All Bundled Up- LOTM

As mountain ladies, we will not be stopped from spending time outside- even in the bitter cold. So we wanted to share a little "bundled up" style with you today.
I promise my shirt isn't weird, the wind was blowing.


This is one of my VERY favorite Christmas albums. My sister discovered The Lower Lights last year, and I've been hooked ever since. I really wish my favorite track- Go Tell it on the Mountain was available to listen to, but I guess you'll just have to download the album. It's completely worth it!!

These boots are the most amazing things in the world. While the rest of my might freeze, even with multiple layers, my feet are toasty warm. Every mountain lady needs a pair of Sorel boots.
Look at that wind/ hair action.
And just look at that face... It was BITTER cold while taking these photos. I'm sure it was mostly due to that icy wind that's blowing.
I'm also still loving (and overwearing) this scarf from Teaka Marie. Quick, add it to your Christmas list!
Photobucket Photobucket
That would be a tear (full of mascara) rolling down my cheek. THAT is how cold it was. The wind blew and my eyes cried. haha!
Be sure to check out the other mountain ladies and see how they're bundled up!
Hannah- Guest Host!


Heidi Hopewell said...

Love the outfit, especially the boots+scarf, and as for the Lower Lights? I've never heard of them, but I'm already wanting to listen to their album and I don't even usually like Christmas music! [sorry Santa]

Wanderlust And Such said...

Those boots are just so cute on you! I miss bundling up now that I'm back in Florida (but am enjoying warmer weather as well!). Enjoy your perfect Christmas weather :)
xo Olivia

Gypsy in Jasper said...

You're so cute! I love the mascara tear and the crazy blowing hair.

Great outfit. I totally agree on the Sorel boots front. I didn't wear mine in the photos, but I did mention their amazingness at the end.

Kallee Mae said...

Again, love the outfit! Those boots are amazing!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

this outfit is perfect for today.
i woke up and it was 12 degrees.
soo cold
and so cute


Anna said...

haha, when it's so cold it makes you cry, that's a good sign you should NOT be outdoors! I have no tolerance for cold. :) On the bright side, your outfit is perfect. and I think I have to check out that album!

Chrissy said...

Such a cute outfit! Love those boots and that knitted sweater! Gorgeous! xxx

Beckie said...

So cute Gentri! I've been loving all your outfit posts, but I think this one might be my favorite. Well, this and the heart dress one. And then the fancy schmancy one would be close after that haha. Very cute style you've got going on!

And I totally feel you on the cold wind making your eyes water. I doubt it gets nearly as cold here as it does there, but when we used to do Christmas parades with the band and color guard (I was in guard) we always went on as the first band, so it would be really early in the morning, and super cold (for us haha). And doing all the jumps and turns into the wind made my eyes water--no matter what. I was always worried it would look like I was crying on Tv, but nope! Plus, that's why I always wore water-proof mascara haha ; ]

The Braided Bandit said...

I LOOVE the scarf and boots! I can totally relate to the cold windy pictures, which is why I chickened out and opted to do mine inside today! The tear totally proves your lady of the mountain toughness! Thanks again for having me (and for the reminder email, since it mayyyy have slipped my mind as a panicked taking pictures before work this morning!)
xo Hannah

k8te said...

you look so cozy! i have been wanting of pair of those boots, my feet are always freezing!!

Krista Lynn said...

What exactly was the temperature outside! I love the term mountain ladies by the way. ha! Super cute bundling! :D


Kelley Spurlock said...

You cried for a blog fashion post. That is some intense blogging haha!! I love your outfit! Sorels are awesome!


Such a pretty outfit love :)

sweet harvest moon said...

Sorel are my favorite winter boots, so warm!

Rachel said...

What a cool feature, I've never seen this before! Can't wait to check out the other ladies too! I love those boots - both practical and cute - you look adorable! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

Faith said...

I love your coat so much!

INDIGOBEANcreations said...

This is totally my style! I live in the middle of Canada, and right now it is snowy and cold!

I think you're one of my new favorite reads, you are freakin' cute, and look like such a fun person! Love your name, love your blog, looking forward to reading more!


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