Saturday Style Peek- Galaxy Shirt DIY

I leave Southern Utah (For two weeks, then I come back for two weeks, then I'm done. But I'm moving out of my apartment in a couple of days. I know, confusing.) in just a few days. So Sarah, Kelsey and I had to get together one more time!

Sarah and I had been wanting to make galaxy shirts for a while, so we decided that's what we would do! I needed a good craft night. She had also been dying to try the saltine treats recipe I posted a while ago. So, I made those while she tested out the paints, then we all ate and created.

Pretty sure they all turned out amazing. I can't wait to wash and wear mine!

Sarah was the brains behind this operation. First, we twisted the shirt in one area so it looked like a small spiral. Next, we lightly sprayed bleach on to the shirt. Then, we used different colored fabric paints (neon green, light blue, light and dark purple, and white) to create our galaxy's. :) We used a small paint brush and flicked the white on, a sponge, and saran wrap to apply the other colors in whatever pattern we wanted.

I wish I had gotten a better picture. You can hardly see Sarah's. But trust me, it's amazing.

The first time I attempted the galaxy shirt, it was a total fail. So I am so happy it worked out this time!!

I don't know what I am going to do with out these girls around. Luckily, we're all from the same town in Northern Utah, so I'm sure I'll still get to see them.


Photo Booth

My church had a big "Meet & Greet" for the young single adults. Since a new semester started, there are a ton of new people. They needed something "fun" that would make them all want to stick around, and it fell upon my shoulders, the night before... haha!

So I quickly came up with the trusty ol' idea to have a photo booth, my roommate made the banner, and I made some of the props (all the rest were from the dollar store) and took care of the technical stuff.

It turned out to be way fun and people kept coming back for more. Here are a few of my favorites...
(the quality is so much better than what you see. But Photobucket wasn't working, so I had to use blogger)

of course, I had to get one too.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's blurry

and I had to snag one of our fabulous leaders.

I'm going to miss these people when I move!


Strongest Suit- Lulus.com

Lately I've been thinking about how a dress is probably what I feel best in. I feel lady like, confident, and beautiful. Ever heard the song "Strongest Suit" from Aida?? It's all about being a woman, and how a dress is our strongest suit. (ok... maybe it's not the best example... but it's stuck in my head...)

Well, I totally agree! What's better than wearing a dress that just makes you feel like a total lady? Nothing, I say!
(listen while you read)

This particular dress is the Freshly Picked Blue Floral Print Shift Dress from Lulu's. And well, I love it!

Dainty pattern, awesome sleeves, vintage look? Perfection.

And it's incredibly modest without adding lots of layers and covers.


This is the picture where my heels sunk right into the grass. Gotta love being a lady, no matter the terrain!


And while yes, I added tights, it wasn't for modesty purposes.

Is a dress your strongest suit? Do you have a favorite dress that gives you that womanly confidence?

P.S. I have a bunch of sponsor spots opening up soon! Grab your spot for September, today! Before they're gone!


Blogger of the Week: The Students Wife

This week's BOW is Miss Kate from her blog The Students Wife. I've known Kate for quite a while now, we went to high school together! She's incredibly nice, too too pretty, has the cutest little family, and awesome style. I just know you'll love her and her blog!


Hi! I am Kate and I blog over at The Students Wife!  My life right now is focused a lot around the fact that my husband, Andy is in school full time and has been since I met him 5 years ago!  Since we are in school.. Did you see I said “we” are in school, I’m not taking classes but since he is in school.. I kinda am too..  Sooo.. since “we” are in school I have made it my mission to live life and to find cute clothes without breaking the bank.

Andy is currently going to Utah Valley University in hopes of graduating and then attending Medical School. One day my sister asked me what will happen to my blog name when He someday graduates.. I replied.. It will be FINALLY not a Students Wife! We have a few more semesters left of UVU and we will be applying to Med School!

 I love clothes, traveling, photography, DIY projects and hanging out with a darling little blonde two year old.  When I have spare time I spend it taking pictures of pretty much anyone that will model for me!  My love for photography started when I was young and has now turned in a small little business! I also am I licensed cosmetologist but I am currently work for Jetblue Airways so that I can travel as much as I can!

 These are just a few of our fun adventures we were on this year!

Come check out my blog to see more of them and follow along to keep up with our current adventures through this crazy thing called life!



Now hop on over to her blog! You know you want to!


A Fair Day

The fair came to town! This is the single most exciting thing that happens in Southern Utah each year. So of course, I had to go!

