Blogger of the Week: Classy Confessions

Hey guys!
This week's blog of the week is Classy Confessions by Megan. She is incredibly kind and has SUCH cute style and I wish I could just go shopping in her closet. She also dances on the Cougerette's (BYU's National Championship Dance Team) with a bunch of the girls I grew up w/ danced w forever! So here she is, to tell you about herself and her blog. :)


Hello dahlings! My name is Megan and I blog over at Classy Confessions. I am so excited to be posting here today! I absolutely adore Gentri and although we've never officially met, I would love to be her cyber bestie! I am honored to receive her BOW award! I am twenty (almost twenty one) years old. I'm married to the man of my dreams and we have a darling little pup named Winston...Churchill, of course. I blog about life, fashion, food, and whatever else is on my mind at the time. 

I'm like one of those annoying parents who just brags about their children. But isn't he cute? I wasn't so fond of him when we first got him, but he has stolen my heart. He is the apple of my eye, besides my husband of course. He keeps it fun around our house and we love him very much. Tune into my blog for updates from Winston himself! 

This is my handsome husband Andy. He is so supportive, loving, and sometimes makes appearances on the blog. He is also the photographer in chief responsible for most of my post. I just love him. 

Needless to say, I love clothes. I was raised by a loving fashionable mother with two fashionista sisters. I guess you could say it was in my blood! Classy Confessions has pushed me to try new things, come out of my box, and just have fun. It's a way for me to express myself, share my style with the world, and make new friends. It has been a great adventure. Come stop by and we can friends too! 


I am sure you love her already, just like I knew you would. So pop over to her blog and tell her hello!


Their Favorite Activities

My sponsors are sharing some of their favorite things to do, with you today. :)
Janee- This photo of me was taken during my husband and I's engagement session, it was one of the most fun photo shoots EVER!
Blog/ Shop/ Pinterest

Stephanie- I love holding and taking care of babies, especially my sweet nephew, Caleb.
Twitter/ Pinterest/ Bloglovin'

Krista- Me and my beautiful new kitten, Dexter, which has captured most of my attention this April.
Blog/ Twitter/ Pinterest

Katelyn- I have a growing passion for photography that started about two years ago and that's just me takin' a picture. No big deal.
Blog/ Twitter/ Facebook

Kaylin- I love being outside and active, this is me after running in The Color Run!
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram

Erika- I'll admit it; I love my little stinker of doggie so much, simply because he constantly makes me laugh.
Blog/ Shop/ Facebook

Jessica- Something I love doing is approaching college graduation, it all ends May 6 ladies!
Blog/ Pinterest/ Instagram

Katherine- I love spending time with my beautiful friends, especially if it includes eating cake, drinking coffee, and trying on funny accessories!
Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter

Jen/ Punky- I love celebrating birthdays and stuffing my face with cake!!! (How hot is this chocolate face?? I needed a parent.)
Blog/ Twitter/ Facebook


Esthetician or Aesthetician? GIVEAWAY!


Ok guys,
For some reason writing a post about skin care feels like homework the past couple of weeks (hence why I haven't posted an EorA post for a while). I promise they'll be back. I just need a break. :)

INSTEAD- how about a skin care giveaway? Care of- Yours Truly!

Here's what I am giving away:

1. A Skin Consultation.
We will email, video chat, IM, whatever, to talk about your skin, the questions and concerns you have about your skin, things you can do to help it, figure out WHAT skin type you are, and more! Exciting!

2. Dermalogica Skin Kit!!
Once your specific skin type is determined I will send you the Dermalogica Skin Kit for that skin type (excludes the- ChromaWhite, Shave System, and Body Therapy Kits). These things are AWESOME! It comes with your entire skin care regime, lasts for 3 months, and is WONDERFUL product! This is the product we use at school, so I would know. haha! I'll explain how to use it too. No worries, I wouldn't just send it to you without instructions. :)

This is the Normal/Oily Kit. You can view the others HERE.

Sound fun?! I think so! Here's how you can enter:
Leave a separate comment for each thing you do!!

