Just Visiting

I spent a nice and relaxing weekend at home. Not school home, home-home. I love it there. Granted, most of my family is not even living there. But just to spend the weekend practically alone in a nice, quiet house, that was just what I needed!

I spent the weekend seeing some of my oldest friend's and their new babies, new houses, puppies, and attending a wedding. I'm so happy for all of them!

One of the most exciting moments though, was when I purchased my new camera!! Thank goodness! I hope I can now provide decent pictures on my blog!

I absolutely love where I live. It's so gorgeous.
 surrounded by mountains// grapes growing on our lower deck// view of where I live from the other side of the valley// oh- btw have you checked out the slash blog yet?

One reason why I love coming home- the sunsets are magnificent.

And I have awesome neighbors who build paradises for their pets...

"The Chick Inn" so clever.


Blog of the Week: Nestful of Love

This week's BOW is Allison's blog- Nestful of Love. Allison is always doing something fun and exciting and I love reading about all of her adventures. She also posts delicious looking recipes, quite frequently. I know you'll all love her as much as I do!


Hi I'm Allison and I blog over at Nestful of love. I'm so honored to be featured on Miss Gentri Lee's fabulous blog this week! I just might have done a happy dance and shouted the news to my husband when Gentri asked me because one. I love her blog and two. I love her blog. Yes I said it twice.
My blog is sprinkled with all the things I love including my sweet husband and our two furbabies, cooking Pioneer Woman recipes, crafting my heart out, crossing things off our Cincinnati Bucket list and just living life one adventure at a time.

If we are going to be friends you should probably know...

-I love food and look forward to every.single.meal (Chipotle is my biggest weakness followed closely by Nutella)

-My husband and I have been together for 11 years and counting

-I love Jesus Christ and seek to be more like him

-I did not cook before I got married (macaroni & cheese and cookies don't count)

-I am a second grade teacher and this year my school was in the Red's Opening day parade!

-I've watched all 10 seasons of Survivor

-I'm obsessed with animals...I will ALWAYS stop for a lost pet and not rest until they are safe. Read this if you don't believe me

-I would rather go hiking than lay out by the pool (throw in the ocean and I might change my mind)

-I know how to shoot a gun and have my conceal carry license (don't mess with this girl!)

-I am directionally challenged...really! I get turned around so easily and rely on my GPS too much. Have you seen that episode of the Office where Michael Scott drives his car into the pond because the GPS tells him to? Yep that's me.

I started my little blog about 2 years ago and am so thankful for this community of wonderful, talented, inspiring, sweet and caring people! I would love to "meet" you so come on over and say hello!


She is so awesome, so hop on over to her blog right now!

The Slash Blog!

You guys! Today is the day "The Slash Blog" goes live! And guess what! I am officially a contributor to the slash blog!! Ah! I'm so excited and honored that they even thought of me.

Below is an introduction post to the slash blog. So go ahead and read it, then head on over! It's a pretty good time!
Meet Nichelle and Elise. Nichelle blogs at Vintage Wanna Bee and Elise blogs at Elise's Pieces
They are BFFs and they think they are way funny slash, they are actually pretty funny.

Elise and Nichelle met in a Women's Organization that focused on personal growth, faith and sisterhood. After becoming besties, and realizing they both were obsessed with blogging, they decided to create 

The Slash Blog is a sisterhood that focuses on faith, friendship, service and sisterhood. 

The Slash Blog is officially live as of today! Head on over to check out this new blog that focuses on and is based on friendship. Elise slash Nichelle invite you to join along with their Weekly Inspirations, Weekly Challenges, Weekly Uplifting Printables, Monthly Serviced Projects and more! Head on over to the blog, 'Join The Sisterhood', or just come by to get a smile or a laugh! 

Check out The Slash Blog here:

The Slash Blog is also having a "Slash Bash" in honor of the new blog launch!
If you are in Northern Utah, or Southern Idaho, Elise slash Nichelle invite you to come to this Super Awesome Blog Party! Please RSVP on the facebook event here. 

If you would like to get involved, have questions, want to say hello, have a funny joke, or have a charity or organization you would like to see on The Slash Blog, you can send an email to The Slash Girls at:


The Time We Were Struck By Lightning

I love how I live in such a small random town, yet so many bloggers pass through!! Jenny, from Modern Modest Beauty, is a flight attendant and happened to be spending the night in my city. So she emailed me asking if I was free, which, like always, I was!

