Have you ever made a decision that you KNEW was right. You felt it in your heart, your mind was at peace. Then you go forward with that decision only to have everything that could go wrong- seem to do so?

As much as you think "maybe I was wrong" you know you weren't. As much as you want to give up, you know you can't.

Because there will always be opposition. There is always that someone out there wanting you to fail, wanting you to give up, wanting you to be sad, depressed, and angry.

But there is also ALWAYS that someone there who KNOWS you can succeed, PUSHES you to keep going, and WANTS nothing more than for you to be happy, faithful, and excited about life.

The best things in life come when we feel the most opposition keeping us away from them. Life will be sweet when we make it through those challenges.

So keep going! Even when it seems like all is lost. Because you absolutely can do this!


Blogger of the Week: Deer Circus Blog

Hey guys!
Today I am introducing you to this week's "Blog of the Week"- Bridget from her blog "Deer Circus". Bridget is beautiful inside and out, as is her blog. She posts about her adventurous life with dreamy pictures to match. It's uplifting, inspiring, and incredibly optimistic. AND she works at a magazine. Awesome! :D So read, enjoy, then pop over to Bridget's blog. I KNOW you will love it!


blogging in the presence of gentri’s followers? excuse me while a blush. (a lot.)

i’m bridget, and am delighted to share my little slice of the blogosphere with you!
i may be the penman behind the deer circus—a blog about life as a bashful but adventure-seeking book-nerd-turned-portrait-photographerbut my husband is the looks behind it.

i’m a better person for knowing him. robbie has cystic fibrosis, a fatal genetic disease. but despite being saddled with its complications, he’s becoming a pharmacist. and he’s been my best friend since we were 17. and he’s a dapper dresser. and we love being optimists together.

actually, we’re big on optimism. we like to think that happiness is a choice & it’s all in the details: bright lipstick & a top knot for me, a bowtie for him. together, we love forts & thrifting & fondue.

we also love our dog-children, bernie & archibald.

most of all, whether we’re corn-mazing or grabbing a midnight milkshake, we like to photograph & document every little thing. for us, blogging is mode of remembering. and i’m always on the lookout for other bloggers to share & remember with!

from the bottom of my humbled heart: hello!


See? Simply lovely. :) Now click on over to Bridget's Blog and say hello, you will be SO glad you did!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 5

Happppppyyyy Friiiiiiiiidaaaaaaay!
Technically it's my Thursday. But it feels like Friday... Which I can't decide if that's a good or a bad thing. All I know, is that I need a weekend... Badly.

On to the beauty tips!

Many of you have expressed concerns with acne and what kind of treatment would be good for you.

Well, how about an acne facial? haha!

To those of you with oily and/ or acne- severe or not, I suggest getting a High Frequency Treatment. I LOVE THIS FACIAL! It is by far my favorite facial! It's so much fun, I practice this every chance I get. Ok, so it can hurt. But it's totally worth it, and it doesn't hurt that badly. Plus, the benefits are amazing!

What happens (BASICALLY) is this:

There are three MAIN steps to this facial. First they'll use a galvanic current on a negative setting to turn your oil into soap! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! YES! OIL INTO SOAP! How awesome is that?! This process opens your pores and softens the tissue.
Second, they'll use a High Frequency Electrode. This has so many benefits I can't list them all. Some are that it drys out acne and speeds up the healing process, minimizes pores, helps the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, helps with the tone of your skin, and SO much more.
Third, they'll use the Galvanic current again, only this time on a positive setting. This closes the pores back up, soothes the nerves, hardens and firms the tissue, and pushes the products used (masks, toners, etc) into the skin so you receive the full benefits of them.

Doesn't that sound wonderful?! Well, it is! So yes, if you have oily, acne, or normal skin- look into getting this treatment! It's my favorite.

Someone asked me how I suggest you clean your makeup brushes-

Answer: with shampoo. :) Your brushes should be real hair (of some kind), so shampoo is how you should wash them.

That's all I have for this week. I graduated out of Freshman this week (exciting!), so I am OFFICIALLY taking clients! If you live near me, come and get something done! It'll help me graduate! haha!

