Blog of the Week: Nestful of Love

This week's BOW is Allison's blog- Nestful of Love. Allison is always doing something fun and exciting and I love reading about all of her adventures. She also posts delicious looking recipes, quite frequently. I know you'll all love her as much as I do!


Hi I'm Allison and I blog over at Nestful of love. I'm so honored to be featured on Miss Gentri Lee's fabulous blog this week! I just might have done a happy dance and shouted the news to my husband when Gentri asked me because one. I love her blog and two. I love her blog. Yes I said it twice.
My blog is sprinkled with all the things I love including my sweet husband and our two furbabies, cooking Pioneer Woman recipes, crafting my heart out, crossing things off our Cincinnati Bucket list and just living life one adventure at a time.

If we are going to be friends you should probably know...

-I love food and look forward to every.single.meal (Chipotle is my biggest weakness followed closely by Nutella)

-My husband and I have been together for 11 years and counting

-I love Jesus Christ and seek to be more like him

-I did not cook before I got married (macaroni & cheese and cookies don't count)

-I am a second grade teacher and this year my school was in the Red's Opening day parade!

-I've watched all 10 seasons of Survivor

-I'm obsessed with animals...I will ALWAYS stop for a lost pet and not rest until they are safe. Read this if you don't believe me

-I would rather go hiking than lay out by the pool (throw in the ocean and I might change my mind)

-I know how to shoot a gun and have my conceal carry license (don't mess with this girl!)

-I am directionally challenged...really! I get turned around so easily and rely on my GPS too much. Have you seen that episode of the Office where Michael Scott drives his car into the pond because the GPS tells him to? Yep that's me.

I started my little blog about 2 years ago and am so thankful for this community of wonderful, talented, inspiring, sweet and caring people! I would love to "meet" you so come on over and say hello!


She is so awesome, so hop on over to her blog right now!


The Time We Were Struck By Lightning

I love how I live in such a small random town, yet so many bloggers pass through!! Jenny, from Modern Modest Beauty, is a flight attendant and happened to be spending the night in my city. So she emailed me asking if I was free, which, like always, I was!

So we decided to make an adventure out of her short stay and head an hour north, to the mountains. Perhaps it wasn't the best decision considering we had to brave the thunderstorm... oh ya, and we were struck by lightning...

Well, my car was.

Lucky for us, nothing happened. It was loud, it was scary, it happened really quickly. After it happened, we slowly turned our heads towards each other to make sure that really happened. Yes, it did.

After we made it safely to Pine Valley, we ate at a lovely rustic restaurant called the "Brandin Iron", then ice cream in the parlor next door.

By the time we left, the rain had stopped and a beautiful double rainbow had formed. We spent the hour drive home discussing blogging and life. It was such a fun night!

So, if you ever happen to be passing through- Let. Me. Know!


Work of Art

I bought this beautiful picture from the Vintage Revivals hoarder sale, and while I kind of loved it the way it was, I decided that it could use an update to better fit into my place.

So I grabbed a can of primer and a can of white spray paint and went to town on the frame, then grabbed a can of chalkboard paint and painted right over the picture... (I still feel bad about that... but I love it this way!)

Every time we have people over they have so much fun creating new pictures for us.

And this is the one I created this morning.

Even though I felt bad for covering up that artists work, I love being able to create my own...


We're Just Kids

The other day, my friend Kelsey and I decided to explore our little town and try some new things. I was so grateful to have a break from all of the craziness and just have fun. Unfortunately for her, this was one of my... "off" days...

See that ice cream? Ya, it melted everywhere... See that shirt? Um, lets just say it wasn't cooperating...

And don't let her smile fool you. Just a few minutes before, my ice water shot across the table flinging ice all over her... aw man! I was an embarrassment, really.

Despite all of my mess making, we had such a fun time! We ate lunch, grabbed some ice cream, then walked up the street to the art museum.

While the art museum was wonderful and the photographs that were displayed were beautiful, we had the most fun at the little kid's art station... We would.
"America the Beautiful at Night" by Wally Pacholka were the photos on display (they're stunning, and you really should check them out), and the inspiration for our constellation pictures. I kind of love them...

Ice cream, messes, spills, craft stations, glitter, and glue...
Sometimes I wonder at my real age.


Goat Fashion

I had taken my camera to school so my friend could snap some pictures of me wearing this shirt. When she said she was heading to see her goats during lunch, I thought, why not?

Goats, meet the most sparkly delicious looking clothing item you've ever seen.
(no joke, they kept trying to eat it)

I seriously get SO many compliments when I wear this shirt. I love it so much! (the shirt, not the compliments... well, who doesn't love compliments?)