So we decided to make an adventure out of her short stay and head an hour north, to the mountains. Perhaps it wasn't the best decision considering we had to brave the thunderstorm... oh ya, and we were struck by lightning...

Well, my car was.

Lucky for us, nothing happened. It was loud, it was scary, it happened really quickly. After it happened, we slowly turned our heads towards each other to make sure that really happened. Yes, it did.

After we made it safely to Pine Valley, we ate at a lovely rustic restaurant called the "Brandin Iron", then ice cream in the parlor next door.

By the time we left, the rain had stopped and a beautiful double rainbow had formed. We spent the hour drive home discussing blogging and life. It was such a fun night!

So, if you ever happen to be passing through- Let. Me. Know!


To-Do List #3 The Sky Walk

The minute I heard about the Sky Walk, I knew I had to go! The Sky Walk is a glass bridge that reaches out over the middle of the Grand Canyon. You look down and see you're suspended in the air. It will probably be scary, but I think the amazing-ness will outweigh the scariness. Right?


Summer Lovin'


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Oh! BTW-
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Catch Up

Some things I may have neglected to tell you...

Remember how I had a birthday over a month ago? Ya, me too. Well the night of my birthday I was able to hang out with some awesome bloggers: Shay, Amy, and Courtney.

Shay and Amy picked out the AWESOME birthday card... I'm not a belieber... but they were so sweet to get me a card. :)

It was so fun to meet Amy, she is so sweet and amazing. I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Now, this one, this event happened a few months ago... I don't even remember when it was.

So a while back I got a message from Elise saying she, Nichelle, and a couple of their friends would be passing through my town. They wanted to meet up, but since I had school, breakfast was our only option. So they invited me to their hotel... to join them in the continental breakfast.

First of all... If someone invites you to "visit them at their hotel"- you probably shouldn't ever go. Not only did I go, but they let me in the back door... Red flags!

Jk jk! Well, it's all true, but there was no danger here... except maybe danger of dying from laughter. These girls were hilarious! As unconventional of a blogger meetup as it was, we had a great time!

Now for some instagram catch up...
1. Have you joined the #loveclub yet?! It's pretty amazing!! (see #8)
2. Spent a day at an amazing pool with Sarah
3. This is a picture my uncle sent me when all of the fires were happening in northern Utah... Ironic much?
4. I taught a makeup class, it was way fun! I can't wait to graduate.
5. Found this dress at TJmaxx for $18 and I LOVE it! Plus it's my favorite color!
6. Miss Lo sent me this BEAUTIFUL necklace! I am in love.
7. Went to see Sarah perform with her band.
8. Inside my first #loveclub box
9. We missed breakfast, so we took our school break to go get some frozen hot chocolate... healthy, no. delicious, yes.

Next item of business...
I am no longer known as gentrilee.blogspot.com
I am now gentrilee.com!! Whoop whoop! It makes me happy every time I see it!

And last but not least,

For school I had to create a "Dream Spa". No price limit, but we did have certain requirements. A poster is supposed to be made to go with it, but that seemed boring and old school, so I made a blog- with the help of Miss Natalie on the design front!

I know, there are probably a lot of typos and grammar mistakes (as my sister so lovingly pointed out), but I put it together super fast and felt as though I was going to pass out as I was doing so (because my back/ neck is in a lot of pain for some reason). So please excuse those (my teachers don't check for it anyways, and I have a separate report that they'll actually read).

FYI: The girls on my "The Experts" page are some of my classmates

Let me know if you'd like to book a room at WSR! ;)

I think that's it! You are now all caught up on my life, just what you wanted. :)


Work of Art

I bought this beautiful picture from the Vintage Revivals hoarder sale, and while I kind of loved it the way it was, I decided that it could use an update to better fit into my place.

So I grabbed a can of primer and a can of white spray paint and went to town on the frame, then grabbed a can of chalkboard paint and painted right over the picture... (I still feel bad about that... but I love it this way!)

Every time we have people over they have so much fun creating new pictures for us.

And this is the one I created this morning.

Even though I felt bad for covering up that artists work, I love being able to create my own...


Blogger of the Week: Punky and the City

This week's BOW is Miss Punky J, from her blog- Punky and the City. She's pretty awesome, hilarious, and I know you'll love her. She is about to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams, and I'm so excited for her! So happy that she is actually making it happen, unlike so many other people in this world. She's an inspiration. So read her post, and then head over and wish her the best of luck!!