I called up Kelsey and Sarah and away we went. I wasn't about to pay $6 to ride ONE ride, so we walked around, i took pictures, we played a couple of games, and of course...

stuffed our faces with fair food!

Corn dogs, nachos, candied apples, and funnel cakes. Only the most artery clogging, stomach aching, and heart stopping fair foods.

All I wanted, I've been craving it all Summer, was a funnel cake. And it did not disappoint!



I love this picture. :)


We got a tip from some other fair go-ers that the #2 monkey was the winning one (they're always rigged). So Sarah took #2 and I... paid $3 to lose. haha!


She won, it was no competition.

And chose the most random and only "Sea World" Otter... How he ended up here, we'll never know. But that is what she chose. Now "Ollie" has a place to call home.


It was such a fun night! I kept my purse close, and my camera closer, but had a blast!
(don't you love the photo bombers?)


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 15

More sunscreen?!
Yes, more sunscreen.

It's the end of Summer, we still have some days left in the sun, and I want to make sure you are educated! haha!

Did you know that about 80% of the sun's damage to the skin occurs before the age of 18?

It is so important that you educate your children on the importance of sunscreen. Most of the damage happens from day to day sun exposure. It's important to make it a habit early.

I know, some kids throw a fit when you try to put on sunscreen. A solution for you might be to use sunscreen wipes. They work just as well and there's no spraying in their eyes or rubbing on heavy creams.

If you are ok with a spray on sunscreen, I've been using the coppertone brand and it doesn't even come off when I shower AFTER swimming. That's when you know you've got a good sunscreen. haha! But truly, I haven't burned even a little this Summer, and I live in the dessert.

Remember that you can reverse the damage caused by the sun by daily sunscreen use. It takes a while, but it is possible.

Random Fact:
Did you know Coconut Oil is very comedogenic? That means it clogs pores... So if you use it and have acne, that could be why. It's great to ingest internally, and maybe to put topically on the hands and feet, but I'd suggest you steer away from using it on your face. That doesn't mean it'll be that way for everyone, but just know, in most cases, it clogs pores.


Class Photo

The class I have been in school with is all starting to graduate and go our separate ways. So before that could happen, I had to get a class photo...
(this isn't all that is in our school, it's just the girls that I started with and will end with)
 Left to Right: Sandra; Allison; Dayna- Instructor; Me; Kenzie- Instructor; Lucia- Instructor; Jen; Kerri

I can't help but love all of these ladies so much!
This may just be my favorite thing EVER.

As excited as I am to graduate, I know I'll miss them all way too much.


Blogger of the Week: Tippee Canoe

Hey guys!
This week's BOW is Lauren from her blog Tippee Canoe. She is a girl after my own heart. We both latched on to blogging because it was something we needed, we both long for daily adventure, and we both believe in living your dream. She really is fantastic, as is her blog! I know you'll love her.


Hey there lovelies!
I am SO excited and honoured to be writing here today & to be awarded the most lovely Gentri's blog of the week! 

Not a word of a lie, I read Gentri's email to me about this...oh like 8 times, just to make sure it was real! I am and have been a huge fan of Gentri's blog for a while now and just think the world of her! 

Anywho! I'm Lauren or Lo if you'd prefer!
I blog over at a little ditty I like to call Tippee Canoe! Where you will read about my life, what I love, photography, and usually a lot of random ramblings!

Here is a little about me to get to know me a tid bit better!

A couple of years ago I decided I was in a rut...actually my life just kind of tossed me into a rut..but thats a story for another time! 

So I decided to pick up my life and make a change! With that change came blogging! Oh how grateful I am for the decision! I have moved numerous amounts of times in the last 2 years and I'm trying my hand at settling down in one place again! We will see how long that lasts before my wandering soul can't take it anymore! I was born for leaving friends...born to be a nomad..I was born for adventure! :-)
My most loyal companion is a little pooch who we call Bella.

I believe in fashion, living a healthy lifestyle, persevering through the hard times, making art, exploring this world, having countless adventures, & living your dreams no matter how far fetched or seemingly impossible they may be.

 I have an obsession with windmills, wild flowers, palm trees, surfing, hiking, sunrises, naps in hammocks, fish tacos & yam fries.

All in all, I'm just a girl with big dreams, lots of love, an endless desire for adventure, and a huge belief in smiling through the hard times & making your life your own!

Thanks all you lovely readers for taking the time to get to know me better! Come visit me and join in on my life long adventure!



See? She's too awesome! So head on over to her blog right now, you'll be glad you did!
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