Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 12

I often talk about oily skin and how to make it work for your advantage. But what about dry skin? Well, I'm here to help you.

There are generally two types of dry skin-
Water Dry
Oil Dry

Most people you will meet will be water dry- or dehydrated skin. Even if you're oily- you can be water dry. Your body is lacking water therefore your skin is lifeless, dehydrated, and can even overcompensate for the lack of water by producing more oil- causing you to break out.

The best way to help water dry skin is to replenish that water loss. Your best friend will be water. I've been experiencing this lately (moving to the desert doesn't exactly do wonders for your skin), and I've been using an awesome toner and water based moisturizer to lock in that hydration. Drink plenty of H2O and make sure you're eating foods packed with water. Then of course there's sunscreen. The sun is super drying on your skin, again, causing it to over produce oil to make up for the dryness. Protect yourself! Wear that sunscreen!

Then there are those people that are oil dry. You'll know them by their small pores and flaky skin (not saying they'll all be shedding, but you know what I mean). Because of your lack of oil your skin is missing that natural hydration it needs to stay young and healthy. If not taken care of properly, dry skin tends to age quicker than oily skin. And just because you don't produce as much oil, doesn't mean you won't have acne. On the contrary- you'll have dry acne. You need to stay so hydrated with an oil based or a more heavy moisturizer to give your skin that drink that it needs. When choosing a makeup, go for a more cream foundation that's going to keep you hydrated and a mineral powder to set it in place.

My best tip for those with dry skin- MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE MOISTURIZE

Here's what my daily routine would consist of if I had dry skin:
exfoliate (2-3x/week) to break up those impactions and slough off the dead skin
moisturizing masque (1-2x/week to really hydrate that skin)
eye cream (did you know most women should be wearing an eye cream starting at age 19?)
moisturize with a heavier or oil based moisturizer (apply while skin is still wet from the toner to lock it in)
cream foundation (one that's non-comedogenic- won't clog your pores)
mineral powder

All of that moisturizing talk may have you worried that you're going to break out. Remember- your skin is either A) over producing oil because of the lack of water or B) not producing enough oil to keep your skin hydrated. BOTH of those things can cause you to break out. You need to moisturize to balance your skin out. Trust me. Your skin will thank you. :)


Tuachan's Aladdin

For my birthday I wanted to see Aladdin at Southern Utah's amazing amphitheater- Tuachan. The best seats we could get were for two weeks after. I'm kind of a seat snob (maybe it comes from the experience of being on the stage myself), so we waited the two weeks... which ended up being really hard!

The two weeks ended and we were finally able to attend Tuachan's Aladdin!
(this pic is pretty blury and it looks like I've lost some fingers...)

This was my first time ever even seeing Tuachan... and boy was it AMAZING!

Nestled right up against the red rock, it feels like you're in a different world.

I felt like the desert setting couldn't have been more perfect for "Aladdin".

The roommates

my sister- McKenna, myself, and friend- Kelsey

We weren't allowed to take photos during the performance (BOO!), so I borrowed some from the "Salt Lake Tribune"... Hope that's ok...

During the cave of wonders, they had a screen come out and used 3D animation! The kids loved it, and yet, they were terrified and crying at the same time. haha! Poor kidos.

The costumes, singing, dancing, and sets were all amazing!

While they had to steer a bit from the Disney movie, they did a great job and everyone left very satisfied.

My favorite part was "A Whole New World" (duh). Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures. But Aladdin and Jasmine flew out over the crowd on their magic carpet. It was beautiful (similar to the show at California Adventure).

I loved the show, and the best part was that I have two friends in it. I loved watching them and thinking how cool it was that we used to dance together. :)
(you can see one of them on your left of the pic behind the male dancer)

If any of you are in the area or thought about traveling to see it- I'd highly recommend it. You don't get an experience like this in a place like this- anywhere else. :)


Cedar Breaks

I planned on driving the hour north to visit my sister on Saturday, we planned to see the movie- Brave. I absolutely LOVED the movie and the music was perfection. I felt like some of the songs became the soundtrack to my weekend.

I ended up spending the night with her and attending church. After that we decided to visit the national monument- Cedar Breaks. I'd heard it was amazing, and I couldn't wait to see for myself! Luckily I had an extra pair of Toms in my car and my sister let me borrow some clothes. All I had were high heels and school clothes... That would have made for an interesting hike.

So listen to the song "Touch The Sky" from Brave as you scroll through my pictures, it's fitting.

This place, oh this place is breathtaking!

Every where you turned was a spectacular view.

They call this the "Amphitheater"

The national monument is called "Cedar Breaks" because of the Cedar Trees and the breaking away that you see in the amphitheater.

