Christmas Decor Tour

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas! As promised, here is a tour of our Christmas decor! My mom is amazing and I've also included our Christmas Village! It is my Grandma's and this year I put it up. It's been a few years since it's been out and I decided it was a must this year!

Of course, my dad does the roof lighting. He's pretty awesome too!
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Our tree is amazing. If you want to hear the funny story behind it, go HERE or HERE.
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Christmas Eve dinner is something we all look forward to. It's the same as Thanksgiving, and there's a reason! It's delicious.
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My sister recently dyed her hair pink, my dad still can't understand why.
Now on to the village! There are so many details that I couldn't capture them all. My grandma has done an amazing job of adding all the little details that really make the village come to life. Plus, she actually made a lot of it! She used to own a ceramic shop, so a lot of my family's decor is handmade. I loved putting it up and having all of the neighbor kids come to see it.

First, The Country...
The boys playing after school
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The farm was always my favorite growing up. It was the one thing I could play with (and the train, but that was sold a few years ago).
Next, Main Street
The Theater
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The General Store
I love the little details like the man holding the "now showing" sign in the photo above, or the puppeteer in the photo below.
The Bank
Even the buildings have icicles, garland, wreaths, and Christmas lights!
Town Hall
The Library
The Church
It even has stained glass windows. They look so pretty when the light is on!
The Wealthy Area...
This house is known as "The Mansion"
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Now on to the Park...
Gotta have a Santa Meet N'Greet!
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I didn't get a picture just of the swing, but you'll see it at the end. But here's the merry-go-round.
The ice rink
A look down Main Street
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And now, my favorite area- The Mountain or Woodlands
This cottage is my favorite, and I'd definitely live there. I should have changed the light before I took pictures, because it burned out, but I didn't get to it.
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Ice Fishing
Tree Farm + House
And one of my favorite details- Santa and the reindeer!
The Mountain
The Park
You can see the swing in the back left corner.
The Town
We usually have two boards this size and just a raised area as the mountain. But we just don't have the space any more. So I improvised by using our large mantel as the mountain area which left plenty of space for everything else.
What do you think?? I love it and have loved spending nights just looking at it, watching the lights, and almost wishing I could just step in to this little world.


Brooke said...

So cool! I love Christmas Villages. Growing up, my neighbors had a whole room full of villages, and we'd go all the time and look at it. I love the little details in your village!

Allison said...

I love, love, love your mom's Christmas village! I want to hop inside it!

Maria said...

Holy wow, your house is amazing! It's so intricate and beautiful! xo, Maria

Dulce said...

this is beautiful!

Natalie said...

My goodness. That's a whole lotta decor! And I love it!!

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

I am obsessed with this. Mom parents have one{not nearly this size} that I loved growing up and have now started my own. I seriously can't get over how cute this is. Great job. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

vintch said...

oh my gosh, dear! it's all so magical:) big props!

Tina Byland said...

Your Christmas village is great! My husband owns pretty much every dept 56 village. He used to take over his parent's dining room (like, literally, take it over) every year. It was ok for them but we don't have the space. Plus, we have cats. So we set up the Dickens village every year above our media cabinet. He wants to do so much more. But it takes time. I am super impressed with this! I just showed it to him and he got a little... jealous. ;) Hehe!

Kelle said...

those little villages are my favorite things! i could stare at them for hours!

Alyx said...

Ummm holy moly!! That Christmas village is AMAZING!! Love this little tour!

Because of Jackie said...

That village is so amazing and beautiful! My great aunt had one when I was little and your pictures brought back a lot of memories. Gorgeous!

Amanda said...

That is an awesome village! I love the mountain and the park!

Kallee Mae said...

How pretty!!! I am so sad Christmas is over :(

Vang said...

That is an amazing Christmas village and it's so impressive that your grandmother made some of it. It's definitely a beautiful tradition.

Karm said...

Whoa! Amazing photos.
So festive. I can't wait til next Christmas now. haha
And your sister's hair is SO GORGEOUS!! I am in love with it.

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