Christmas Memories

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 My favourite Christmas memory is of a whole lot of Christmas experiences rolled into one: time spent with family, summer barbeques, the smell of sunscreen, fresh berries, sea air, and the smell of pine. A Southern hemisphere Christmas!
 My favorite Christmas memory is waking up at 12:00AM and looking for all the gifts Santa and my dad hid around our home!
 Last Christmas our sisters and a bunch of our friends came into town and stopped by our house for a laid back Christmas get-together that turned into a crazy dance party in our tiny living room that lasted until 3 am. I love knowing that when it comes to good friends and family, time apart seems to change nothing!
 The greatest and most precious memory of all for me was the gift of life as my husband and I had our daughter with us for her first Christmas last year!
Favorite Christmas Memory? Waking up every Christmas morning to a stocking stuffed with goodies at the end of my bed, thrilled to know Santa had arrived and came into my room to place it there. ;)
My favorite Christmas memories are tied: yearly caroling with my parents & siblings or the year I was 6 and Santa brought me the Little Miss Makeup Doll the day AFTER Christmas and I knew he loved me and read all my letters.
 It hardly felt like Christmas that year in Seoul, South Korea, when I mistakenly walked (and then explored) the basement of the bus terminal which was full of American Christmas cheer - carolers and flashing lights included.
My favorite Christmas memory, hands down, was when my husband proposed in 2005 - so perfect!


Christmas Decor Tour

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas! As promised, here is a tour of our Christmas decor! My mom is amazing and I've also included our Christmas Village! It is my Grandma's and this year I put it up. It's been a few years since it's been out and I decided it was a must this year!

Of course, my dad does the roof lighting. He's pretty awesome too!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Our tree is amazing. If you want to hear the funny story behind it, go HERE or HERE.
Photobucket Photobucket
Christmas Eve dinner is something we all look forward to. It's the same as Thanksgiving, and there's a reason! It's delicious.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
My sister recently dyed her hair pink, my dad still can't understand why.
Now on to the village! There are so many details that I couldn't capture them all. My grandma has done an amazing job of adding all the little details that really make the village come to life. Plus, she actually made a lot of it! She used to own a ceramic shop, so a lot of my family's decor is handmade. I loved putting it up and having all of the neighbor kids come to see it.

First, The Country...
The boys playing after school
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
The farm was always my favorite growing up. It was the one thing I could play with (and the train, but that was sold a few years ago).
Next, Main Street
The Theater
Photobucket Photobucket
The General Store
I love the little details like the man holding the "now showing" sign in the photo above, or the puppeteer in the photo below.
The Bank
Even the buildings have icicles, garland, wreaths, and Christmas lights!
Town Hall
The Library
The Church
It even has stained glass windows. They look so pretty when the light is on!
The Wealthy Area...
This house is known as "The Mansion"
Photobucket Photobucket
Now on to the Park...
Gotta have a Santa Meet N'Greet!
Photobucket Photobucket
I didn't get a picture just of the swing, but you'll see it at the end. But here's the merry-go-round.
The ice rink
A look down Main Street
Photobucket Photobucket
And now, my favorite area- The Mountain or Woodlands
This cottage is my favorite, and I'd definitely live there. I should have changed the light before I took pictures, because it burned out, but I didn't get to it.
Photobucket Photobucket
Ice Fishing
Tree Farm + House
And one of my favorite details- Santa and the reindeer!
The Mountain
The Park
You can see the swing in the back left corner.
The Town
We usually have two boards this size and just a raised area as the mountain. But we just don't have the space any more. So I improvised by using our large mantel as the mountain area which left plenty of space for everything else.
What do you think?? I love it and have loved spending nights just looking at it, watching the lights, and almost wishing I could just step in to this little world.


Christmas In The Ancient Americas

I wrote this as my Christmas post last year and I wanted to share it again. To learn more about the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, go HERE.

It's funny that we have to "find" Christ in Christmas. Why did we lose Him? Without Him- there would be no Christmas. We get so caught up in the gift giving that we forget the most important gift that was ever given- His life, for ours.

I am a Mormon- a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We believe in the Bible, but we also believe in The Book of Mormon. It is ANOTHER testament of Jesus Christ- another witness that He did indeed live. Have you ever wondered what it was like in other parts of the world? In the Book of Mormon we learn from Nephi, an ancient American Prophet, what the first Christmas was like in the Americas.

Christs birth had been prophesied by many Prophets. In the 3rd book of Nephi, we learn of one- Samuel the Lamanite, who told of Christs birth 5 years before His coming. He stood on a wall and preached the words God had commanded him. He told of how on the night of Christs birth it would be as if it were day and that a new star would rise. As he stood on the wall and spoke these words men cast arrows at him- but they could not hit him.

Heleman 14: 2-3 & 5
"2. And behold, he said unto them: Behold, I give unto you a sign; for five years more cometh, and behold, then cometh the Son of God to redeem all those who shall believe on His name.
3. And behold, this will I give unto you for a sign at the time of His coming, for behold, there shall be great lights in heaven, insomuch that in the night before He cometh there shall be no darkness, insomuch that it shall appear unto man as if it was day.
5. And behold, there shall a new star arise, such an one as ye never have beheld; and this also shall be a sign unto you."
5 years had almost passed and those unbelievers began to rejoice. They set apart a day where all those who believed Samuels words should be put to death- lest the signs should come. The believers were steadfast, and Nephi began to pray to the Lord in behalf of his people, and the Lord answered him...

3rd Nephi 1:13-15 & 21
"13. Lift up your head and be of good cheer; for behold, the time is at hand, and on this night shall the sign be given, and on the morrow come I unto the world, to show unto the world that I will fulfill all that which I have caused to be spoken by the mouth of my holy prophets.
14.... And behold the time is at hand, and this night shall the sign be given.
15. And it came to pass that the words which came unto Nephi were fulfilled, according as they had been spoken; for behold at the going down of the sun there was no darkness; and the people began to be astonished because there was no darkness when the night came.
21. And it came to pass also that a new star did appear, according to the word."

Christmas was celebrated all over the world then, and is celebrated all over the world now. Let us remember WHY we celebrate. It is because our Lord, Savior, and Redeemer came to earth to redeem us from our sins. To show us how to live, and to die so that we could live with Him forever.
Let us be like the Wise men of old- and seek Him out this Christmas season, and always. For "wise men still seek Him."


Red Ribbon Foxes

I love dressing up for Christmas Sunday or Christmas Day. Something shiny, splashes of red, and delicate fabrics are my go to pieces. But of course, by the end of the day I'm in sweats.
This is my very favorite (and this one) Christmas song. I listen to it non-stop starting November 1st. Perhaps it's because the title includes "foxes" (my very favorite animal, as most of you know). But I love the message and beautiful tone it brings.
This necklace was my Grandma's and it's one of those pieces I collected from her old jewelry box.
Photobucket Photobucket  
I decided to do my favorite day to day makeup- a red lip and a cat eye. Can't go wrong with that.
Photobucket Photobucket  
I'm so excited for Christmas. My family's church group does a Christmas Eve program every year, my cousins are in town, we get a delicious Christmas dinner, and just overall family time.
What are some of your family Christmas traditions?
Have a Very Merry Christmas Sunday!
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