1. Follow me via GFC (that box on the left sidebar with all the little thumbnail pictures)
2. Like my FB Page
3. Follow me via Bloglovin'
4. Follow me on Instagram
5. Follow me on Pinterest
6. Blog about this giveaway (leave a link)
7. Post about this giveaway on FB- be sure to @Gentri Lee so I can see (leave a link)
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9. Post about this giveaway on any other Social Network Site you can think of (leave a separate comment for each one) (leave a link)

The giveaway will close Thursday May 3rd at Midnight.
Go go go!


Life or Daily Diet Update?

1. I went to Zumba for the first time since my move (which was in January btw) and it was SO fun! I need to go back. Somehow another week has come and gone and I have yet to go back. Whoops.
2. I know how you guys all love my toilet pictures. So here you go- another one. haha! It's the only way I can see my entire outfit.
3. Walking around, shopping for SSG. I have successfully bought everything I'm sending and will hopefully send it by tomorrow!
4. I "woke up" on Tuesday morning, decided I wasn't really going to get up, called the school to say I was going to be late, enjoyed my morning off too much, called the school again to tell them I wasn't coming at all. My entire day looked like this picture. Fantastic is what it was.
5. Mint Chocolate Chip (or cookie) Ice Cream is my favorite.
6. It was my roommate's bday the other day. So we went to Mongolian BBQ to celebrate. It was delicious! (the ice cream was our dessert)
7. There's an Orange Peel right by my school... we go way too often.
8. Green Smoothies are my BFF. As are my new Copco Cups!

So, you may have noticed that the last 4 photos had to do with food. Why? Apparently my diet is the most interesting thing I have to share with you? How sad is that?! It would be one thing if this were a "Food Blog", or I had actual meals. But no, neither of those represent my life. I will try not to share so many food pictures in the future. Unless it's a recipe. Good? Good.

P.S. we can be instafriends!
username: gentrilee


7 Questions #8

Hooray! It's 7 Questions time! :D I think this is one of my favorite days of the week. I always love reading all of your answers! I sneak my phone under my desk at school like a 7th grader and then get caught for giggling at your answers. It's ok, they really don't care. haha!

This is my funny photo for the week:

One of my instructors brought in some clay masks for us to play around with. (i love school!) This one was supposed to be super hydrating, and since my hands are always so dry we decided to give my hands a mask. I was a monster. It felt nice.

1. You are stuck somewhere you really don't want to be, do you- walk home, call a friend, or stick it out?
Unfortunately, I stick it out. Unless I feel seriously uncomfortable, then I call a friend.

2. Do you like to PLAY sports?
Nope. And I wonder- are there guys out there that will date girls who won't PLAY sports?

3. Everyone has that one "different" song that they secretly love- what's yours?
I have two...
Rocky Racoon

and Rainbow Warrior
(I know, it's pretty different. If it has some hidden meaning, I don't know about it. Let's keep it that way, k?)

4. What is one thing you feel you are really good at?
Listening. So if you ever need someone to just listen- I'm your girl.

5. A dog is running in your direction and barking loudly- what do you do?
Giggle. Because I'm not sure whether to run, play dead, or welcome the puppy into open arms. (i know this is the correct answer because it happened last night)

6. Star gazing or cloud watching?
Star Gazing. :) Warm Summer nights watching the stars? One of my favorite pastimes.

7. What time of the day do you feel the most productive?
afternoon- early evening. I'm not a morning person.

Can't wait to read all of your answers!!


Another One

The other day I was lucky enough to meet up with a couple more local bloggers! We decided Texas Roadhouse was in order and so that's where we headed, to stuff our faces and talk about things only bloggers talk about.
That lovely on the left is Miss Sarah. She and I actually went to high school together and now she teaches hair at my school (so she's not my instructor). I was so excited when I found out she has a blog and lives down the street from me. HOORAY for friends! Then there's Miss Shaylynn. She is too funny! Courtney had met her last week and I couldn't wait for my turn! She actually wrote about our meet up yesterday, her version will be much better than this i'mtootiredtohardlythinkandamcontemplatingbeinglateforschooltomorrowsoIcansleepin post. Then of course there's myself and Miss Courtney- who you see all the time. :)

We had so much fun and I am SO hoping this happens again- reeeeaaaaaal soon!

and because I love you all... You just have to see this picture:
I wasn't actually supposed to post it. But Shaylynn did... so I figured I could. She thinks she's a cowgirl because she rode a mechanical bull once... so we told them it was her birthday and made her sit on the birthday saddle. It was hilarious and she wasn't at all happy with us. haha!

