Christmas Memories

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 My favourite Christmas memory is of a whole lot of Christmas experiences rolled into one: time spent with family, summer barbeques, the smell of sunscreen, fresh berries, sea air, and the smell of pine. A Southern hemisphere Christmas!
 My favorite Christmas memory is waking up at 12:00AM and looking for all the gifts Santa and my dad hid around our home!
 Last Christmas our sisters and a bunch of our friends came into town and stopped by our house for a laid back Christmas get-together that turned into a crazy dance party in our tiny living room that lasted until 3 am. I love knowing that when it comes to good friends and family, time apart seems to change nothing!
 The greatest and most precious memory of all for me was the gift of life as my husband and I had our daughter with us for her first Christmas last year!
Favorite Christmas Memory? Waking up every Christmas morning to a stocking stuffed with goodies at the end of my bed, thrilled to know Santa had arrived and came into my room to place it there. ;)
My favorite Christmas memories are tied: yearly caroling with my parents & siblings or the year I was 6 and Santa brought me the Little Miss Makeup Doll the day AFTER Christmas and I knew he loved me and read all my letters.
 It hardly felt like Christmas that year in Seoul, South Korea, when I mistakenly walked (and then explored) the basement of the bus terminal which was full of American Christmas cheer - carolers and flashing lights included.
My favorite Christmas memory, hands down, was when my husband proposed in 2005 - so perfect!

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Ali Hval said...

Awe! You've got so many lovely Christmas memories, then! That's good. :) I would love to be able to have a southern hemisphere christmas... nice and warm, ha ha! My favorite Christmas memories just involve waking up and seeing my family in the morning and having a lazy Christmas day together. :D

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