I should really do a "Night Look" post with it because, you may not be able to tell, but it's long enough to be a very modest dress on me. haha! I'm so short.

So, Siren London has done it again, this makes two items from their shop that are now in my "favorite" category! (view the first item here) Hop on over to their site! Right now!


America the Beautiful

Oh hey! Did you know America had a birthday?
I spent the day celebrating with my friends Sarah and Kelsey.

Sarah is singing with this band "Windfall" that was performing at a block party, so Kelsey and I crashed it to support her.

She's pretty much amazing and we decided she sounds like Ariel... Lucky...

The band is such a mix of characters. Each of them have their own uniqueness that makes it so fun to watch them perform. (seriously, i wish you could see them!)

Here is one of Sarah's solos:

*rockin out

After the show we headed on top of a plateau to watch the fireworks.

We originally sat at the edge of the car and settled in to watch...

But when we learned that the city had set up a radio station to broadcast the music that matched the show, we couldn't help but stand up and dance around as the fireworks went off. Plus, they were going off from different places all around the city, so we would turn in circles to make sure we caught them all.

It was such a good night and fun way to spend celebrating America's Birthday!


Blogger of the Week: Gypsy in Jasper

Hey guys!
This week's Blog of the Week is Nicole, from her blog Gypsy in Jasper! First of all, Nicole lives in one of the. most. beautiful. places. I've EVER been! That's initially what drew me to her blog. Now I love to read all of her posts and pretend I'm in that gorgeous town too. I know you'll love her. So read, enjoy, then go say hi!


You know that magical moment when someone new comments on your blog and says something totally awesome, so you absolutely have to respond, like, right that moment!? I had one of those moments with Gentri and, now, she's my favourite. Like for reals, this girls is the bombdiggity. No doubt. (Did you get that reference? I like the way you work it, no diggity. I got to bag it up, bag it up. Oh the 90s, you rocked my world with some super awful, yet so awesome to sing to, music. And then there were the clothes. Oh! The clothes.)
That's right, folks. You're looking at me all done up in my best Blossom-inspired outfit, and my boyfriend Ian as Dylan from 90210. Or at least that's what I called him all night. I'm not sure if he totally appreciated that or not.

Anyway, I've gotten myself off track, as I so often do. You see, right now I'm supposed to be introducing myself to all of you lovely Gentri Lee readers. (Have I mentioned she's the best!?)

So, what up ladies? I'm Nicole, the always ridiculous and often silly blogger behind Gypsy in Jasper. I'm a small town reporter by day and a blogger, wannabe fashionista, fisherwoman by night. My goal in life is to report from every province and territory in Canada. So far, I've reached four provinces and two territories, which means I have seven more to hit. Big goal for a little lady, but I'll make it happen if it's the last thing I do. I swear it on the above bugle.

Currently, I'm living amongst the Rocky Mountains in a teeny-tiny town in a national park. I can't lie, it's pretty glorious... although the rules in a park are a bit extreme. I mean, we can't even eat the elk that kick us out of our fishing spot or wander into our yard. I tell ya, life is hard!

I've been living in this postcard of a town with my boyfriend for about nine months now and we're finally starting to settle in. He's working in IT for a chain of hotels and I'm writing for the local paper. When we're not at work, you might find us taking wacky photos, fishing, cooking delicious boot soup, drinking mojitos on the deck or on the road heading somewhere fun, while listening to Richard Cheese.

But that's enough about real life, let's talk about Gypsy in Jasper, shall we? GinJ is a place where I share my outfits, my wonky opinions and thoughts, my DIY projects, exciting news about my garden (my first ever!) and stories about my many adventures.
This is my outfit for What to Wear to a barbecue. Notice my fantastic new-to-me thrifted purse. That was $4 well spent!

Every two weeks on the ol' blog, my friend Jill and I have a feature called What to Wear, where we put together outfits for specific occasions. Last time it was what to wear to a barbecue. And, this Thursday, it's what to wear for the always stressful first meeting of the parents.

My other regular features are Thankful Tuesdays and Things I don't understand. "Things I don't understand" is definitely my absolute favourite to write each week. You see, there are just so many things that strike me as absolutely unfathomable in life, so a few weeks back, I just started documenting them for the whole internet to see. And every week when I publish those posts, I get awesome responses from people, some who agree with me wholeheartedly and others who think I'm a bit of a brat. That's the fun of it, though. I don't want everyone to agree with me. That would just be way too boring for my liking.