Ah, hello all! First of all, I have to say YAYYYY! As a newbie blogger, this is really exciting for me to be featured as the BOW, not just cause it feels pretty awesome to be celebrated, but because I'm huge fan of our friend, Ms. Gentri here. In fact, she's one of the very first bloggers I ever sponsored and even without this award, I feel so blessed to call her one of my most genuine blog friends. It's a tall order: keeping on top of this blogging business, while still engaging with all your readers and making them feel appreciated and loved. And celebrated. And somehow she does it. So brilliantly. I think we should give Gentri an award. The BOC. (Blogger of the Century.) (Amen?)

HI ! :) I'm Jen. Or as many have come to call me: Punky. I'm a recent college grad trying to make it in this jungle of an economy with a theater degree, while trying to stay true to myself and follow the things in life that make me feel the most inspired and passionate. Though a lot of things are still up in the air, one thing is for certain: I wanna live in New York City. I think many of the reasons are self-explanatory.. but for me, it just seems necessary as an aspiring playwright. Plus, I really love pizza. And bagels. And Liza Manelli. 

So, in three days from now, I'm going to attempt this dream of mine as I board a one way flight to the Big Apple. The details of it all are quite daunting as I don't have a job lined up yet or official housing.. or even a nice little savings to help me get along at first. And yes, I have definitely already bitter sweetly hugged the great possibility that a. I am completely out of my mind and b. I may definitely return home to California in a few weeks and give it another go at the "savings" part..... but the point is this: I will someday live in NYC, and my blog is basically my place to document said journey. Along with whatever else is going on in my twenty-something life. Which most definitely includes some wild adventures in dating, and many failed attempts at current fashions and DIYs. Spoiler alert: I'm.not.crafty.at.all.

I hope you'll click over and say hi! Aside from blogging about my adventures, I blog to connect with others, and to offer up the things that I have learned in my own short life. Though I am young, my experiences in this life have been rich and plenty and on my blog, I share it all! Which has only allowed me to learn that I'm anything but alone in these trying twenties. I'm thankful for the friendships, the clarity, and the opportunities that blogging has brought to my life and I can't wait to meet all of you and check out your blogs as well.

Happy week and many thanks again to Gentri for giving me this super duper award! #yay #yay and #moreyays


Aw, I just love her, and I'm SO excited for her to fulfill that dream of hers! SO hop on over to Punky's blog right now!


July Blog Hop Party!!

This month I'm participating in a GIANT Blog Hop Link Up!! It's bound to be LOADS of fun. So get hoppin'!

Are you ready to network??

Are you prepared to make some new bloggy friends??

Well, here's your chance!


We're Just Kids

The other day, my friend Kelsey and I decided to explore our little town and try some new things. I was so grateful to have a break from all of the craziness and just have fun. Unfortunately for her, this was one of my... "off" days...

See that ice cream? Ya, it melted everywhere... See that shirt? Um, lets just say it wasn't cooperating...

And don't let her smile fool you. Just a few minutes before, my ice water shot across the table flinging ice all over her... aw man! I was an embarrassment, really.

Despite all of my mess making, we had such a fun time! We ate lunch, grabbed some ice cream, then walked up the street to the art museum.

While the art museum was wonderful and the photographs that were displayed were beautiful, we had the most fun at the little kid's art station... We would.
"America the Beautiful at Night" by Wally Pacholka were the photos on display (they're stunning, and you really should check them out), and the inspiration for our constellation pictures. I kind of love them...

Ice cream, messes, spills, craft stations, glitter, and glue...
Sometimes I wonder at my real age.


Shabby Apple Giveaway


Thank you to all who entered the Shabby Apple Dress Giveaway!

The lucky winner iiiisss...
Randi from her blog
A Modern Day Fairy Tale!

Contact me ASAP to claim your prize!

Where Have They Been? Pt. 3

Last group of BOW updates!
Obviously it's not all 52 of my first year of BOW's, but it's definitely a good helping! All of these ladies are SO fantastic and seriously some of my favorite bloggers and friends. :) 
Remember to look for a little "Bow" in most of their photos!
If you'd like to see even more BOW posts, click HERE.


hi lovelies! here's what's new over at the deer circus since i was featured as miss gentri's bow: i finished up an editorial internship at a big colorado magazine, and just quit my part-time job to focus on photography full time! robbie finished his first year of pharmacy school, and landed a sweet intern position at a big hospital -- go robbie! & as for the pups...well, archibald the frenchie has a newfound love for pulling on my skirts, devouring my shoes, and chewing the buttons off of sweaters. but he's still a big-eared, bug-eyed cutie, so we'll keep him around. as the summer rushes swiftly by (can you believe it!?) we're looking forward to piecing together our new apartment with lots of diy's, trying our hand at film photography, and lots & lots of bike rides through denver. 