Oh, and in case you missed it, here is what I did in my fantasy makeup class last week. This is my friend Kandace who I turned into Effie Trinket from the Hunger Games! Compare to THIS picture.

It was so much fun and I'm hoping to help out with the makeup at a fashion show this weekend! Happy Friday everyone! Any fun plans?


Mountain Shoot

Before I moved last month I had the fun opportunity to do a photo shoot with the lovely Ashley from Ashley Eliza Photography.
Poncho: c/o Minimalist Knitter; Shirt: Charlotte Russe; Hat: Smiths (seriously); Jeans: Nordstrom; Shoes: Nordstrom; Scarf: Gift from Sister

We took these photos in one of my favorite locations. If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen this spot on a daily basis. Ok, not really. But it's so pretty I couldn't help but take a photo almost every time I drove past it on my way home from work.

Ashley is such a great photographer. It was really like we were just old friends hanging out (we even went to dinner after), and she had me laughing the whole time.

If you're in the Utah County, Utah area and need a photographer, Ashley would be a great choice!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 4

Happy Friday, everyone!
I hope you all have a great weekend lined up. This week FLEW by! I seriously don't know where it went. I've been so busy. I feel like I have so much to do that I just haven't done anything! Even though I really have... does that make ANY sense? haha!

This week at school we did a BUNCH of stuff. I learned how to do Microdermabrasions, Fantasy Makeup (more on that later, oh you're going to love it!!), chemical peels, body wraps, and more! My brain is on overload from all I've learned. I have to test out of freshman on Wednesday and don't feel ready! I do, but I've just taken in so much info lately that I need this weekend to sort it all out.

My mom requested that I post about Microderms, which I think is good. They're very popular and people don't really understand them. They just hear about them and assume that it's what they need. So hopefully this will give you a little more info and you can see if it's really for you or not. :)

Microdermabrasion is an abrasive exfoliant. It's not a miracle worker. It helps REDUCE the appearance of early aging fine lines, small, non-keloid (raised) scars. And can help with hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and freckles when used with other products. So don't go in thinking you're going to get rid of all your wrinkles, cause it won't. I'm sorry. :/

Microdermabrasion system is a sandblaster. It uses micro crystals delivered under pressure to exfoliate your skin. It removes the top few layers of dead skin cells making fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable. It felt like I had "face planted on the beach" as my classmate put it. haha! It doesn't hurt (it can if it's turned up too high) and my skin does feel really nice! There are some contraindications for microderm, so be sure to talk to your doctor/ esthetician before choosing this treatment.

Remember that exfoliation helps reduce the appearance of pores (since oil expands the pores and makes them more noticable, exfoliation cleans them out.) but you can not actually shrink your pores! Your born with them and they are what they are.

Since we had to give and receive the treatment in a limited amount of time, we had to let our masks sit while giving the treatment to someone else. Hence why my face is white in both pictures. haha!

Ok. Moving on.

Here are a few interesting facts that I learned this week...

Did you know you can get ring worm from tanning beds?? Skin Cancer, Ring Worm, smelly tanning lotion VS. Pretty, Healthy, nice smelling Skin? Which will you choose??

Did you know you can get skin cancer on your lips?? Yup. WEAR SUNSCREEN!

Did you know you're not supposed to use cortizone cream over long periods of time? It's hormones and can be harmful. I still haven't learned a lot about this, so that's all I can share.

If you're looking for a relaxing day at the spa and not really looking to treat anything, a hot stone facial would be a great choice for you!

Dark Circles are usually caused by dehydration or they're hereditary. So if no one else in your family has them, try drinking more water. Actually- try eating more water. I know that sounds weird. But drinking water really just goes through you. When you eat your water (watermelon, celery, etc) you'll stay more hydrated.

When you are going to get something waxed- don't shower, swim, or sweat beforehand. Wet skin is softer than dry skin and it can tear!

and last but not least,

Over exfoliation and over massage can cause breakouts. You shouldn't be exfoliating daily. Twice a week is good if you're using a non-abrasive exfoliant. Once a week for more abrasive. If you're doing serious chemical peels, twice per month. haha!

