The Holidays mean food, and lots of it. So I definitely plan on running extra this week, possibly even a little Christmas morning run. And if I want to survive my snowshoe excursion, I better work my butt off... literally. So while this might not be a traditional holiday outfit, it's definitely a necessity this time of year.
I know this song doesn't really match the post, but I love the Civil Wars and this is one of my favorite Christmas songs.
This is my favorite workout outfit. It's cold here, so a headband is a must. I also love this windbreaker. With a long sleeve tshirt underneath, it's perfect and toasty.

This watch from (kno)name is a great work out accessory, or really it's great for any occasion. I believe you can get them at a kiosk in University Mall if you live in Utah. If not, you can find them here. Can you tell it's cold? Even the watch face fogged up.
Action Shot!


brooke field said...

your top is adorable!!

Milex said...

drop dead beautiful

Jessica McGill Lindstrom said...

You're so adorable! LOVE the orange


Carissa | Eskimo Kisses said...

haha how cute are you? loving that action shot, get it girl!
even your running gear is adorable. i so wish i liked to run!

Rachel Bethke said...

i love all the action shots! ;) xoRachel

Jessi said...

How do you still look so cute in your work out clothes?! Lol adorable.

Alyssa May Edwards said...

You are adorable!!! I have been trying to run extra too!!! I am sure it is much warmer here in AZ but it is still cold to me!!! Eeek!



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