What's a Holiday season without a fancy party? One that you really get all dressed up for. Well, it's not the same!
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This dress was a magical find at TJ Maxx, I never find anything at stores like that, so when I found this- woah. I felt like I had struck gold.
Don't mind that my legs are covered in bruises. I have no idea where they came from and didn't feel like editing them out, so there they are.
Can someone tell me if the ombre hair is going out anytime soon? Because I'm still completely in love with it.
This is the perfect dancing dress. Someone take me dancing (REAL dancing) this season, please!
I decided to do my makeup a little bit different than the average smokey eye or red lip. I used a brown and rose shadow to really make them smolder. Your eyes are sure to pop at all your holiday parties with eyes like that.
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I'm loving this necklace from Apricot Lane. They're such a great boutique and this necklace is the perfect touch of sparkle.
You'll for sure be seeing it in all my posts from now on.
See? Someone take me dancing!! I've been practicing.
Do you have any glamorous holiday parties you're attending this year?


Nelle Creations said...

Adorable shoes!
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AMY PALMER said...

loving this outfit, especially the dress and shoes! and that bow is so cute!


Emily Baker said...

so pretty :) i love it

Emmett Katherine said...

Love your makeup, sometimes it's nice to switch things up. That dress is a treasure, so romantic and one of my favorite colours!

Emily said...

Such a pretty feminine look.


kelsey bang said...

super cute dress!

Dorien said...

That blazer is amazing, I love it soo much! And your make-up is perfect as always :) xo

Ann. said...

Love this dress! So classy looking :)

Shaylynn, They Let Me Blog. said...

Gentri, you are a stunning girl..

I miss knowing that you are in my town.. :(

Kirsten Wiemer said...

love your outfit, adorable.


Jessi said...

You are so cute dancing! Haha. I love it. That blazer/jacket is stunning and I really really need your shoes! So cute! Love the smoldering eye too. You need to teach me:)

Haley K said...

You definitely struck gold with that dress! And the floral blazer and those fabulous shoes. :) You're LOVELY Gentri! Some day I want to host a black tie Christmas soiree... :)

Rachel Sayumi. said...

darling shoes! And how fun that you have the talent of creating new fun looks with makeup :) my look is always the same.... foundation, mascara, blush, and chapstick. haha boooring...

sweet harvest moon said...

Beautiful dress! This color looks amazing on you!

The Adventurer said...

LOVE it Glee!! So seriously stunning.

Kallee Mae said...

I seriously LOVE everything about this look!!!! One of my all time favorites! What are you wearing on your lips!? They look good!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

All those colors are perfect with eachother! I love everything about this!



kellyelizabeth said...

eeek love everything about this!!

kelly elizabeth

lori said...

i LOVE the blazer, gentri! so feminine and pretty!

Stephanie said...

twirly dresses are my favourite :)

Amanda said...

This outfit is freaking adorable! I love it so much, especially that floral cardigan! LOVE!

The Weir House said...

So dreamy and romantic!

Aubry L. said...

You are a doll, Gentri! Love how you styled the bit of bling from Apricot Lane :)

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