Soldier Hollow

The other night I went with my church group to a wonderful place called- Soldier Hollow. I don't know a lot of people in my church group, so my sister and her boy were kind enough to come with me. Even though it was 0 degrees or less, we had an absolute blast.
Soldier Hollow has 5 or 6 different tubing tracks. You hook your tube up to the lift, it pulls you to the top of the very long hill, then you pick your track and head on down! Going down solo is fun but my favorites are always the group runs.
Some people thought I was crazy for bringing my camera with me, but I wanted to document this fun night! And I'm so glad I did.
I also love how fast you get going down this hill. Snow spraying in your face, distant "Whoops" of joy, and things that make you laugh so hard your side hurts (like a poor girl who fell down 6 times in a row. She didn't fall hard, so it was ok to think it was funny, yes??).
Maybe these aren't the best pictures in the world, but I love them just the same.

My height is always such a novelty. Everyone thought it was so funny how I could almost completely disappear into my tube.
After we had reached our cold limits, we ran into the lodge for soup, hot chocolate, and donuts.

If you're ever in Utah during the winter, Soldier Hollow is a must do.


Brittany Lew Whoo said...

i was wondering what this picture was all about! that looks like so much fun. a lot more fun than 82 degrees in january.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

for some reason i am super paranoid about sledding. every time anyone i know goes someone comes back injured with a broken body part. glad things went well and it looks like fun!


Stephanie said...

I haven't been sledding in such a long time! This almost makes me want to go again...if only I didn't hate being cold so much!

Shannon said...

How fun!!!! Looks like such a blast. I'm taking my kids to the snow this weekend and we can't wait. They are going to love sledding. :)

kelsey bang said...

solider hollow is so much fun! looks like a blast!

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

This looks like an absolute BLAST!
I really need to get my butt to some snow...I've never seen it!


Stesha Jordan said...

soooo cute!! I wish we had snow. I mean dont get me wrong I love that I dont have to shovel anything and Im never freezing, but at the same time I never get to do fun things like this!


Stesha Jordan said...

soooo cute!! I wish we had snow. I mean dont get me wrong I love that I dont have to shovel anything and Im never freezing, but at the same time I never get to do fun things like this!


Beckie said...

How fun! The last time I went skiing (which was, I think, a good 3 or 4 years ago) they had a tube track going. I was just trying to remember if I actually went down it or not. I really don't remember--if I did, it was probably only once. But I'm sure it's lots of fun! I like that you took pictures too. Sure, they're blurry, but they accurately portray the moment : ]

Oh, and it's definitely okay to laugh at someone who falls--even if you don't know them. Seriously, someone falling or tripping is my weak spot. I'm usually very nice about people making fools of themselves and don't like to rub it in by laughing, but if someone falls or trips? Forget about it! I crack up every time. ; ]

SarahJane Miller said...

THis looks like so much fun! I broke me wrist sledding on a tube when I was in high school and to this very day- I am scared to death of sledding :)

LarasVintage said...

How fun!!

Stephanie said...

looks like fun! the one weekend we had enough snow to go sledding, my husband had a man cold. but we're supposed to get a dumping today, so maybe there will be enough for this weekend.

Lauren Crews said...

Tubing down snow slopes is SO much fun! Although, I'm scared of going too fast, so I use my feet to slow down...could you reach? I'd freak! :)

Amanda said...

Oh my word this looks beyond fun! Also I can hardly wait to be out there next week! Eeeeeee!

The Braided Bandit said...

This looks like SO much fun! I really need to look up some tubing hills near me!
So here's a fun little tubing story haha. When I was little I went away to a snowy ranch with my girl scout group and some videographers/ photgraphers asked if one of my little friends and I would be in the promotional video and brochure for the ranch! We excitedly agreed and they set us up in a tube and sent the video guy down in the tube right in front of us, but our tube ended up completely crashing into him and wiping out ALL of his equipment! My 8 year old self wad mortified but we still got to be on the tubing brochure haha!
Happy Friday!
xo Hannah

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