Well folks, I think I better quit while I'm ahead. I would hate to be responsible for boring all of Gentri Lee's lovely readers. But before I go, I have to send out a huge thank you to Gentri for choosing Gypsy in Jasper as her blog of the week. And thanks to all of you for taking the time to read this gigantic blog post. I hope you'll all come and visit me over in my neck of the woods sometime.



She is so great and I love all of her different features! So hop on over to her blog, I know you'll all love her too!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 13

Did you know that Sensitive skin is not only a condition- it's a skin type?

Yes sir-eee.While some people only have conditionally sensitive skin, some have it chronically. What can these people do to help their sensitive skin? Here are some things to avoid:

1. Heat. Avoid steam and direct heat to your skin.
2. Cold. Avoid cold compresses. "Cool" is ok "Cold" may irritate.
3. Fragrances. These are the number one cause of cosmetic skin allergies and may also be irritants.
4. Intense Exfoliation
5. Waxing
6. Low pH Exfoliation Chemicals
7. Prolonged or Vigorous Massage
8. Over-drying Masques
9. Essential Oils or Aromatherapy
10. Extractions are ok- but be gentle
11. Mentholated or Alcohol treatments

some people may even experience irritations from these:
1. drinking alcoholic beverages, especially red wine
2. Eating spicy food
3. Drinking hot beverages
4. Exercising, especially in the heat of day
5. Sitting in saunas
6. Extreme temperature changes of any type- changes in the seasons/ weather can cause sensitivity

but everyone is different. You may be fine with these but some other things cause your sensitive skin to be irritated. It's all about understanding your own skin.

When washing your face be gentle and cleanse with the fingertips. Dry your skin with a very soft towel or cotton rounds. When picking an exfoliator- pick a "bead-type" exfoliator that is fragrance free, very gentle, and easily removed.

Antioxidants can help soothe sensitive skin, they're said to interrupt the cause of inflammation. Eat foods high in antioxidants as well as pick products that have antioxidants in them. Some foods that are high in antioxidants are- berries (i think blue berries- specifically have a high concentration of antioxidants), beans, plums, raw chocolate, spinach and kale, and goji berries.

For those with conditionally sensitive skin, it is important to figure out what is causing that irritation so you can eliminate it. The most common irritants are fragrances and red and yellow dyes in cosmetics. (ex: my eyes get red and itchy when i wear eye shadow with a red dye in it.) Be sure to read the labels on things you buy. And just because a product is hypoallergenic doesn't mean that it will not cause an irritation for YOU. So pay attention to that ingredient label and remember that everyone is different.

I know it's a pretty short post. But it's late, and everything else I wanted to talk about needed a lot of explaining. So if you have any questions- feel free to comment or email me!


Trimmed With Lace

Life has been SO busy lately! I have been doing something at. all. times. It's great, because it's making time fly by- but that can also be a bad thing.

In times like this I love the little details that make me slow down and enjoy life. Like this beautiful lace collar from Siren London.

It seriously made my day when it updated this winter-ish dress to light and perfect for a cloudy summer day.

It's such a beautiful collar and while being a bold addition- it's also dainty and light.


Siren London has some other beautiful collars along with tons of other items to add to your wardrobe!


Black, White, and Red All Over

I'm constantly amazed by the variety in color here. Within a short walk I stepped on white rock, red dirt, and black sand. Speckled with greenery and bordered by the blue sky- it makes for a painting that no man could create.


Shay and I had gone out for a hike Saturday night, and once again, I found myself wandering among the rocks, no trail in sight.

I kind of like it that way. Aimlessly exploring and discovering hidden treasures.

I love taking pictures of the scenery. I like remembering where I've been and I think nature is so incredible, I love capturing it. Shay said she doesn't care for those and would prefer people in every pic. So, get ready for Shaylynn overload...



Shay's never been known to sit down on a hike, so I had to snap a picture of that rare moment.

She found many "love" rocks (rocks she felt were shaped like hearts. Go shay.), discovered a new species (after looking up "fluffy white bug" we realized it had already been discovered #fail), and saw I saw lots of cute little jack rabbits!

Since we had no trail we decided to walk along this... I think we decided it was a "Mysterious Ravine"...

She reeeeeaaaaalllyyyyyy loves to hike.

As much as I miss the lush mountains in the north, I do have a spot in my heart just for the red rocks of the south.

And then we hitchhiked our way home.

Kidding. But we did have to walk back to my car along the highway since we had wandered so far from the trail- oh wait, there wasn't one. Trail or not- it was such a fun way to spend my evening!
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