P.S. I am now accepting sponsors for the month of May!! :D email me at gentrileeblog(at)gmail(dot)com if you are interested!

P.P.S. Get your 7 Questions posts ready for tomorrow's link up! :D


Blogger of the Week: xoxoRachel Sayumi.

Hey guys! This week's BOW is Rachel from her blog- xoxo Rachel Sayumi. Not only are Rachel and I good blog friends, but I'd say we're good real life friends too! Yup, we've met, and she is just as great in person as she is on her blog. :) So read, then hop over to her blog to tell her hello!


Heyyy lovely friends of Gentri!! My name is Rachel,and I blog over at xoxo Rachel Sayumi.
First off, can I just thank Gentri for having me here? I started blogging summer of 2011 and I've wanted to be featured on her BOW since then! And I've even chilled with her a few times,she is the greatest. It's a blogger's dream come true (:
So. Here's a lil bit about me.
I like clothes. Wait a second,no. I LOVE clothes. Like a lot. But I don't like buying expensive things. My blog is a creative outlet for me. It helps me to wear my clothes in several different ways! Once in a while I'll have random tidbits and gold nuggets of life,such as music or Instagram photo's,or just whatever is cool in life at the moment.
I'm not even ashamed to say,I definitely wear certain shirts more than once a week. But to me,it doesn't matter because I create a whole new outfit with it. It's fun,kind of like a game!
My favorite places to shop would have to be... Forever21. Target. Old Navy. Thrift Stores. And random online shops,such as gojane.com... or ebay!! Honestly I have some of my favorite wardrobe pieces from these stores. Before I purchase something online,I ALWAYS look for discount coupons on Google. I can usually find something,like a 20% off code or a free shipping code. It's such a great feeling to buy something for less than what it's being sold for.
By the way,if you couldn't tell,all the pictures I've used are of me wearing the same lace shirt I got from Forever21. That's what I mean by making the most out of the clothes I already own (:
Thanks for reading,guys! Stop by anytime and say hello over at my bloggy.
& Thanks again,Gentri for havin me! Love youu.


SEE?! She's so cute and LOVE her style! GO tell her hello!


Springtime Giveaway...


The winner of the Bicycle Print from After Nine to Five is...
Tiffany from her blog
The Coffeehouse!!

The winner of the Large Ad Space from The Sasse Life is...
Shelley from her blog

The winner of the "Celebrate Something Today" painting from Mrs. Alana's Miscellany is...
Jenni from her blog
Jenni Austria Germany!!

The winner of the Card Making Kit from Through My Looking Glass is...
Abbie from her blog
Eight Days a Week!!

The winner of the Set of 3 Button Earrings from Mavy May Designs is...
Amy Lynn from her blog

The winner of the Flower Print from Inner Vision is...
Amanda from her blog
DAES of Our Lives!!

Congrats to all of the winners! Email me ASAP at gentrileeblog(at)gmail(dot)com to claim your prize!!


Send Something Good Participant Link Up

Hey guys!
Today we're having a link up for all those participating in the Send Something Good Project! So exciting!

We have over 160 bloggers participating and I know it's going to be such a blast! So take a look at who links up and make some new friends- whether you're participating or not. :)

(only those who signed up for the Send Something Good Project may link up)

Not only does this create a list of all those participating, but it is also a chance for the participants to tell us a little about themselves. :) SO, here is my list:

10 of my favorite things:
1. Foxes
2. Mountains
3. Pretending I'm a photographer
4. The Color Taupe
5. Lace
6. Rose Gold
7. The Outdoors/ traveling/ exploring/ roadtrips
8. Items that hold their beauty in the details, structure, and architecture rather in the embellishments. Does that make sense?
9. Bowties or items that can be worn around the neck of a collared shirt and peter pan collars
10. Reading

You can link up here, with Kaitlyn, Kristy, or all 3! I believe it'll show up on all three blogs regardless.

