The Climb

Let's start this post off right- nice and cheesy.
A song to go along with the post. Because the titles match....

Most of my Memorial Day was spent sitting at home, or sitting at Sarah's house while her husband fixed my windshield (which was great! THANK YOU guys again for not only fixing my windshield, but feeding me too. haha!). But after that, I decided it was time to get outside and enjoy the day off. So my roommate, Katie and I headed out for a hike. But this was no ordinary hike... I did something I never thought I would do. Something I was terrified of, but something I *coughsecretlycough* wish I could do.

I rock climbed.

Ok. So not LEGIT rock climbing. Maybe more of bouldering?

This place is stunning. Seriously takes my breath away.

As we drove into the park, we picked our trail and started hiking. We soon lost the trail (we weren't worried, it'd be pretty hard to get lost), so we had to make our own. As we walked we noticed a rock formation that seemed to have a cave on it. We decided to hike up to the cave, check it out, that would be that. But no, after reaching the cave we decided to go on... all the way to the top.

You have to remember that I am a big baby with things like this and I freak out. Plus, I'm small... like, really small. So this was kind of a big deal for me... AND this picture doesn't do it justice... I promise it's bigger in person...

This was inside the cave!

A view from the top.

Not only did I make it to the top, but I made it with my purse. Yup- my purse. Next time, I'll do it in stilettos.

We climbed down the back side of the formation and found some awesome narrows!

It was SUCH an amazing hike and I was so proud of myself. I didn't chicken out once. Woohoo! Progress... progress.

On the way home, we took a detour and found a little ice cream shop on the side of the road called "The Icebox". It was so cute, we couldn't help but stop. After all, we had earned it.

Not only was it the cutest little shop ever, but it had a spectacular view with tables we could sit at outside to enjoy it.

This will be a new tradition for us. Every time we go hiking in that park- we will end it with ice cream at The Icebox. Good times!


Mavy May Designs

Christine from Mavy May Designs sent me this AWESOME headband the other day, and I LOVE it! If you're looking for the perfect Summer headband- this would be it! There are SO many ways to wear it. Plus, it goes with everything. :)

You can get your own headband HERE
or check out her blog HERE


Blogger of the Week: Sittin Pretty

Hey guys!
So excited about this weeks BOW. This week it's Sarah, from her blog- Sittin Pretty. Here's our little story- we went to high school together, knew who each other were but weren't "friends". Then about a month ago she not only moved to my town, but became a hair instructor at the school I'm studying Esthetics/ Aesthetics AND she has the cutest blog around! She's super talented and we hang out all the time. I know you will love her as much as I do!


Alright bloggie friends, this is the biggest thing that has happened to me on blogland so far! I am so ecstatic to be featured as Gentri lee's Blog of the Week! Especially since I am TOTALLY a noob and still learning the ropes. But I absolutely love the blog world and the new friends I am making and meeting because of it. So here we go, a little about me...

My name is Sarah Gardner, I'm 22 years old living in sunny Southern Utah and married to the man of my dreams! (who is also a professional photographer, I know, jealous right?) I am silly, outgoing, loud, friendly, and a lover of all things pretty! I am a singer, hairstylist, a teacher, waxing specialist, cosmetologist instructor, crafter, dog mommy, and expert nap-taker who loves life. I love to craft in any form (except for scrap booking) and I would love to be a professional party planner someday. Check out my fav party I've ever planned!

My mom always told me "Happiness is a choice" and I believe that you have to learn to be happy. I believe everyone wants to be loved, appreciated and understood, and that this is something we can all give to each other in small ways every day. Even if its to a stranger!

My hubby Tyler and I are dog lovers and our little doggies are part of our family.

Exhibit A: Me, Toulouse, Gus, And Tyler

Gus and Toulouse! Don't u just want to love on them? They would cover you with kisses, believe me

My grandmother is an artist as well as my mother so I got lucky and got the creative gene. I grew up spending Saturdays "yard hunting" and antiqueing with my mom so I've always loved a good yard sale. She is the most wonderful, creative, person I know. I am proud to be her daughter and hope to be as skilled as she is one day. She also has the most beautiful collections of depression glass and costume jewelry I've ever seen. I definately got my sense of style and love of bling from her! Here are some of my favorite creations...

I created my blog as a way to share my talents and creativity, and now it has blossomed into so much more! I have an etsy shop selling hand decorated baby onesies (Vintage Creation Girl) and whatever else I decide to create and put on there;)

My jewelry is in a boutique here in town, and I have made lifetime friends who can appreciate all my crazy and creativity! So please come on over to my blog and get some inspiration, learn some more about me, and just be friends!!

Sarah G


Aaaaaaaaaand you love her! I knew it. :) So go over to her blog now and say hi!


Send Something Good- Reveal Day!

It's finally here! I'm so excited to see everyone's post and to share with all of you what a wonderful and fun project this was.

First- a HUGE thank you to kaitlyn and kristy. This project SERIOUSLY wouldn't have happened again without them. You guys are the best!

The blogger I was sending something good to was Laura from Betula'Loo. While searching her blog I learned that she loves knitting, baking, riding her bike, blue/ turquoise, and traveling/ reading travel books.