Did you know that the difference between a national monument and a national park is- A national park is declared by congress while a national monument is declared by the president because it has historic, prehistoric, or scientific interest?? I thought that was a fun fact to know.
(i love the contrast of my sister's hair against the blue sky. haha!)

The trail we took was called the "Alpine Loop" and it was beautiful.

The trail was covered with wildflowers of every kind.

This particular trail leads to the "Alpine Pond". We had a great time walking around the pond until we met a swarm of mosquitoes that had us running and screaming the other way... literally.



We had packed a lunch that we ate after our hike at the visitor center while we enjoyed the views.

If you're ever in Southern Utah- I highly recommend giving this place a visit! You don't see things like this every day!


Blogger of the Week: Secondhand Sundays

This week's BOW is Bekuh from her blog- Secondhand Sundays, and what a BEAUTIFUL blog it is! Bekuh is always posting about her awesome adventures, mouthwatering recipes, easy but amazing DIY's, and fabulous fashion. Plus, she's about as nice and sweet as they come. I KNOW you'll love her blog!


Oh my goodness let me start by saying today is a pretty epic day for me in more ways than one. First I am flabbergasted by Gentri's generous offer to highlight me as her blogger of the week but...this also means I get to cross off a pretty out there goal I had for myself this year. Way back in December I told my husband that one of my goals for 2012 was to be featured on a bigger blog, and today that goal becomes a reality! Gentri is making people's dreams come true folks, I mean goals, crap now you know what a big dork I am.

Well, oh well. My name is Bekuh and I'm the creative type behind the blog Secondhand Sundays. I live in a mid-sized city, surrounded by mountains, in the southwest corner of one of the most beautiful states in the union, Virginia. Today I'm going to take you on a mini tour of what my blog is all about, which is also basically telling you what my life is about because they're one in the same.

My day starts and ends with that grizzly gentlemen you see above, that's my hubby Ryan. Ryan really hates my camera and typically avoids pictures, but he still takes pictures with me when I ask because he loves me. We were friends for a long time before falling in love and getting married last October, and so we kind of already have that old married couple vibe, stuck in our ways and all. One of those "ways" includes taking our puppy Nellie for walks in the evening together. You can see a picture of Nellie covered in pollen below. She loves to roll around in the grass, get covered in pollen, and then spend the rest of the evening sneezing in our faces.

When we're not out on walks we're usually on a newlywed adventure: hiking, shopping, or traveling to some forgotten historical landmark. And when I say shopping I mean vintage shopping and diving through bins of clothes at estate sales, and thrift shops. You see my friend Katie and I just opened a vintage shop on Etsy called the Button Factory and so I'm constantly in search of a hot finds from the 1950s to 1980s. Vintage hunting has been a favorite hobby of mine since I was a little girl.

Being a newlywed and online shop owner means I'm always trying to develop new props, accessories, and home decor items for both business and personal use. So, from time to time I get to share these projects with my readers in the form of DIYs. A couple of my past favorites include a camera strap, instagram magnets, and a dip-dyed tote bag.

As much as I love crafting and sharing it with my readers I'm equally, if not more, passionate about food. I can really eat. Ryan and I find great pleasure in creating new dishes from scratch and perfecting old recipes over years of fiddling with them. Date nights in are my favorite excuse to create a really decadent meal for two, and the blog is how I get to share these creations with the world.

Then there's fashion, lots and lots of fashion. I love clothes, love wearing them, and love experimenting with combinations, colors, and shapes. I'm a huge fan of the unexpected in an outfit, and with a vintage inventory that's always growing I'm starting to amass quite a few unique pieces for my personal collection. The outfit posts I do for the blog, found under the My Closet category, have become my favorite way of expressing my thoughts and feelings with a growing audience. I work in an office with all boys so having a girly outlet has become increasingly important.

That pretty much summarizes my life and blog in a few short paragraphs and a couple of pictures. I'm a little all over the place and that's how I like it. I love to meet new friends so I hope you'll pop into Secondhand Sundays and visit for awhile. Thanks again to Gentri for this awesome opportunity.

big kiss, bekuh


You love her, I knew it. :) So head right on over to her blog, you'll be so glad you did!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? The Truth

Ok guys,

It's OFFICIALLY Summer and I have some concerns about you...

Will YOU be wearing Sunscreen this Summer?! Please say yes!

No? Ok, well, let me tell you a little about what you'll be doing to your body...

Did you know...
Getting sunburned/ tan weakens your immune system? That's why cold sore/ fever blister flare ups can happen. That's why you feel tired after spending a lot of time in the sun. That's why you get sick in the Summer. That's why you have acne flare ups.

Did you know...
That while, yes, getting a tan/ sunburn will dry out your acne it will end up being worse in the end? The top layers of skin are dry and well, dead. But underneath is a build up of oil. It can't get through those top thick layers, but as soon as they slough off you will most likely have a break out.