Well, did you learn anything new??

(once again, I am new to esthetics. I may not have gotten everything right. If I have something wrong, please kindly tell me in the comments.)


Rad Rag Designs and Little Penelope Lane

Hey guys!
Do you know Danielle who blogs over at Rad Rag Designs? Well, she has a LOVELY little shop (as I'm sure you saw if you entered the giveaway) and KINDLY sent me this beautiful Poppy Brooch.

I've worn it a couple of times now and always receive compliments on it.

Not only is it beautiful, but it's beautifully made! You can tell that there was lots of love put into it. :)

One of my favorite parts (that nobody but you really sees. But I love it all the same) is the cute tag on the back! I want to start a shop just so I can have cute tags! haha!
Thank you again, Danielle!! I love it!

I was also sent some adorable hair wraps from Sarah at Little Penelope Lane. They're each so cute and well made, plus I had so many people stop and ask where I got them!

I wanted to wear it a little differently than expected, so I tied it upside down and LOVED it!

My esthetics school BFF wanted to try them out too, so I brought one for her to wear.

There are so many different ways you could wear these, the possibilities are endless, really.

Thank you, Sarah! Love them all!

If you haven't yet, you should probably enter the Valentines Giveaway. It includes one of Danielle's pretty brooches as well as one of Sarah's cute hair wraps! Go go go!


A Valentine DIY

Some of you may have seen my guest post on Julie Ann Art's blog the other day. But if not, I thought I'd share it here. :)

My sister used to send us things like this all the time so when Julie asked me to share a DIY I knew just what I wanted to do! Did you know that you can fill a soda bottle with lots of goodies and ship it to someone?? :D Now you do and you're going to learn how. This doesn't just have to be a valentines thing, we used to get one at each Holiday!

You'll need:
2 liter Soda Bottle
Lots of small goodies
Packing Tape
Scissors or a knife (be careful!)
Paper of your choosing

Step 1: Clean your soda bottle
No one wants your sticky left overs. Yuck. So wash it well and be sure to get all of the label/ glue off of the bottle. I was a little impatient and couldn't wait for mine to dry completely. So I stuck a towel inside, shook it around, and it worked like a charm!

Step 2: Pick your goodies
I just went to the dollar section at target and filled my basket. I was sending this to a family that had two little boys- hence the super-hero-non-valentine-goodies.

Step 3: Cut your bottle
Using scissors or a knife (be safe, ok?) cut a vertical hole in your bottle. This is how you're going to get all the goodies inside! Secret- revealed!

Step 4: Fill your bottle
I started with the larger items since they take up the most space. Then I added the small filler items last. When it's all in there place a piece of packing tape over the slit to keep everything inside.

Step 5: Decorate
I wanted to cover what was in the bottle as much as possible and give it a little something extra. So I cut a piece of paper to fit (about 6 inches high) and taped it around the bottle. I also taped the shipping label in place. I then covered everything that had paper- in tape. This will be going through the mail. You don't want it getting beat up. I also placed the lid back on tightly and taped it just to be safe.

Step 6: Ship
Take it to your local post office and it's on it's way! Some lucky person is getting a very fun package in the mail!!

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for a Valentine- just for you!

Blogger of the Week: Lovely Little Rants

Hey guys!!
Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week- Candace. She blogs over at Lovely Little Rants and I've even had the great pleasure of meeting her in person! It was a very random meeting. We both happened to be at the same theater for the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn so we met up for a minute, chatted, and basically became BFF's. haha! She's super cute and even does blog design for awesome prices! Read, enjoy, then hop over to her blog to say "Hi"!


Hey there! My name is Candace and it is a pleasure to be blog of the week! I blog over at Lovely Little Rants {the name speaks for itself} Anyways, there are some things you should probably know about me.

A. I'm a belieber. and proud.... and 20. haha

B. I'm slightly addicted to shopping. and when I say slightly, I mean very. and it's a bittersweet habit. Sweet for me. Bitter for my bank account.