So I picked her up some Utah travel books and maps that she can read and then use for craft projects.
Indian Fry Bread Mix- I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I loved the bag and thought it was pretty fun and a good representation of where I live.
Some vintage knitting magazines.
Some turquoise arrowheads and a turquoise dream catcher.
Some Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Spring Fudge.
Some of my favorite chocolate toffees.
A necklace with an old fashioned bicycle charm.
And a blue knit scarf.

I loved wrapping them up all pretty. I was able to reuse some wrapping from things I've recently received in the mail. I hope she liked everything. From our emails, she seemed to love them! At least the chocolates, anyways. ;)

I was so excited to open my mailbox and find my mystery parcel! Mine came from California from the lovely Donaville (isn't that the coolest name?) of Dearest Nature. Everything was so beautiful and a lot of it handmade.
A re-purposed tin can to use for flowers, utensils, or treasures.
A beautiful box.
One of my favorites was the stick with the paper flowers. It's so beautiful.
Three journals. One with Big Ben, one with the Eiffel Tower, and one with the Empire State Building.
And the coolest little handmade globe.

I'm seriously in love with this. I need ideas on how to display it though. Anyone??

It was such a fun round of Package Pals/ Send Something Good! And we definitely have some improvements and ideas for possible future rounds (hint...possible hint). I loved getting to know Laura AND Donaville. I wouldn't have found their blogs for who knows how long otherwise. This project is about so much more than just the presents, it's about the new connections we make all around the world. Connections that may have never happened without it.

Excited to read everyone else's posts!


Memory Keeping

We as bloggers do great things. We connect with people all over the world. We share dreams, ideas, and visions. We are able to reach through the world wide web and help, comfort, and inspire someone who could live at the complete opposite end of the Earth. We teach, cultivate, learn, and broaden our horizons to new and exciting adventures, and we grow not only as bloggers, but as people.

But what about the future?

Did you realize that you are not only doing good now, but you are doing good for those in your future?

We sit and daily document all of our favorite parts of life. The good and the bad. Those growing experiences and the difficult trials. We document how we do things by sharing recipes and crafts. We share the love around us and the stories that make us individual.

One day, someone is going to look back on YOUR story and be grateful that you wrote it down. They'll share your stories with others and learn from your experiences. Your story will help to make the world a better place, by sharing who you are- your posterity will know you, realize that they are not alone, they are not so different, and they will be stronger because of it.

this is one of my great grandmothers,
I didn't have the image with me, but I was able to find it via

So write away! Share those happy moments, those fleetingly beautiful moments. Share those trials and tribulations and how you learned from them. Share how you find the beauty in the world, what it's like where you live, and what you do for fun. Take a picture, share with your future family who YOU are, what you look like. One day they may look back and find they have your nose, your eyes, or your unmanageable curly hair.

In those moments we will connect in far greater ways than through the world wide web. We will be able to connect through the great spans of space and time. To continue being you and sharing who you are- forever. With people who would have never known who you were otherwise.

So keep those memories. Because one day, someone will look back, and be so glad you did.


Baby Goats and Vintage Revivals

Remember those baby goats?? Well, two more were born a couple of days later! So my friend took me right over to her farm to see them. Both are girls (so that makes 4 baby girls total) and they were less than 24 hours old when I met them.

Here are the twins you met in the other post.

This one is my favorite. She has the softest coat which is also curly, I love her markings, and she has the longest lankiest legs of the bunch.

She kept hiding under her momma's legs, it was adorable.

Then a few days later I had the opportunity to attend Mandi from Vintage Revival's Hoarder Sale!

It was AH.MAZING! Mandi is the nicest person ever, I found JUST what I needed for a fraction of the prices I had seen every where else (including thrift stores), and I even invited my friend Sarah along- she found some pretty awesome stuff too!

Well, that was a random post, but it needed to happen.

P.S. Don't forget to enter this month's giveaway right HERE!


Sky Show

When my dad told me there was going to be the annular eclipse I thought "great, but I probably won't get to see it." Then I learned that I not only lived somewhere I could see it, but that I lived in the PRIME location! What luck!!

So Sunday evening, my friend Sarah and I drove up to a place we thought would be perfect for eclipse viewing. You can see that we were not the only ones with this idea...

We Sarah had come prepared with a picnic basket full of goodies and a blanket for us to sit on...

and I made cookies.
(you can find that recipe HERE it's a must have)

There were tons of people with fancy equipment. Luckily a nice lady gave us her sons eclipse glasses because he wouldn't wear them. We were very grateful, especially so we didn't have to go blind trying to view the eclipse.

Everyone settled in to enjoy the show...

And when it started everyone around us was cheering. What a show!

The peak of the eclipse/ the ring of fire...

The eclipse causes shadows to take on a crescent shape... See?

We had brought mirrors because one online source said to view it through mirrors... We couldn't figure out exactly what they meant until the eclipse was practically over. Oh well, we had the awesome glasses instead.

just ignore the fact that I look disgusting...

 See that little crescent shaped spot of light on the rock? That's from the mirror, that's what they meant.

What an amazing experience. We were all in awe over this amazing show.

Set your calendars for 2017 and plan your trips to Wyoming and Idaho to make sure you can view the total solar eclipse!
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