7 Questions #7

Woot Woot!
7 Questions Time!

As required- my funny photo. This is pretty much how my hair always looks. haha! Ok. Not this bad, but ya.
7 Questions:
1. What is your favorite App? (even if you don't have a smart phone I'm sure you've played around with someone else's)
Duh- Instagram! haha! Seriously though, I love it! Lets be instafriends! gentrilee is my username. :D

2. You have to come up with a book title on the spot- what is it? (don't think- just say!)
Happiness is Loud...
haha! Terrible title. But it's kind of from a line they say in "We Bought a Zoo" and that movie is still on my mind.

3. You are given the choice between laughing at everything- always, or never being able to laugh again. Which would you choose?
Oh goodness... I ask hard questions.
Um, Laughing at everything. I'd be annoying but I'd have killer abs, right? hahaha!

4. What natural disaster scares you the most? (tornado, hurricane, earthquake, flood, etc)
Earthquake probably. The others you can somewhat prepare for and have an idea when they will hit. Earthquake- no idea.

5. What time do you wake up each day? What time do you go to sleep?
My alarm is set for 6am I don't get up until 7. haha! I try to be in bed by 11pm but I usually don't go to sleep until midnight. No good... I should aim for 10pm.

6. (question courtesy of Katie) Who's your daddy, and what does he do?
My daddy is AMAZING! I'm not sure really what he does, something with construction... sort of. Anyways, he is the most hardworking, selfless man in the entire world. I hope I can be like him when I grow up. :)

7. What's the craziest dream you've ever had? (like an actual dream- while you were sleeping)
Oh my, to tell that would take forever and you would all think I was crazy. You see, I don't have just jumbled dreams. I have full on movies for dreams. haha! And... don't think I'm crazy, but a lot of them have to do with the end of the world. Maybe it's all the Dystopian novels I read? haha!
But here's a dream that's pretty funny and short:
Back when I was in high school I was on the dance team. We took it very seriously and my Jr. year we were state champions (woot woot!). One night before the state competition we had practice, but I had accidentally fallen asleep. I woke up because I dreamed that one of our rival school's dance team was standing over me laughing and taunting me because they were already at practice and I was late. hahaha! I seriously jumped out of bed and was at the school in less than ten minutes.

Can't wait to read your answers! If you don't do a post- at least answer some of them in your comment. :)


Good Stuff

Hey guys!
How was your weekend?? :D I hope it was wonderful.

Mine was pretty good! I did a little shopping, met some new people, slept a lot, the usual. :)

1. These are by far my favorite socks. I got them in Alaska (obviously), they're made to look like "Musher" boots. :D
2. My "Something Good" items came yesterday! So excited to use them!
3. I helped my Aunt on Friday with a race/ carnival she was in charge of. I looked great in that orange vest.
4. That's the view I get to see at the end of every day. It's a pretty great one.
5. And this is the view I see at the beginning of every day.
6. I bought a clock! My apartment is seriously lacking in decor.
7. The other day my straightner was falling off the counter. Instead of letting it fall my reflexes kicked in and I tried to grab it. Bad idea. It blistered pretty bad. The burning sensation was relieved instantly by using arnica cream from my glymed school kit. But the blister popped while I was wearing gloves at school and still hasn't healed.
8. Orange Float!
9. I bought- We Bought a Zoo. It's seriously one of my favorite movies and I had to own it.
10. Cars Mac N'Cheese. Fancy food.
11- 16. My friend has a farm and took me to see all of the baby animals! I cannot wait for the goat babies to come! Hopefully they came over the weekend and I can go see them today! :D

Tell me about your weekend. What did you do??


Blogger of the Week: Simply Us

Hey guys!
Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week! This week it's Katrina from her blog "Simply Us". She is amazing. That's the bottom line. She's an amazing professional photographer (you'll see what I mean soon if you missed past photos), shares mouth watering recipes, each post is simply beautiful. So read, then hop over to her blog. You will be SO glad you did!