C. I love to blog about the great, the awesome, and the embarrassing, so whenever you're in for a good laugh at someone else's embarrassing stories, I promise to never let you down.

So there you have it! Just 2 more tid bits of information for you to soak in, I run a little shop on etsy called Peace Republic Clothing where I make pretty headbands and floral things.

Also, I do some blog design on the side for very reasonable prices because it's basically the best hobby I've ever had! Anyways, happy shopping and have a pretty day!



See? She's awesome. :) Now go give her some love!

P.S. I have an awesome Valentines Present for you! So be sure to check back tomorrow! <3


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 3

It seems like you guys really like these posts. Last weeks esthetics post received double the views my normal posts do. haha! I guess that means I should keep them up? Ok. :) It's nice because I write these the night before my weekly test and it helps me remember everything. So, thanks friends!! haha!

This week we learned about extractions. I'm sure a lot of you know this, but I thought I'd just reiterate it. People always say don't pop your zits, you'll just make it worse. And they're right, to an extent. You can pop zits, black heads only, and only when they're ready. DON'T pop the ones that are under the skin and hurt. I know they drive you crazy, but don't do it. Wanna know why? Remember this:

If it's not exploding out, it's imploding in!

That means that all the junk you're trying to get out of your face is just spreading to the inside. Nasty and not fun. You can pop black heads. Simply pull the skin tight and then push firmly from the sides. (pull out, then push in)

Another thing about zits is that oil does not cause zits. Bacteria causes zits. (people with dry skin get acne too!) So if your hands are dirty- don't touch your face! If you just put lotion on- don't touch your face! Hormones also cause zits. If you are having breakouts on your chin and around your mouth- it's hormonal. (pregnancy, PMS, etc) Dirty makeup brushes can cause acne, wash them at least weekly. Also, diet can affect your acne. Obviously.

They can't shrink. Sorry. But you CAN minimize the appearance of pores. That usually takes an esthetician, but it can be done. Oil is what makes your pores appear large. Hence why those with oily skin always think they have such larger pores. It's because the oil is expanding them. But with the help of an esthetician they can, over time, reduce the oil produced which in turn, minimizes the appearance of pores. :)

Healing Time-
Did you know that babies get a new top layer of skin every 14 days? That's why they have such perfect skin and it heals quickly. For those in their teens and twenties it takes 21- 28 days and for those 30 and up it takes 28-40 (probably more as you get closer to age 60). Take care of your skin!

Cellulite is not a fat disorder. It is a skin disorder. Crazy huh?? That's why even skinny people get it. They are created from toxins (all you soda pop drinkers...). It's not proven, but high frequency treatment has been known to reduce cellulite. I'm not saying go do it, but you can try it. :)

Did you know that rubbing your belly COUNTER clockwise can mess with your digestive system?? Crazy , right?! I think it has to be pretty firm rubbing, but still! Maybe you could even try rubbing it clockwise to improve digestion?? Try it! (that last part is totally my own thought. Don't go saying it's proven or anything.)

I hope you learned something new and that I got everything right. haha! I have my books and notes sitting right here, so it should be. But if not, feel free to kindly let me know. :)

Happy Friday! And remember to wear lots of sunscreen!!!
(Yes, even though it's winter. Yes, even though it's cloudy. Yes, even though your covered in clothing head to toe!)


Looking Up

(like that?? haha!)

Everytime I walk, hike, or run I find that I am looking at the ground. Mostly so I don't trip on anything. Well the other day as I was standing on the beautiful red rock, looking down over the view, I took a second to look up. I was suddenly overwhelmed and dizzy. But I had to do it again... So I raised my head and opened my eyes. I felt like I had to steady myself so I wouldn't fall over, or worse, off the cliff. All I could see was sky. And I felt like I was flying.

Have you ever done that? Lifted your head so all you could see was the sky? I felt like a little kid again. Where you do something so much you feel like you might throw up. haha!

Thanks to my cousin, I was able to get a picture of that moment. The sun warming my face, the vast expanse of the sky, the wispy clouds slowly moving with the breeze.

