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If you are reading this, that means the world has in fact, not ended. Hooray! Except, now I DO have to pay all of those bills... Awesome.

One of the best things about Christmas time would be all of the lights. I know a lot of people who drive around on Christmas eve looking at everyone's Christmas Lights. If you're like my neighbors, you even give out awards. We've gotten a couple. Fingers crossed that we make the cut again this year. (I know they read this... wink!)
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I love that I can look dressed up in winter, when in fact, I'm wearing a tshirt and jeans, simply because of the accessories. Throw on a cute coat and hat, boom, dressed up.
That makes this outfit perfect for one of those light festival nights. Two minutes ago you could have been sitting in front of the tv, but now you're ready to go, and looking good to boot.
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I can't get enough of this dark lip. It seems to go with almost everything in my closet perfectly.
I live on a hill, overlooking a valley. One of the benefits is being able to look out our back windows and see all of the Christmas lights. But I feel like there are less Christmas lights up, this year than usual. Does anyone else feel that way? Do you put up Christmas lights?Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Do you and your friends or family take any Christmas light adventures?

This outfit would look great with this Mustard Fabric Bow pinned onto my hat, from The Pink Rosette!
mustard bow


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love christmas lights.
my mom loves to drive around and look at all of the lights.
this outfit is so cute.
love those clarks so much!


Rachel Sayumi. said...

My family always drives around to look at lights!!:) so fun. You're such a lil fashionista!!!!

Shopaholic said...

great style :)

Michelle said...

I love Christmas lights! And your hat ;)

Sara Harris said...

gentri! you are seriously gorgeous! and you always dress like a pinterest board, i love it.

Janette said...

Love that coat! For realsies! It's amazing!


Katie said...

Such a cute coat! We love driving around looking at lights. Draper Park is amazing right now.

Beckie said...

It's funny that you say there seems to be fewer lights this year, because just a few days ago, my mom and I were saying it looks there are more than usual around here! It varies every year though, and apparently it varies from state to state ; ]

I always loooooove to look at Christmas lights and I have done my darndest to make it a family tradition to go out after Christmas dinner to look at them all. Every year another one of my family members drops out though, so it might be just me this year!

Oh, and I LOVE your coat!

Ali Hval said...

I have been wanting those same exact booties! They're so super cute, eep! And I adore your plaid jacket as well.

It's weird, I think in our neighborhood there are much much more Christmas lights than there were last year! It sure does make the season more magical. :)

Alyssa May Edwards said...

That jacket is to die for!!! And to answer your question that you asked on my blog...I live in Arizona but yes, there is a Hale Theater here too! That is so funny!



sweet harvest moon said...

Love Christmas lights too, so pretty!

Happy Holidays ;)

Christine@Mavy May said...

I'm loving your outfit posts! We do not put Christmas lights up because we do not have your own house :( I do love them though and when we do have a house they will definitely be up. What are your favourite lights? Mine are the classic multi coloured ones.
Hope you have a great Christmas Gentri!!!
Mavy May Designs

Melanochess said...

In France too, there are less and less Christmas lights around, it makes me sad. We used to go see the lights in a small "street" near my grandparents' house with my parents, and the houses were always so much decorated that we called this place "Las Vegas". And now it is my boyfriend who takes me to see them, but it is a tiny Vegas this year.
You are beautiful and this dark lipstick looks really good on you !
Have a nice Christmas and good luck for the lights award ;)

Aub said...

You always look so adorable! I wish I could pull things off like you. Love your blog. :)


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