so I could do as the Romans do! -Lauren
 Id love to be in Costa Rica right now!! I'll be sipping on some Mocktails while my husband surfs! -Tiffany
I would totally be in a small middle-of-nowhere town with my husband...those are my favorite! -Autumn
 I left my heart in Venice a few years ago.. It's GORGEOUS there... I especially would love to visit with my husband this time around. -Janette
 This glass domed escape designed by Mickey Muennig in the 70's fits the bill perfectly. -Shell
If i could go anywhere right now i would go india for the festival of color, i would give anything to stand from the sidelines photographing it all. -Carlee
I'd be back on my honey moon in sunny beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, that's my vacation daydream right now. -Shannon


Jessica Ruud said...

I LOVE this! Especially Hogwarts...*sigh* my absolute favorite. I still need to go there.

Oh and that's funny; Lauren is in my sorority!! Such a cutie. Love her style.

Miss coming to your blog hun! Hope all is well.

Eeny said...

cute daydreams.
today i wish i could be in nyc with my besties and explore the city just like we did years ago.

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Too fun! I wish i was somewhere sunny and warm!

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