I was so grateful when Gentri selected me for her Blog of the Week award. It was a great opportunity to meet so many wonderful people! Since being Blog of the Week much has happened - my blog has taken on the role of travel blog as I continued to find new places to visit: Turkey, the Czech Republic, Malta, Spain, Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria to name a few...and the adventures keep on coming! I write about life in Germany and share projects and recipes that I love as I dive headfirst into the role of housewife. On that note, my husband and I just celebrated our one year anniversary! 

Fancy meeting YOU here! Hello again dear gentrilee readers and friends. I count myself lucky to be a part of the BOW review. Gentri has become one of my greatest friends and inspirations, leading me to lovely people like you to inspire me as well! Its such an honor to be grouped with the likes of so many fabulous bloggers. I know I was only recently BOW so I'll make this short and sweet! I am in the process of having my blog Sittin Pretty redesigned (eeeeh!!!), will soon be accepting sponsors, my etsy shop (vintagecreationgirl) is up and running, I'm currently working at the job of dreams as an instructor at Taylor Andrews, and I am singing and performing in two different bands. I will also be posting monthly tutorials, and traveling to different countries as a spokesperson for a new product from Making Memories. Needless to say I am a busy woman and lots of new good things are coming! So hop on over to my soon to be new blog, show me some love, and await the exciting events and posts that are coming soon! 

Hi lovelies! It's only been a couple months since I was Gentri's BOW, but a lot of exciting things have happened! My fiance, Donovan, graduated from the University of Montana & got a job working at a bank in Chicago. We moved into a beautiful apartment that was built in 1888! I've also been touring the midwest with my mobile shop selling vintage & have been very lucky to meet so many of my amazing blog followers!  We went on a few fun summer vacations.. our most recent trip to The Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island was amazing. It was so nice to relax by the pool, eat yummy food & bicycle around the island! I'm looking forward to sharing more about my tour with RoseVintage, our wedding plans & my outfits in the city!

Since I was featured for Gentri's BOW,I landed my first job in retail!! It's been quite the experience. It's hard and I hated it,but as I've come to know the products,it's been much better and it has been so fun! I also got engaged,which is quite the milestone. So I've been trying to plan and prepare stuff like crazy!! Life is good!

What have I been up to since I was the amazing Gentri's BOW? Well, my gosh, where to start. I finally finished the hardest post-bacc year of college that I have ever experienced and am now only 11 months away from applying to medical school! These next few months will be full of application preparation, MCAT studies and ENJOYING my social life again. Oh, and running 50 half marathons because I recently began a journey to run 50 races in 50 states - one in each state within the US. I just ran the first of fifty this past weekend and run the second in September (Missouri) and the third in November (Washington). If you're out there running half marathons and want a running partner to endure those 13.1 miles with, you know where to find me. Besides all that good stuff, I've been busy waiting for Ms. Gentri to get herself to Oregon so we can have a longtime overdue blate! :)

A year already? I can hardly believe it! Since I was last on Gentri Lee, it seems like everything has changed though things are still pretty much the same. The biggest change is that I went and got myself preggers, and will be having a baby in less that 4 weeks, though I'm in denial about the whole labor part of this experience; I'm still imagining a scenario where the magical timer goes off and he just "pops" into my arms, so don't anyone tell me different. Still working, and still blogging, though the craziness has made both a little more difficult. Thanks Gentri, your such a great part of my blogger community!

Hello again!  I recently returned home from spending two weeks in Alaska, where I filled my time with so many great adventures, including camping, hiking, kayaking, and running a marathon! Alaska is such a breathtaking place, I'm so lucky to say that's where I grew up.

I want to thank the beautiful Gentri for picking me to be one of her first BOW.  I was more than honored since we all love Gentri's blog and I never considered my little blog to be half as anything she has. When I was BOW, I don't think I had even hit 200 followers yet. I am now currently sitting at 574, wow what a difference.  I think the most important thing I have learned through blogging is to blog just for yourself and no one else. If you miss a day thats ok, and if you are stuck on a subject just pick what is on the very tip on your mind at the time! For me, blogging has become my escape from real life and I kinda like not living in real life! :)
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