And then yesterday I read THIS post from Katie. I thought to myself- I know exactly what she's talking about! Her words are beautiful, but here's my version... I know this might not make sense to everyone, but this is what I got from that moment when I stood on those rocks and let the sky fill my view.

I spend a lot of my life looking down. Looking at the current path I am on, making sure I won't trip, and that the path is safe. But what could I be missing by keeping my eyes on the ground? Answer- So much! Lately as I've taken this big leap of faith to move to a new place, start a new adventure, I've been reminded to look up. I remember that I'm not in charge and that sometimes it's ok to not know what your next step is going to be, to let it all fall into God's hands. It will probably be the best decision you'll make in a while.

"But when you look up... There isn't just one path any more; only infinite sky and your soul with wings. So look up more. Up is Hope. Up is Light. Up is Happiness." -Katie, Running on Happiness


Suitcase Makeover

Hey guys!
(I need to come up with a new welcome... Howdy? Hey Ya'all? Greetings? Hello? Welcome? Salutations?)

Today I'm going to share with you my suitcase makeover. Ok, so I only made over the inside, and I still plan on doing more to it. BUT I thought I'd show you all the same. So enjoy this un-finished, half project. haha!

As you can see in the "Step 1" picture (below), this suitcase's inards were not pretty. Unless by pretty you mean pretty gross. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I just tore it all out.

Step 1- tear everything out. If you want to make a pattern out of the backing that is already inside- go for it. Mine was so torn up and complicated that I just threw it all out.

Step 2- Sand (if it's a wood suitcase), clean, and remove all rusted hardware. Yours might be in better condition than mine was. But I'd still start as fresh as possible. You don't know where they've been.

Step 2.5- (no picture) Measure the inside of your suitcase and cut fabric and batting to fit.

Step 3- I contemplated many ways to do this and in the end decided the trusty hot glue gun would be my best option. I laid the fabric and batting in the suitcase and glued the center and base first. Then I moved to the walls of the suitcase. I folded the top edges over and glued them so it gave me a folded edge. It left me with a nice, crisp, fluffy edge. I did that on each straight edge and folded the corners in on themselves as I went.

Step 4- I had enough fabric left over for a pillow. It's just a basic square pillow with a strip of fabric tacked on and tied in a knot.
What do you think??
Now I'm not worried about touching the inside, or embarrassed about leaving it open and spilling over with blankets! Plus the makeover got rid of that old, musty, grandma smell. haha!

I hope you enjoyed and that it made sense! I know I'm no good at these tutorials. I never have patience for "during" photos. :P



Hey guys!
I hope you're having a wonderful start to your week. Since I don't have school on Mondays (I have it on Saturdays instead) I was able to take the day off yesterday and relax (thank goodness). Courtney from "from here to eternity" recently moved down here, and while she might not be completely thrilled about it, I know I am! Goodness knows I need more friends down here. haha!

I was so excited that we were able to spend a little bit of time together yesterday. She's from here and was able to take me to one of her favorite spots, a lake called Gunlock. It was beautiful and I can't wait to spend more time there!

I am so happy to have a blog friend nearby. I took for granted the fact that I had so many close to me up north.

She actually lives about 30 minutes north of me, but she's down here for the week babysitting for a family she knows. This is her and their little boy. It was a sweet little moment I had to capture. :)


Blogger of the Week: A Happy Girl

Hey Guys!
Today we have the guest post from this week's Blog of the Week! Now, I know I said I only pick bloggers with 400 followers or less, but I felt like this was a special situation that needed to be shared. This week's blogger of the week is Tahnie from her blog "A Happy Girl". Tahnie has a rare disease and has an even rarer daughter. You see, her daughter has defied all odds, just by being born. Tahnie has to fight every day to stay alive- for her little girl Sookie. In honor of Sookie's 2nd birthday Tahnie is raising money to help with research for this disease she has and has a goal of $2000. I KNOW that I have such awesome readers that can help her reach that goal. BUT, why am I telling you all of this when I have Tahnie, right here, to tell you herself?! Take it away Tahnie!


