Key To My Heart

My church group went caroling last week, I was so looking forward to it, but wasn't able to attend. I even had an outfit picked out and ready to go.
While I'm sure no one in my church group would have known this song, I'm pretty sure I would have been singing it the whole night. It is one of my very favorite Christmas songs.
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Here's another "nerd" moment for you. These mittens were made by my Grandma based off of these mittens. Yup. I am that cool. Actually, my Grandma is.
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Have you been caroling this season? Do you like caroling? I love when carolers come to our door during the Holidays. 
this outfit would look great with this necklace from Violet Hill Boutique. Hearts and keys have been going together since the beginning of time, plus I love the vintage look and feel to this necklace.


Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

This outfit is so very cute! I have the same hat in brown too :)



Southern (California) Belle

sweet harvest moon said...

Cutest! :)
Love your boots!

Jana Faith said...

Way cute outfit! My parents and I are going caroling this coming Saturday. Never had anyone come carol my house though... maybe someday?

Brooke said...

What perfect colors for caroling! Love that the socks tie everything together. You are such a doll!

Dusti Kemp said...

Well you are just wonderful. Love your outfit boldness! :)


Dusti Kemp said...

Well you are just wonderful. Love your outfit boldness! :)


GingerPeachT said...

Omg I have not heard of that song, but I love it!! You have good taste my friend ;-)
I love yiur hat! Where is that from.
And yes....I do miss caroling. I'd love to go out and sing, but I know no one who will sing with me lol

No Model Lady said...

Such gorgeous pictures, woman! I miss snow soooooo bad!!

Melanochess said...

Cute outfit, you look beautiful, as usual ! No caroling for us since we live in France, I would love to know how it is though !

Mrs.Danielle.Warren said...

Very cute outfit! I may or may not be alil obsessed with that hat of yours lol
My husband & I didn't go caroling, but dropped cookies on our friends door steps & did the whole ding-dong ditch thing! Some of the house though, we did sing to them. It was fun! Sorry you weren't able to go with your ward.

Jenna TheWife said...

You're the cutest thing ever. Just sayin! LOVE YA!!!!

Deidre Miller said...

Gentri! I love this outfit. So stinking cute!!!

Love, The Skinnys

Jessi said...

Gentri I love this! Especially those super cute booties with the socks! Adorable. And your grandma is amazing! Haha. That is too funny.

Stephanie said...

too bad you couldn't go, you look darling!

Nnenna said...

Oh goodness- that heart dress is adorable! :D

Anna said...

freaking adorable.

Carissa | Eskimo Kisses said...

how cute is this outfit?! you have the most adorable style. I think I need those shoes

The Adventurer said...

We NEVER carol.

Want to know why?

Because I sound like a dying elephant - that's why!

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