Shades of Red

One of my very favorite activities around Christmas would be Skating. Although, the only time I've gone this year, I lasted about 10 minutes. The rink had new skates, and I just couldn't get the feel down.
I love wearing a skirt when skating, makes me feel like a real skater, and it twirls a bit. But of course, tights and some shorts are musts as well. Now, I know I'm wearing multiple shades of red, which can be a no no, but I kind of love it.
This skirt is great for skating, when twirling, it doesn't flare too far and it's got that great a-line shape that I love.
Do you like ice skating? I decided I'm going to start my own skating rink... but it won't be a rink. It's going to be a "skating lane". It'll still loop around, but rather than being one big oval, it'll be a whole pathway. You'd get to skate past Christmas trees and lights. Such fun, right?
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Would you come to my skating lane?
This outfit would look great with this flower accessory worn as a brooch or pinned on my hat, from Sincerely Merm.
Deep Red Large Dahlia Headband- deep red wool felt flower headband


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love love love this outfit.
perfect for ice skating
however, normally im a baby so i need to be super bundled up.
i would come ice skating with you, however i am terrible and my husband would have to drag me the whole way.
love this song.
also and that flower, adorable.


stephanie said...

you look beautiful!!

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

I love your last two post you of course look gorg. This these tights, so fun!


Amanda said...

I swear everyone of my comments on these outfit posts have been almost the exact same because you are too freaking adorable! I am such a fan of mixing plaid shirts with skirts/dresses! It is just so fantastic! And those shoes are beyond amazing!

Katers said...

Do you own denim jeans? Because I am pretty sure you should wear those skating, because it is FREEZING at the rink. Also, I think you could rock denim jeans, but alas, I have yet to see them on you... :)

The Braided Bandit said...

I love the plaid and beanie with the super feminine twirly skirt! My boyfriend plays ice hockey so he would be thrilled if I wanted to skate, but I am so scared of it!! (Jut got an email saying you just left a comment too- great minds!) :)

Katie Aman said...

Oh goodness, could you be any cuter? I love this skirt so much! Definitely a pretty skating skirt, indeed :) I also love the tights with the plaid, a nice understated pattern mix, very cool! Thank you for your kind comment as well :)

Brandi said...

Um yes- skating lane sounds so much better- I'd be there with bells on :)

You look super adorable by the way- I love the idea of skating in a skirt

GingerPeachT said...

Now I want to mix plaid with a fun skirt!!
And yes I'd totally skate with you! As you skate on the path you could see the 12 days of Christmas scenes lol

Selina said...

lovely blog!


Little-Hat said...

Really fun outfit! I would love to go skating...hopefully tyhe river will freeze soon. :) Maybe I'll follow your lead and wear a skirt, too! That does sound magical...


Because of Jackie said...

So now I need a plaid shirt, cute tights and I need WINTER so I can ice skate again:)

alylacomb said...

Where did you get this hat?! I'm IN LOVE with it and I need a new hat so bad!!
You are too beautiful, by the way.

Alyssa May Edwards said...

OMG I am obsessed with those booties! I totally just expressed my love for those on my blog...I ended up getting some from Target but possibly after my next pay day...those bad boys will be mine! haha I love this look!



Melanochess said...

Wow, this skirt and these tights are lovely ! I like ice-skating but I'm always a bit scared as well. And I like to skate with my boyfriend holding my hand, but he is such a great skater that he goes too fast for me ! I never skated in the open though, it must be great under natural lights !

Stephanie said...

i went and picked up my skates from my mom's house a couple weeks ago, but it hasn't been cold enough to go skating in the park yet - it keeps raining! so jealous you got to go if even for just a little while :)

Wanderlust And Such said...

So stinkin' adorable! I think beanies are so chic!
xo Olivia

Kallee Mae said...

I am obsessed with all your winter outfits!! They are seriously to die for!!

Bex said...

This outfit is super cute xo

sweet harvest moon said...

Cutest winter outfit! <3

Treasure Tromp said...

I love everything about the she and him christmas album, good choice!

leslim0121 said...

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