Did you know...
That your neck and decollete show your real age... or worse- your skin's real age? Most people forget about that part when applying sunscreen. But that area needs it just as much.

Did you know...
That you are supposed to apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to sun exposure? SPF 30 ought to do it, but I'll take whatever you can manage! Don't forget the lips, eyelids (if you don't wear sunglasses), scalp, and ears!

Did you know...
That if you have fair skin, light eyes, and light hair you are more susceptible to skin cancer? Oh, you darker skinned, darker eyed, darker haired people are definitely still able to get skin cancer- but it's easier for you lighty's.

Did you know...
That your body produces Melanin to protect you from the harmful rays of the sun? That's why you tan. Those who have less Melanin in their body tend to burn easier. Doesn't mean you still don't need to cover up.

Did you know...
A freckle or a mole is Melanin that decided to gather together for a party? If you have one that looks DIFFERENT than the rest or one that seems questionable- it'd be a good idea to get it checked out.

Did you know...
That some of the most common areas for skin cancer are- the ear, left side of the face, and left hand? Why? Because that is the side of our body that is exposed to the sun while driving (or the right- if you drive on the right side of the road). Take a look at this truck driver for example:

Did you know...
That the most common place for females to get skin cancer is on their legs? We're always laying out with our legs outstretched.

Did you know...
That free radicals (they cause aging in the skin) are caused by sun exposure (and other causes)? Antioxidants are what fight and fix free radicals, but with repeated sun exposure they probably won't be able to keep up.

Did you know...
That most tanning beds are made with UVA rays? Those are the rays that cause aging and are more harmful because they penetrate deeper into the skin. The rays that burn you when you're outdoors are UVB- burning rays. They can't penetrate as deep- doesn't mean they're not doing damage.

Did you know...
That 80-85% of the skins aging is caused by the sun?! YOU can slow down your aging by 85% by wearing SUNSCREEN!!

Did you know...
That sun damaged can actually be REVERSED?! Guess how...
By wearing SUNSCREEN! That's right!

So what are you going to do this summer??

P.S. thank you all for your concern an kind comments yesterday! I'm doing much better. :)


Sugary Lips

I spent this entire past weekend laying in bed. Not exactly by choice, but because of a little bug. A flu bug. I now can never again eat at one of the best restaurants in town... even thinking about it... moving on.

About a week ago I received this awesome dress from SugarLips Apparel. And I LOVE it.

It was the perfect dress to wear for my birthday. It makes me feel like I got ready, without really trying. I did have a little bit of a tough time putting an outfit together with the dress and keeping it modest. But I tried to work with what I already had.

 I also wore it to church... Yes, I'm one of THOSE outfit repeaters... And so many people loved it!

I highly recommend SugarLips for all of your apparel needs!

P.S. Yes, it needs a good ironing, but I don't own one... whoops.


Crazy Kids

Remember the baby goats? Well, my friend- Allie took me to visit them again during our school lunch break, and they are growing so quickly! It was so much fun. The twins wouldn't stop trying to eat me.

and the other kids were being a little shy and ran away crying every time I got too close.

They're all so cute and make me want my own goat that much more.

Their little tounges tickled so much and I couldn't get away!

This is my favorite way to spend my lunch breaks!


Blogger of the Week: The Egg Out West

We're taking a little break from all of those awesome giveaways to introduce this week's Blog of the Week- Meagan from her blog The Egg Out West! This girl is SUCH an adventurer. I love reading about all of her excursions, she inspires me to be more adventurous, and I'm sure she will inspire you as well!


oh hey, girls, heeeeey! i'm so incredibly honored to be over at one of my fave spots in the blogosphere, gentri lee! i'll be rocking her badge forevers and evers.

my name is meag and i blog over at this little place called The Egg Out West. i live in the most beautiful place in the country, jackson hole. its okay, i had no idea where wyoming was either, until i moved there. true story.
i document my mountain lifestyle with a little help from my boy toy...

jeffers aka "hugh" as my family likes to call him.
(hugh jackman resemblance...  anyone? anyone?)

he's been on there internet like, 4 times in his life, and doesn't understand this whole blog thing BUT he's getting better at taking photos and not making me look like a total fool except....

its a little inevitable because i often look like an idiot. dressing up, especially in 80's ski attire, is kind of my thing. you should see my costume box.

i love to take photos and document all of my adventures out west...

and all around the world. i travel, ALOT. (that's me in an elephant orphanage in sri lanka!)

gentri just asked me how i do it and i told her i make it a priority. and to start saving those dolla bills, honey.

if you wanna have fun or a quick amusement break at the office, then stop by and boogie with me! say hello and let's be besties. cus isn't that what this whole blog world is about?!


Oh to travel the world! One day I will. :) Now travel right on over to The Egg Out West!
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