Hi Gentri Lee gals! My name is Tahnie and I blog over at a happy girl

I am beyond blessed to be here today. I adore blog land and the incredible people I have met through this fun little world. Gentri is a true gem and has a heart of absolute gold!

To give you a glimpse of my daily adventures, first and foremost I am a momma to our miracle girl, Sookie Sierra who just turned two on February 1st! I live in a little house of dreams in Utah with the two loves of my life. Mr. Happy Girl and I met through match.com and I never would have thought that would be where our story began, but it is. Life is crazy like that. ;)

I am:
A Redhead
A dreamer.
A fighter.
A writer.
A momma.
Someone who chooses JOY,
Knocking down walls
Saying YES, when doctors have insisted no.
LIVING with a disease (cystinosis) that only affects a very small group, about 500 in the United States.
I am here to suck the marrow out of every day of this wild and precious life.

My life has been full of health challenges, to say the least. When I was diagnosed with Cystinois at 18 months, doctors basically told my parents to take me home to die; that I would not live past my 10th birthday. I am 28 today. Cystinosis has taken the lives of many of my friends, before their 30th birthdays. The disease causes my body to make too much cystine (an amino acid) and therefore it builds up in every cell in my body, creating crystals and causing cell death. Renal failure is often the first major complication of the illness; I had a kidney transplant when I was 11 years old. Crystals build up in my eyes as well and I need to put special eyedrops in my eyes every hour I am awake in order to prevent blindness. These eyedrops are not yet FDA approved and it is incredibly complicated to acquire them. I cannot just go to Walgreens and pick them up. ;)

There is no cure for Cystinosis. The only treatment available is a medication that causes side effects that echo those of chemotherapy and this drug must be taken every 6 hours, of every day.

I do not like to use the word "suffer" to describe my life in any way, shape, or form. While there has been tremendous amounts of pain, this disease has given me so much more than it will ever take away from me. I chase joy. I create joy. I choose joy. I truly believe happiness is always an option, no matter what you are going through.

Because it is so dangerous for a woman with Cystinosis to go through a pregnancy, our sweet Sookie is 1 of about 10 in the world. There are only a few other women (with Cystinosis) who have been through the journey of an incredibly high risk pregnancy and have survived. We thank God and the stars above for each and every minute we have had as a family of three. (And that my transplanted kidney survived the pregnancy! Which is an entirely giant miracle in and of itself!)

Recently, I wrote and published the most difficult blog post I've ever shared. It was tough, but necessary.

In honor of Sookie's 2nd birthday, we have created a wish page through the causes organization. Muscle wasting is a severe complication of Cystinosis and because in the past, adults with the disease generally have not lived as long as adults are now, there has not been any research conducted on this issue. Well, I don't want to accept things the way they are, so I am ready to make a change. All funds gained from this endeavor will be put toward muscle wasting research. Muscle wasting caused by Cystinosis is complicated, but I believe there are answers if we seek them! A friend of mine, who is only a few years older than I am, has been told he needs a feeding tube, due to muscle wasting in his esophageal muscles. This is NOT OKAY. I want to create some massive change in our community and the quality of life for those of us living and thriving with the illness. Because we are such a small population, fundraisers like this are the only way we will discover new treatments and help people with Cystinosis live bigger and better lives. If you would prefer to donate through another avenue besides the causes page you can also contribute through Paypal right HERE

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity! 

So, I guess you could say, I am a girl who enjoys the little things; dancing in the kitchen with my little family of three, sour patch kids, sidewalk chalk in November, movies that inspire you to throw all caution to the wind and chase your passions, toddler laughter wafting through the air, a really comfortable pair of sweat pants, a delicious bag of salt & vinegar potato chips, and the noise and chaos of a life created on dreams and wishes. A momma to a little ball of light who will fight tooth and nail to be here on earth with her while she is growing up, no matter what odds we have stacked up against us!

A giant thank you to Gentri for letting me share my story about this crazy, bittersweet, gut wrenching, beautiful ride called life!



Now, if you have a second please go visit Tahnie and her blog. :) Her outlook on life is beautiful and she truly is a Happy Girl!