See?! Amazing, right?! Now go go go over to her blog! :D


Springtime Giveaway!


 When I think of "Springtime" I think- new, fresh, pastel, bright, crisp, and light. And each item in this giveaway represents just that- Spring. A BIG thank you to my sponsors who are participating. Enter and cross your fingers! There are some AWESOME pieces up for grabs!

Bicycle Print from After Nine to Five
Twitter/ Facebook/ Bloglovin' 

Large Ad Space from The Sasse Life
Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter

9x12 "Celebrate Something Today" Painting from Mrs. Alana's Miscellany
Blog/ Shop/ Twitter

Card Making Kit, Notebook, and Pen from Through My Looking Glass
Blog/ Facebook/ Twitter

Set of 3 Button Earrings from Mavy May Designs
Shop/ Facebook
8x10 Print of this photo (in color or b&w) comes in a black frame from Inner Vision

To enter this giveaway:

Be a follower of Gentri Lee via GFC, Bloglovin', or Facebook

It's simple really. Follow the links provided above each picture, and become a follower of that sponsor.
(ie: click on a facebook link and then like their page)
There are 17 options above which means up to 17 entries!
I will be checking to make sure those picked as winners actually followed through.
This Giveaway will run until next Saturday at Midnight
Good luck!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 11

It has been a long week and I didn't stay on top of my homework like I usually do. So instead of having time to blog, I've had to work on stuff for school. Whoops. This week we learned about makeup (and chemical peels, but that will have to wait until next week). I don't have the energy to write an entire post on it, there's a lot I want to share, AND my classmate accidentally took my notebook home. haha!

So instead, here are some makeup videos we watched.

This first one is a fantasy or camouflage makeup. It kind of goes in reverse. So what you see at the end of the video is what the guy really looks like.

This one teaches you how to use the color wheel in makeup. There are some other things I'd add to it, but she has some good tips.

We may have watched this video multiple times as well... whoops.

Have a great friday! :D


Lena, Kelley, Ashley, and Courtney

I miss home, I do. I don't think this will become a permanent location for me (but what do I know?). However, this is a GREAT place to meet bloggers! No, none of them live here. But a major freeway passes right through, so I've had several blogger meet ups already and I'm LOVING it! So if you're passing through or coming for a visit- let me know!

I met Lena and Kelley (along with their husbands, a brother, and a friend) at In N'Out while they were on their epic roadtrip! It was SUCH a fun night and they were so easy to talk to! It's like we had known each other forever!
Yes, this is my "I'm not done laughing... aw man you took the picture when I wasn't ready" face. Whoops. haha!
Talking "Blog" and loving it. :)
It was dark, so we couldn't get a good shot of the three of us. But their friend Mason did a great job despite the lack of light.

A couple of weekends ago I was lucky enough to meet Ashley!! It was a short visit, but I loved every minute of it! Courtney works right next door to where we were meeting for frozen yogurt, so she joined us which was great!
Yes, I wore a giant tshirt to a blog meet up. It was the day I watched General Conference, so putting jeans on was pushing it for me. haha!

I also met Bella, Ashley's baby! She is SUCH a cute dog and I loved that Ashley shared her frozen yogurt with her. hahaha!

I've said it before and I'll say it again- Meeting blog friends in real life is THE BEST! Seriously, they're amazing, you already know them, you're already friends, and they understand all of your blogging cares and woes. haha!

Happy Thrusday, my friends!


7 Questions #6

It's time for 7 Questions! Woohoo!
If you have any questions you think I should include in the next link up, email them to me! It's kind of hard coming up with them by myself, and I'm sure you guys have AWESOME questions!

Funny Photo:
This is me standing on top of the toilet in the downstairs bathroom at my apartment. I don't have a full length mirror...

1. Would you rather have your life be a constant vacation or always stay home?
Constant vacation!! I am one of those people that never wants to go home after a vacation. :)

2. What is your favorite book? (it can be any book! cook book, picture book, whatever!)
The Host by Stephanie Meyer. It's nothing like Twilight.