Esthetician or Aesthetician? Pt. 2

Hey guys!
It's Friday, which thanks to you guys and your requests, has become the day that I will share what I found most interesting from that week in school (esthetician school)! Hooray!
Now, know that I am NOT a professional (yet). I may get something wrong, you can kindly tell me if that's the case. :) I'm just repeating what I hear at school.

This week was full of interesting things! Like...

Nose waxing...

Why yes, I just posted a picture of myself getting my nose waxed... You're welcome

Contrary to what you're thinking- waxing your nose is NO big deal! Seriously! It didn't hurt at all! I will for sure be doing this again! We also waxed- eyebrows, lip, underarm, legs, and... downstairs. The ones I will TOTALLY be doing again are: nose, eyebrows, lip, underarm. I will NOT be repeating: legs and downstairs. The downstairs didn't really hurt so much (except for when a chunk of my skin was torn off) but I am so not someone to share that with other people. haha! The legs on the other hand KILLED! It hurt so bad that I only made it through the front of my legs and had to quit after that. But it's different for everyone!

Every week we have a business class. It helps us prepare for the business side once we graduate. Our homework for this last week was to research how much it costs to advertise. She had a list and we all were assigned a specific one to research (tv, radio, etc). I of course chose blogging/ internet/ facebook. I pretty much owned the business class yesterday. Bloggers rule!! haha!

Ok, on to the stuff that will really interest you...

Have you ever bruised after being waxed?
If you bruise during a waxing it's because your esthetician (or whoever you have doing it) didn't pull correctly (remove the wax). They should be pulling it parallel with your body. When you bruise it's because they are pulling it up which yanks the skin with it. Of course some people are just easily bruised or the bulbs of the hair could be really large making it harder to remove. But for the most part- it's because they're not doing it correctly. (I will admit- I am not good at this yet. I need a lot more practice.)

If I told you that I could reduce your skins aging by 85% what would you say??
Well, here's how you can do that- STAY OUT OF THE SUN! 85% of the skins aging is caused by damage from the sun. 85%!! That's HUGE! We had a nurse give us a presentation on wounds, which included skin cancer. Some of the most common places that get skin cancer are your hands and ears because you don't really think about them. But they sit in the sun every time you drive- even if it's cloudy. Clothing does not protect you from sun exposure. You can pretty much get skin cancer anywhere. Start protecting yourself! It's NOT worth it to tan and it's never too late to start saving that precious skin! (spray tanning is great! I learn how to do that tomorrow.) The best way to protect yourself is to butter up before you even get dressed in the morning, apply it everywhere! And don't forget your scalp. That beautiful head of hair won't protect you either. I seriously need to do an entire post on this when I learn more. Even now there's so much more I want to share and make you aware of!

You can actually clean a wound too much. Did you know that? Cause I didn't.
The main thing is to keep a wound moist (who would have thought?). So next time you accidentally cut yourself, or scrape your knee, or whatever, here's what you do:
For the first two- three days use an antibiotic ointment (like neosporin). Don't use it for longer than that because it will stop working and can actually cause reactions. After that- just use petroleum jelly to keep it moist. It's not good for a wound to dry up and scab over. It increases the risk of re-injuring or re-opening (picking at it, snagging it on something, etc) which just does more damage to the skin and most likely leaving a scar. Also, leave it alone as much as possible. The less you mess with it the more opportunity it has to heal.

Smoking slows the healing process.
You can't smoke and heal at the same time. The chemicals from the smoke will hinder or stop the healing process from major surgery or injury

Next time you get a pedicure...
watch to make sure that they completely disinfect the tub before they fill it again. Those are a breeding ground for bacteria. "In 2000 over 100 clients of a California spa developed a serious skin infection on their legs. The infection was resistant to antibiotics and caused stubborn, ugly sores that lingered for months. In some cases it even caused scarring" (that's from my school book)... Yuck, right?! You also can not receive a pedicure if you have a wart... sorry. :/ Just get it taken care of and then you can get one. :)

I hope you found these as interesting as I did!

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