3. You have to be on a reality tv show- which would you chose?
Daaaaaaaance Mooooooms! haha! Watching it right now. :)

4. What is your favorite form of exercise? (running, zumba, step, etc)
I try to love running. I do love hiking but can't do it as much as I'd like. I LOVE Zumba and need to find a class here. Sooo... Hiking. haha!

5. What is one thing that you've never tried but are CONVINCED you hate? (foods, activities, etc)
Um, this isn't a very good answer, but I basically refuse to go rock climbing. It looks fun... and INCREDIBLY dangerous. I'm a baby.

6. Do you have any hidden talents?

Well, I can't cross my eyes, so it looks like I have a talent. But I don't.

7. What's the best prank you've ever pulled?
Well, I wouldn't really call it a prank. But my senior year of high school a few of my friends/ fellow dance team members decided to try and spend the night in the school. Why? No idea. It sounded fun and rebellious (this is as crazy as it gets over here in Gentri land). So we played in the locker room by turning all the water on and putting soap on the floor then sliding across it, running around the halls, and then we camped out in the common area. UNTIL the lights started turning on down the hall around 2am... We were out of there! There are rumors of it being "haunted" anyways, so we didn't really feel like sticking around. Wow. I sound crazy! haha!


Easter/ Spring Break

Happy Tuesday!
I hope you all had such a good weekend! You all deserve it. :)

Not only was it Easter weekend, but for me, it was also Spring Break. Which really just meant I had one extra day off from school. Not a lot, didn't feel like enough, but I'll take it. :)
1. I actually left school half a day early. So I had a 3 1/2 day weekend. I was so happy!
2. Just an outfit.
3. Reunited with my LOVE- Costa Vida Salad. All of you Cafe Rio fans, I'm sorry, but you are wrong. Costa Vida is waaaaaaaaaaay better. I've always been a Costa fan and use to think there wasn't much of a difference. Well, there is. And Costa is the winner... by far.
4. I do love the red rock. Not as much as the Rocky Mountains up north, but I do like it.
5. Easter Breakfast.
6. Dying Easter eggs all by my lonesome because no one else thought they were cool enough to participate. That's fine. I can be cool alone... it's cool.
7. My sister came to spend the weekend with me!
8. Driving in my sister's car.

Here are my beautifully pastel Easter Eggs!
Have a GREAT day everyone!

P.S. The 7 Questions for tomorrow's post are up on my FB!

P.P.S. Have you signed up for the Send Something Good Project yet??


Blogger of the Week: On The Adventure

I hope you all had a very happy Easter. :) Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week! This week it's Michelle from her blog "On The Adventure"! I love her blog and her "5 Things I'd Rather Be Doing" posts always give me a bit of wanderlust (like I needed any help there. haha). So read, enjoy, then hop on over to her blog! It IS, after all, her Birthday Week!


Hello, friends! I'm Michelle and I blog over in a sweet little place called On The Adventure. If you're wondering if I'm excited to be here, you're. just. silly. Of course I am! Being Blog of The Week here at Gentri Lee may just be the most exciting thing, oh, ever! Thank you so much for having me!



I believe that every single day is a splendid adventure. Each day is filled with extraordinary moments sneakily disguised like ordinary ones. It's these moments, the ones that make you catch your breath. The ones that make you feel even more alive just having experienced them. These are the moments that make life seriously and wonderfully joy-filled. Oh, and pretty amazing too!


My life is made exceptionally better by two things: boyfriend and dogfriend (and you, too!). These friends bring me so much happiness, it's really almost, unreal. I like to blog about them quite. a. bit. They're basically just my favorites. How can you not love a dogfriend with a mustache? And the boy is pretty sweet, too :)



Adventuring is just about my favorite thing to do of. all. time. Climbing, biking, hammocking (totally a word), as long as its outside, I'm going to do it. I'm especially a fan of riding my bike Daisy around town. She's my trusty steed and basically just the greatest bikefriend there ever was (thanks, boyfriend!).

On The Adventure is about life, adventures, and tons of laughter. It's my little space for sharing life's moments with you and I'd love for you to join me!


Love her! Now not only should you go visit her blog, but wish her a very happy birthday!! :D
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